3 chapters
Chapter 1
 "Make it a goal to learn without competing. A lot of students now are purely driven by pressure to top one another. While it's okay to aim for better, do not cross the line where you develop an unhealthy relationship between you and your classmates." ani ng aming guro na si Miss Verna. She is our Prof in Operation Management and Tourism.  Lagi siyang ganyan, always saying encouraging words. I can say that she's my favorite professor since I'm in first year of college, now that I'm in my 2nd year I still can't deny that I still want the way how she teaches. My realization is sometimes no matter how difficult a subject is if you teach well and tackle the lessons calmly ang subject na pinakahirap ay magiging pinakamadali.    " Don't forget to do your assignment okay? So if you have nothing to question, let's call it a day. " said Miss Verna habang naka ngiti.  " Thank you ma'am
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Chapter 2
 "So it means that when their ball is over, he won't court you?! For real!? It's over ?!" Mayah said quite loudly. We are now in the classroom to wait for our first subject. Mayah and I are the only people here because she told me to come in early today, I will tell her what Darryl and I talked about yesterday. I didn't tell her when I left the library because I was reviewing, we also had a quiz yesterday, Mayah understands that because she already knows me, kapag pag-aaral ay aral lang talaga. I also told her that we would just make a video call para doon na lang magkwento but she was busy. "I told you, hindi talaga siya seryoso." I said lazily to her, I'm also annoyed with Darryl's decision but I didn't reveal it to Mayah because I know she will tease me.  "I don't believe he'll just give up like that." "I understand him, it's for his grades too so it's okay." "Kung para sa grades
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Chapter 3
 It's been three days since Darryl and I last talked and he hasn't shown up to me for three days. Their ball was saturday, he said when we were in the library he would take care of what I would wear, it's wednesday now but I'm the one who's more worried kaysa sa kanya!  It's already 1:30 and now we're going to have lunch because our class kaninang umaga ay deretso, after that we will have only one subject later. The routine is really very different when you are in college compared to high school, you will experience a lot in college except for staying up late because after reading you will also experience eating at the wrong time, you are really lucky if the schedule is good and swerte mo na lang talaga pag mabait professor niyo at papauwin kayo ng maaga. We are now in the cafeteria of HRM kung saan ang department namin, kasama ko si Mayah and there are only a few people here, the other students in our department probably finished eating. Our s
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