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"I love you..." She whispered in his ears. "I'm sorry... I can't love you back. I think it's better if we turned ourselves into strangers from now on." He muttered coldly. "Please don't do this to me..." She begged tearfully. "I have my ambitions and I need someone who can help me financially. You're not the right woman for me." He muttered indifferently. One year later... "I love you..." he whispered on her ear. "I'm sorry. I can't love you back. I have responsibilities to prioritize." She muttered indifferently. "I begged you to chose me..." he pleaded. "I'm not into serious commitments. If you're sick of being one of my bed partners, you're free to go. I'm not holding you back." Her voice coldly berated. *** Roselle Ruella Ventura left everything behind to search for a simple and happy life. However, during her journey, she encountered Oliver Mitchell na siyang magdadala sa kanya pabalik sa kanyang inabandunang katauhan. Surrounded by people with hidden motives, unti-unti nyang matutuklasan na ang isang tulad niya ay walang karapatang lumigaya. At her helpless and powerless situations, she failed to protect the only gem that shines through her darkened path. Kukuhanin sa kanya ng sapilitan ang kanyang iniingatang kayamanan na magbubukas sa panibagong kabanata ng kanyang buhay bilang si CRUELLA.

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Chapter 1
In a luxurious property called Ventura Residence…It was only around 6:00 in the evening ngunit ang paligid ay sadyang makulimlim bukod sa isang pamamahay na animo'y puno ng buhay at kasiyahan.From a distance, lucid and colorful lights were brightly adorned in the vast garden.Tables and chairs decorated with pink ribbons are neatly organized occupying the spacious area. There were hundreds of them fully reserved for the special guests from the most prominent families and business tycoons of the city.Boisterous and joyous music began to play resonating in the air to create a harmonious and entertaining vibe.Luxurious cars began to fill the entryway as the party preparations began.Several men wrapped in black suits were stationed in every corner of the massive property, fully equipped and ready to strike whenever they sensed something suspicious and alarming. Though looking presentable and decent, their stance and expressions looked terrifying and intimidating. Their cold and distan
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Chapter 2
Makalipas ang tatlong taon…Sa isang coffee shop...Humahangos na pumasok mula sa backdoor si Roselle habang suklay-suklay ng mga daliri ang kanyang mahabang buhok. Palinga-linga na para bang may iniiwasan ito na may makahuli sa kanya ngunit nagulantang siya."You're late!" Bulalas ng isang lalaki na hindi niya napansing nakatayo na pala sa likuran niya. Siya ang may-ari ng coffee shop na pinapasukan ng dalaga at ang pangalan nito ay Marco Castro. According to her knowledge, he is a bachelor and famous for being a jerk. Arrogant and self-centered asshole na walang ibang alam gawin kundi ang paglaruan ang puso ng mga kababaihan. She once witnessed her colleague crying her eyes out because she was dumped by him after taking her precious V. Right there and then she was also fired by him and even banned from entering the coffee shop.Napapikit na lamang si Roselle habang tinapos ang pagtali sa buhok niya at dahan-dahan itong lumingon sabay sapilitang binanat ang kanyang mga labi upang mag
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Chapter 3
Sa kabilang banda…Sa OLYMPUS Headquarters…"Oliver, mahal…" Malambing na saad ng isang babae sa isang lalaki na nakaupo sa kanyang respetadong upuan. Bigla na lamang siyang pumasok sa pinto nito ng walang pakundangan at nag complain. "You have to find someone else to take care of your mother. Please…" Pagmamakaawa niya dito na tila ba'y mangiyak-ngiyak na siya sa sobrang sama ng loob.Siya ay si Sofia Castillo, ang tatlong buwan ng kasintahan ng binata. Gorgeous brat and a butterfly socialite. Nagmula sa isang mayaman at prominenting pamilya. Nag-iisang anak kung kaya't lahat ng anumang naisin nito ay nakukuha. Kagaya na lamang ng kanyang madalas na pag-stay sa piling ng kanyang boyfriend instead of doing relevant and meaningful things to show her capabilities but here she was trying to please him. She's completely smitten to the point that she never cares about how she would degrade herself in front of everyone. Heredera naman siya ng malaking kayamanan in the future so she just acti
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Chapter 4
The following day…Roselle stood stiffly across the tall building that was named OLYMPUS with zero idea as to why she was being called in the first place. She was really confused. Questions after question began popping out from her mind na nagdadala lng ng sakit sa kanyang sentido.Last night, when she arrived at home, she was all panicking and worried about her best friend but then she found her just bluffing to make her come back fast. She was pissed yet she couldn't help but ask Andrea about OLYMPUS. She recalled the latter once worked there before but she was dismissed after a year. She was hoping to hear something useful but all she could hear was Andrea's unending complaint about how bad the company's treatment was to their employees. Obviously, she was still nurturing a grudge for being fired. Sa huli, she got nothing but endless rants and curses from the latter while they watched their desired movie.***Marahan siyang tumawid sa pedestrian lane at tumayo sa mismong entrance ng
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Chapter 5
