The Revengeful Heirs

The Revengeful Heirs

By:  Armand Panday   In-update ngayon lang
Language: Filipino
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Angelo Lopez is also the son of Arnald Lopez, the infamous self made millionaire. But unlike his two brothers and two sisters from different mothers, who happens to be all millionaires, Angelo was never known to his father. Raised in an orphanage, Angelo knew who his father and he promised to his mother’s grave that he will take what is rightfully his. After leaving the orphanage Angelo joined local gang and was later became famous internationally. It’s payback time. He promised to himself that everyone who made his life miserable in the past will pay, including his father who abandoned him in poverty.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1- The ReunionIt was almost dawn and the sun had already set in the western horizon. It was almost romantic background as the sea silhouette anchored ships in the harbor and the sky turned yellowish red. From a far, Moon Gate Hotel which was situated in the sea side is like a towering image that emits grandeur. Almost all forty floors were lighted as testimony that the hotel were fully booked.The grand entrance of the hotel was manned by uniform personnel and their outfit was tailored for the night’s gala events. The sixtieth birthday of Don Arnald Lopez. The infamous billionaire that touches almost all lives from all walks of life. He is the epitome of a man who rose from nothing to everything. From penniless to being a billionaire.The hotel valet is beginning to get busy as luxury cars begun to arrive. The arrival of cars is already the testimony that the events was not an ordinary one. This is already the expressions of wealth and the who is who in the high society.As g
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2- The beginning“Bakit mo nga pala sinabi sa Dad mo, na boyfriend mo ko?” Angelo ask as he open the car door.It was almost wee hour in the morning when the party ended. Angelo drive back Samantha in her condominium in Makati. It was a twenty story building situated in the eastern part of the city.Samantha smiled before answering Angelo’s query. “Doon rin naman tayo patungo, hindi ba?”Angelo laugh aloud. An almost evil laughter that is thunderous and echoed in the silence of the night.Samantha pout her lips and put her two hands in her hips as she begun to say something to Angelo but she was shortly cut by Angelo’s words.“At saan mo naman nakuha yang ilusyon mo? We are friends baby. Huwag mong sirain ang friendship na yan.”“Hayyy. Nakakainis ka. Pasalamat ka nga na sa dami ng suitors ko, sa’yo ko isinisiksik ang sarili ko.” Samantha said as she crossed her arms beginning to show her signature tantrums move. Stomping her feet like a little girl.“It’s late, umakyat ka na.
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Being in jail is no walk in the park. Hardened criminal were caged like animals. Caged animals constantly fought for respect. Everybody wants to subdue each other. But Angelo learned the tricks early on. To be respected, you have to fought back.The first few days was a nightmare for him. Boredom almost crushed his sanity. Every punches he received in every fight almost destroy his limb and soul. He attributed his suffering to Arnald Lopez. His father that was never been. In his childhood he already despised the man.After that first meeting with his father’s wife and child, he tried to get back to the condominium and watch them from a far. One of twice he saw his father and the girl getting out in the car. The girl was well dressed and seems so happy with her father. Not like him. He usually suffered hunger in his childhood. His shirt and pants rugged and old. A total contrast.In Angelo’s mind, Arnald Lopez was a man without conscience. How can he dumped his mother and mar
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4DIVINA MONTES woke up that morning in a foul mood. Her head is aching and she was hungry and almost starved. Hang over caught her. And her feeling of being broke almost crushed her sanity. She lost a huge sum of money last night at the casino and the manager refused to loan her again because of big amount she owed. Her frustrations file up remembering the continuous losing in the casino. Because she could no longer play, she went to the bar and spent the whole night drinking.She forced herself to the kitchen. Took some medicine to ease the pain and swallowed it with water.“Hi mom? Drunk again?” Samantha greeted her mother with the usual dialogue. What is new after all, her mother is always drunk every night. Waking up sober is like raindrops at summer time.“How’s your father’s birthday?” Divina ask almost inaudible evading her daughter’s comment. “Owchhh. My head.”Divina hold her aching head while Samantha help her seat before she answered.“Well, he is looking for you?”
