Chapter 43

ANGELO was patiently waiting at the lounge of Dr. Martha Valley’s OB clinic. Dr. Valley was Marisa’s obstetrician and gynecologist. He was done with his part a while ago. Dr. Valley had requested for his sperm sample. At first he was uncomfortable. But when Dr. Valley’s assistant nurse escorted him to a small room with televisions on and smut magazines all over, he understood what to do.

“Just put your sperm in this vial sir.” The assistant lady nurse said with a mischievous smile. “Just relax and take your time. You can watch videos or read this magazine. It will help to expedite the process.”

It was actually easy and after a couple of minutes he had done what was required and now is Marisa’s turn. She was inside the examination room and Dr. Valley was checking her.

Their wedding was postponed again. Marisa’s father Don Leonardo Rossi was out of the country again but Angelo had a doubt that the old man doesn’t approve of him as Marisa’s husband. The man was cold during their first me
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