The next day…As usual, Roselle was awakened by the tune of her mobile phone. She thought it was her alarm but when her eyes snapped wide open, she noticed that it was actually a call. She failed to answer it and a message notification followed after the ringing stopped. She tried to sit up and leaned on the headrest while opening it. The contents were…'Miss Ventura, this is Mrs. Larson's assistant. I called to notify you that my boss won't be needing your service starting today. Thank you.'She frowned.Another message came into her notifications bar.'Roselle, this is Anna. I was ordered to tell you that Madame Alice won't be needing you to come starting today. I will miss you, bitch! Please call me some other time for a hang-out.'Her frown deepened even more.Roselle sighed deeply, feeling rather confused. What's going on? Why are they pulling away from her just this sudden? As far as she recalled, nagawa naman niya ng maayos ang kanyang sessions with them and they weren't complai
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Chapter 6
Truth to his words, Oliver considered Roselle's concerns and laid it into a contract. They agreed that she was free to go wherever she wants during weekends but she has to come and stay at their villa during nights just in case of an emergency. Pumayag naman ang dalaga at pansamantalang sinara ang kanyang apartment. She decided to just come and clean it during her day-off. She also informed Andrea about it and the latter went berserk but Roselle just shrugged her off.Everything seems to be fine during her first week of stay in the Mitchell's family villa.Magkasundo naman sila ni Mrs. Mitchell. They had formed a bond as friends. Roselle missed her mother a lot and being with Oliver's mother made her feel better. She treated her client as her own mother and the latter was also getting fond of her. Oliver on the other hand was satisfied with Roselle's performance as his mother's caregiver and therapist. He always caught them laughing and talking which he found refreshing upon going ho
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Chapter 7
Roselle's eyes widened in pure shock. Her heart hammered violently against her ribcage as well as her body turned stiff, stilled seemingly freezing in her spot. This was the first time that a man had skin to skin contact with her. And to think that he was her boss that just dragged her without saying anything, she was baffled. Why the hell did his boss kiss her? What did she say anyway to make him do that? How could he just… Kiss her like that? She remained stoic, unable to comprehend what was happening. Totally dumbfounded. Her first kiss was stolen yet she was on the brink of oblivion.Oliver's lips started to move, having a taste of what he truly yearns for. He closed his eyes as he nibbled on her lower lip trying to quench his impending hunger for her. 'God her lips taste like heaven.' he thought as he continued to indulge himself.Roselle gasped when she felt that his kiss had turned intense and a sharp pain occurred on her lower lip. She opened her mouth carelessly in an attempt
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Chapter 8
Habang papalapit ang dalaga, she tries to hide what she actually feels. Huminga siya ng malalim and evoked a professional smile upon reaching the guy's position. Though feeling awkward, she tried hard to act normal after all, he was her boss and she was under his payroll."Good evening, Mr. Mitchell." Bati niya rito ng marahan."Good evening din," Oliver sighs while looking at the lady. "Haven't I told you to call me by my name?" He groaned."Ahm, so-sorry. Oliver, may I know why you're here at my door at this hour?" She politely demanded. She was curious about his presence at her door and she wondered what could have brought him right there. "It's about what happened last night. I just want to apologize for what I have done. I didn't mean to disrespect you inside my residence. I…" He wanted to say something more but the lady took the opportunity to stop him halfway."Ahm, Oliver. I know it was just a mistake." She babbled smiling but deep inside she was disheartened. That was her fi
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Chapter 9
Roselle stared at the guy in shock. Did he just ask her to be his? She was confused, baffled and dumbfounded. "What… What are you trying to say?" She questioned shakily. She felt his tongue licking her sensitive skin through her nape and that temporarily made her shiver and closed her eyes. Nakakahiya man, she admitted that the tingling sensation given by his kisses was giving her an undeniable pleasure especially to her very core. She is a virgin. Oliver was the first to make skin to skin contact with her. Her body reacted quickly to his torments and now she was feeling something wrong within."Do you like me, hm?" He questioned through his wet kisses.Tikom ang bibig ng dalaga habang pinakiramdaman nito ang bawat daan ng labi ng binata sa patungo sa kanyang shoulder blades. As if she was hypnotized. No matter how her mind shouts at her, she didn't budge and even tilted her head to give more access to his wants. "Mmm…" A soft moan gradually escaped from her throat as she felt his ha
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Chapter 10
Mabilis lumipas ang oras at ngayo'y nagdidilim na. The street lights started to light up on the streets across the lady's apartment. It was around 6:00 pm when she stood up from the couch. Having a lot of time to rest, she felt refreshed and perturbed. She cleaned up her mess on the table and took a quick bath. She was getting ready to return back to the villa when her mobile phone vibrated on her coffee table. When she peered at her screen, she smiled widely from ear to ear.Mrs. Mitchell was calling her…She answered and aligned it on her ear as she greeted cheerfully. "Mrs. Mitchell,""Roselle dear, how was your day?" The older woman sounds interested in her whole day escapade."It's fine, Mrs. Mitchell. I'm going back to the villa right now." Nagmamadaling sabi niya."Dear, I called to tell you that you can stay at your home tonight. Don't hurry to come back and enjoy your time being with your mother." Mrs. Mitchell blurted out softly."Sigurado po kayo, Madam?" She asked. Nagtat
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