87 chapters
Jostein De Vere and Caleb Rothschild are one of the elite class German business executives in the Philippines. They dominate the entire economy and make them one of the monopoly oligarchs in the country.Jostein De Vere is a kind of gentleman. Same as Caleb but he is a bisexual, when the naughty Jostein wants the only daughter of Mr. Alfredo Monteverde, he abducted its service after the grand party held at Caleb's mansion.The cousins are so powerful that it makes Mr. Alfredo down to his agony; after seeing his only Daughter Keesha Monteverde with Jostein De Vere at his place. Alberto Martinez is a Spanish-Filipino butler of Mr. Alfredo. His mission is to spy inside the company. Save and expose the secrets of the silver void organization ruled by Jostein and Caleb.However, when doing his research and spying from them. Alberto slowly discovers the dark secrets of the place where he meets Caleb Rothschild. Little by little falling in love with him. W
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Jostein De Vere is one of the oligarchs that are well known to be a gentleman all over the country. He is one of the respected businessmen, but what they don't know for is being a psychopath and ruthless. It is some months for the grandest event preparation; before will hold at Caleb Rothschild's mansion. Jostein is one of the hundred businessmen that is excited to be on that night.Jostein De Vere walks to his silent corridor while looking at the window. On the other hand, the maids are preparing his breakfast. He tends to wake up early in the morning to have some exercise routines. Looking at the beautifully crack sky opening to let the orange sun rays from the sunrise is so fascinating all over the place. He gets his cigarettes then lit it up with his golden lighter that is carve just for him. He blows the smoke from his luscious mouth, and the smoke slowly disappears in the thin air. He twitches a smile
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 The two were stunned by what they have heard earlier. The lips of Jostein parted when she smiles sweetly at him.He gulps, and it is his first time feeling this kind of strange moment. He even dates many women in town and even in another country.The charisma of Keesha Monteverde is so intense that he is not thinking straight. “I-I’m sorry,” he said, and Caleb chuckled at what he did.“I will go out, bro.” he pats the back of his cousin and leaves the both of them inside his office.“Come on, have a seat.” he offered a seat on the soft couch of his and gave her some complimentary water and fresh fruits from his minibar.“Thank you so much, Mr. Jostein,” she said in a coaxing manner, then Jostein sat beside her.“How may I help you, young lady?” he smiles, his light blue eyes are shining, and Keesha just smiles at him sweetly.
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 “ARE YOU TOTALLY CRAZY?!” Caleb cannot hide his emotions from him.His eyes widen, and then the butler grabs his shoulder taking him away from Jostein.  Read more
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 JOSTEIN PARKED his car beside a motel far away from the city.He booked a room while holding the key… the prostitute beside him goes to the elevator then clicked the button up to the floor—where the room is located.He breathes heavily, looking at her white thighs… the door makes a high pitch sound.They both walk up to the room then Jostein locked the door.He clenches his jaw before walking to the bed. He walks some steps, but it halted when the feet of the girl touches his abs.He blinks twice, looking at her legs, biting her lips seductively. He gives a smirked then the feet of the woman go down up to his pubic area."Ahhhh…" the hot sensation burning his chest is already devouring him. He grabs the feet of the woman then flipped it over. He undresses his shirt covering his big muscular body.Jostein travels to her neck, smelling every inch of her skin. The wom
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 JOSTEIN goes to the mansion of his cousin Caleb Rothschild. While on his way up to his estate, he receives a text message from him. From: Cousin Caleb[I am at the headquarters right now… I am not at home.] When he reads the text message from him, he stops the car and then types his reply. Read more
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 THEY both go to the office, where Caleb walks to his cousin to bring the hot coffee for him.Caleb puts it on the table, and the chair turns in his direction.Jostein meticulously looks at it while smelling the vapor. “Ahhh… so relaxing, thank you.”He said to him, then takes a sip from the demitasse cup…“I like your espresso in the morning, cousin.” He complimented him when Caleb was seated in front of him.Read more
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 THE SILVER VOID ORGANIZATION has no time to waste since the event will be on the next day… Jostein is planning with his other elite guards—while on the road, setting up this
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 THE blinding lights, clanging glasses, and glamorous designs all over Caleb's mansion are stunning and meticulously detailed. All of the famous and respected businessmen in town are invi
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 KEESHA MONTEVERDE is going to his car, escorted by his two bodyguards.She is rushing inside and feeling uneasy."Ma'am are you alright?" her butler asked her, and then she breathes heavily inside the car."Let's go," she ordered to her personal driver, which is her bodyguard too. While they are inside the car not far away from Caleb's mansion, they noticed that there is a checkpoint.The forehead of the driver got some wrinkles to it by just looking.Read more Protection Status