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Jareth threw himself across his king sized bed and cursed silently. He rubbed his temples that were aching due to his drinking spree last night. His phone wouldn't stop ringing and if he could just fling it across the room, that would be really great. But no, that would be the third one he'd wreck this week and although he could afford another phone, it would be nonsense to displace his anger on the poor thing.     Groaning, he got up to grab his phone off the night stand. Mabilis na sinulyapan niya ang telepono at nang makita ang pangalan na nag-flash sa screen ay muli siyang napamura.     His brother had to choose that time to call. What a perfect timing. "JD," he groaned.     "I'll be sending your itinerary, check your email after five minutes." he said curtly on the other line.     Jareth rolled his eyes and rolled over his bed to bury his face in his pillow. "I'm not coming back, Jayd."<
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TINITIGAN NI AGATHA ANG KULAY KAHEL NA LIKIDO na ibinubuhos ng kaibigan niyang si Sidney sa baso niya. She knew she was zoning out again. She was oblivious to the loud music and intense chattering on the background, she was only well aware of her heart dying. Not breaking because she's long over that. Cola started  shouting at her which finally snapped her out of her preoccupation. "What?" she complained. Nasagi niya nang bahagya ang baso sa harap niya sanhi upang matapon ang kalahati niyon. Hindi pa yata siya nakakamove on sa hang over ng tequila nang nagdaang gabi. "Are you still moping over that asshole? Ha?" hinawakan ng kaibigan niya ang baba niya saka pinihit ang mukha niya paharap dito.Tumambad sa kanya ang matingkad na asul na mata ni Cola. She's a gorgeous blonde woman, amerikana ito at nakilala lamang niya rito sa Cali nang sundan niya dito si Preston. "You don't deserve him, girl! Kalimowtan mow na siya!"She would have laughe
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All the alcohol that Agatha expected to give her some liquid courage was just making her head spin and make her think that she could dance. She was in the middle of the bar's dance floor, shaking her hips and banging her head like a lunatic. She's also probably exposing half of her ass from all the twerking she's been doing in almost half an hour of dancing, or at least that's what she think she's doing.It felt good to let go of your inhibitions. Sure, she's never really the uptight, stick up her ass kind of girl. But being sheltered by her three older brothers didn't really gave her a chance to go stray towards the wild side.Laging may limitasyon. Laging may tila invisible na taling nakakabit sa leeg niya. It's time to break the chains.Kahit pa hindi naman ganoon ka-wholesome ang mga kapatid niya, ay naging mahigpit ang mga ito sa kanya. Nagmamay-ari ng isang sikat na adult store ang panganay niyang kapatid na si
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   Agatha and the gorgeous stranger ended up in a hotel not far from the club. Deep inside she was really disappointed for she was half expecting him to take her home. Pero naalala niyang isa nga lang pa lang one night stand iyon at ni hindi niya alam ang pangalan ng lalaki. What if he's homeless and he's going to make her pay for the hotel room? Of course she had the money, and she doesn't mind paying but---no, he already paid for the room using a card. God, she's so drunk!   Bago pa muling kung saan mapadpad ang utak ni Agatha ay sinunggaban niya ng halik ang lalaki.   "Hey, easy," he scolded her with a chuckle. "we have all night. There's no need to rush, okay?"   She eagerly nodded. Damn, the whole night with this gorgeous man meat? Could he really last the night, though? Naalala niya kasi si Preston. On a good night, aabot siguro ng trenta minutos ito sa kama, kung mamalasin
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Jareth's head was hammering the moment he opened his eyes. This is becoming an everyday thing, he thought. He rubbed his eyes as he took in the unfamiliar room."Where the fuck am I?"Sigurado siyang isang hotel room ang tinulugan niya ang tanong lamang ay kung saan? He had too much to drink last night, he knew. He couldn't even remember shit. Not with this annoying pounding in his head.He reached for his phone on the bed side table. There were ten missed calls from his brother and another ten from his friends, Lorcan and Legend. Bumangon siya mula sa kama at napamura nang matagpuang wala siyang saplot."Fuck.."Mabilis na lumipad ang mata niya sa kama. It was empty, but he knew he was not alone last night!Naalala na niya. He had sex! With that woman from the club that he's been eyeing the whole night. Her image was blurry and yet still in his mind. She's hot. The way he
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Jareth stared blankly into the wall as he toyed with the shot glass in his right hand. Cass was lying on the couch, holding the bottle of scotch that the two of them had cut in half. "You also drink a lot, what?" commented Jareth not looking at the maiden. He raised one hand on the carpeted floor. "What do I look like to you? A pussy?" Cass lifted one leg and hung it on the back of the couch. Her white and smooth legs were exposed and Jareth couldn't help but stare. He cleared his throat before answering, turning his head away from the tempting sight. "I don't take you as a pussy, Cass," he never thought of her as that. He knew she was just like Charlie, she have some fucking balls in her that are prolly bigger than most guys. "I just didn't take you for a hard drinker." Cass laughed. He looked at it again to observe how its face blushed with laughter. She was cradling her tummy when she looked at him. "I was never the champagne drinking social butterfly everybody seemed to th
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One small suitcase and one backpack. Iyon lamang ang dala ni Jareth nang dumating siya sa international airport ng San Diego. As always, parang binabayo ang ulo niya sa tindi ng hangover niya. It was useless trying to tell himself that he would never again ingest even an ounce of alcohol dahil alam niyang hindi naman iyon mangyayari. So, he resorted to blaming it to his lack of sleep instead. Matapos ang balitang pagpanaw ng kanyang ama ay saglit siyang natulala habang nakaupo sa kama ng hindi pamilyar na hotel room. Nang makahuma pagkatapos ng ilang minuto ay nagmamadali siyang umuwi upang i-check ang email na sinasabi ng kapatid niya nang huli niya itong makausap. Jayden booked a flight that leaves at twelve noon which was roughly five hours from the time he opened his laptop. He sighed as he took a seat on the boarding area of the flight to Singapore where he had a connecting flight to Manila. I used to have a pounding headache this morning and yet now all he could feel was num
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"So, what are you planning to do?" tanong ni Jareth habang hila hila ang maleta niya at naglalakad palabas ng NAIA. Damang dama na niya ang init ng Pinas gayong wala pang treinta minutos simula nang lumapag sila. "Do you want me to take you home? Sa Forbes ba?" "Ihahatid mo 'ko?" tanong ni Cassandra matapos maghikab. Iwinasiwas ni Jareth ang kamay sa tapat ng mukha niya. "Grabe ka naman maghikab, amoy ko dito yung baho ng hininga mo!" Walang pasabi na siniko siya nito. "Kapal ng mukha mo, nagtoothbrush ako 'no!" inirapan siya nito. "Kaya ayaw sayo ni Charlie—" "Wala na bang iba?" kunwari ay bored na tiningnan niya ito. "Wala nang dating eh." She smirked at him. "Really? Why? Naka-move on ka na sa kapatid ko?" "Yes." he felt rather proud of himself for saying that with a straight face. Cass looked at him and then burst out laughing. "Who the fuck are you kidding?" hinampas siya nito sa balikat habang tawa parin ito nang tawa. "Wala kang maloloko dito, Jareth!" "Eh sa ta
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