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5ARNALD Lopez huge office was located at the penthouse of Lopez Enterprise at the thirty fifth floor. The building was situated at the center of Makati business district. Arnald business operations was housed and consolidated in this building. This serve as his fortress of his business empire that almost occupied a small pie of every industry. He practically owned shares in every leading industry.Angelo looked around as they and Samantha stepped out of the elevator. He was quietly impressed by the office interior which was almost parallel to many other offices abroad.Not for long, I will crash your empire, Arnald Lopez.Arnald greeted his daughter and Angelo, pleasantly but less warm. He talked to Angelo for a while.“So you are into import business?”“Yes sir import and export.”“Maybe we can have a drink sometimes. Maybe we can discuss business.” “That would be great sir. How about tonight at my yacht.”Arnald shake Angelo’s hand firmly and the later poster meaningful smi
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6M/V Marisa is a fifty feet long yacht moored along Manila Bay along with other yachts owned by prominent family. Angelo named it as tribute to her mother. The foods are already ready and the caterers and waiters are on standby waiting for instructions.Angelo glanced at his watch. It was almost seven o clock but a little early for the arrival of Don Arnald Lopez. He took a sip of champagne and look around. The sun had long gone and the western horizon was but a shadows of darkness which is in contrast with the night image of the metropolis. The towering buildings were well lighted but on the northern part was a silhouette of houses of the slam duelers. It was the part of Tondo where he grew up.Angelo remembered those days when he slept at night without foods in his stomach. He literally knew the true meaning of hunger. Growing up without a mother and father is like growing up in hell. There are times that his conscience was losing and the fiber of morality flew away because
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7Angelo almost panic when he woke up. He was disoriented at first remembering where he was. Although it was common for him to wake up in somebody’s bed with hangover of course but today is different. When he remembered where he was he almost jump out of bed.Samantha’s bed.Angelo immediately realized that they were both naked. Samantha was still sleeping. Angelo gathered his clothing with care not to awaken Samantha. As he stared at the nakedness of her, he noticed the red spot of blood in the white beddings.She was still a virgin. Oh my gosh, what have I done?He walked out of the room and slowly close the door without bothering to wake up Samantha. As he crossed the living room he was sure now that he was in Samantha’s condominium.“Good morning.”“Huh!” Angelo was surprise hearing Divina Montes. “G-Good morning.”“Would you care for coffee?” Divina offered as she prepared her own.“No thanks. I have to go.”“Is Samantha awake?”“I really have to go.” Angelo said rushing
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8BUGGY her gay road show manager coldly accepted her news. His feign excitement upon seeing Samantha in his place changed drastically and reveal his true color. For Samantha, Buggy is her friend. In fact, one of her closest friend in her circle of few friends. Buggy used to be very supportive managing her career as a model but now, upon hearing her pregnancy he became adamant. Her pregnancy means Buggy’s loss. Commissions lost and deduction to his income.Buggy owned the bar located in the metropolis. A fruit of his labor as manager of many models. He also owns the modeling agency supervising Samantha’s career.“So what is your plan now?” Buggy ask as he refill Samantha’s wine glass.“I’m not sure yet. “She answered truthfully.Abortion came into her mind but her conviction is not strong enough to kill a baby inside her. Some part of her is excited to be a mother. In fact, motherhood is one of her longtime dream only if there was a father. She gritted her teeth as she remembe
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER 9FOR the first few months everything goes well for Samantha. She is beginning to like the job. Being born from wealthy family, job like this is unacceptable at first. It is a disgrace. But thinking about her daughter, she has to be strong and do whatever it takes to survive. She has no relative here to rely to. All her so called friends before are no longer available for her. Gone are the days wherein she can easily mingle with them.Those days are no more. A memory of the past. A memory of her heydays. Samantha understood that fully well. She is no longer among their level. But she can still start all over.Letting go of the past and accepting the present is easier to live a life. But sometimes life is not always fair. Mrs. Kim died due to her ailment. Mr. Kim was so sad and devastated due to the loss of his wife.“I had already sold this shop, Samantha.” Mr. Kim sadly announced after his wife was cremated.Samantha was surprise and eventually became wary. She didn’t see thi
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Chapter 10
CHAPTER 10MARIA was the Mexican nanny that Samantha hired when she is at work. She was among the immigrants granted with citizenship and had freely enjoyed the status so far. She and her husband had fled their country like others who were seeking for greener pasture. But her husband died before they were granted their citizenship. Her husband Luis was mugged and killed by the local gang. Her only son Luisito was so hurt that soon decided to join the local gang hoping that he will find out who killed his father so that he can avenge his Papa that he dearly loved.Maria was so depressed losing her husband and now his only son was always out of the house joining the gang. She earned meager income from doing household chores for some clients. Cleaning houses, washing clothing and taking care of kids for working parents. She worked hard to meet both ends. From time to time Luisito gave her money. She is savings for her plan to return to her country. She was afraid that her only son will m
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