5 chapters
Red and orange skies, white cottons, and a golden ball of light. A huge masterpiece was painted across the vastness of heavens. It was ethereal—almost too unreal. What a good day to bask under the sun’s warmth while feeling the fresh and cozy crisp breeze of morning hitting the bareness of your skin.   Sunday has come and it was his favorite day of the week, for he will no longer play alone as he expects that his playmate would come over and join him. The said kid was busy playing with his toy cards when he heard the door open. His head quickly shot up and he was greeted with another head peeking out from the other side of the door.   “Rain!” He cheerfully spoke, but it seemed like his friend was not happy with the way he called him. The way his fa
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Chapter 1
“Mom?”   “Yes! I’m coming down in a minute,” tugon ng ginang. Nagmamadali nitong isinara ang drawer at nilisan ang silid. Isang malalim na buntonghininga ang pinakawalan nito matapos maisara ang pintuan ng kanilang pamamahay. Takot at pangamba, iyan ang namamayani sa kanyang puso at isipan ngayon. Ilang beses man niyang sinubukang ikalma ang sarili ay hindi niya magawa.    But then she guessed she was pretty good at pretending she was okay. The anxiety welling up inside her was quickly covered by a bright smile plastered on her face. She was acting as if nothing’s bothering her. As if everything was going fine and normal.   She arrived at the car, still wearing that smile to cover the fact that she’s terrified of what’s about to come. “Shall we go now?” she said, trying
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Chapter 1.2
“Everyone lower their heads! It’s an ambush!” Fayre’s father roared. Everyone followed Keivor’s command. Mabilis silang yumuko sa takot na baka tamaan ng mga ligaw na bala mula sa labas.   Fayre’s body immediately tensed up and it began trembling as soon as bullets started to emerge from nowhere. It unexpectedly hit one of their windows which is just right above her. The glass pieces fell over her head and the next thing she knew . . . there was a sticky fluid trickling down the side of her head.   Zach quickly removed his seatbelt and joined his sister that was currently on the floor. He managed to pull her close to him and hug her tight. Ramdam niya ang takot na nararamdaman nito dahil sa lakas ng panginginig ng katawan ng kapatid. Nag-aalala siya para sa kondisyon nito, lalo na’t dumudugo pa ang ulo nito. He knew that Fayre’s not
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Chapter 2
Fayre was awoken by the sound of voices chattering. She became agitated with the sudden noise causing her to open her eyes—only to see several men around her. The men didn’t seem to notice she was already awake and she took that opportunity to scrutinize them all.    They were all wearing the same clothing style; a black uniform with a peculiar symbol on the top left corner.   It was a black dragon shaped like a letter S with two pairs of wings.    Who are they? Fayre questioned herself. They don’t look familiar to her and she has no idea what those men wanted from her and her family. Her head hurts like hell as if she was hit by a baseball bat. The last thing she remembered was
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Chapter 3
Fayre didn’t know how long it had been since she was held prisoner in this place that almost resembles hell. The girl would wake up every morning with the same scene greeting her. Kung hindi siya sasampalin o sasabunutan ng mga ito para magising ay bubuhusan naman siya ng tubig na may yelo.   Sa bawat araw na itinatagal ng bata sa lugar na ito ay mas palala lang ng palala ang mga nararanasan niya. Walang araw na pinalipas ang mga ito na hindi siya pinagdidiskitahan. Magugulat na lang siya ng bigla-bigla na lang siya sasaktan ng mga ito nang walang dahilan.    She almost became their punching bag where they vent out all their anger. Fayre has been receiving countless punches ever since. Sa tuwing iiyak ay naiinis lang sa kanya ang mga lalaki at tatapalan ng duct tape ang bibig niya upang manahimik.   <
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