Gage's POV:  

Friday comes and I'm beyond pissed. We discovered that she left the country through a private plane company. We were able to get the pilot of her plane and he's currently down in the basement for questioning. I've changed from my suit to a black t-shirt and sweatpants. Alex told me that everything was set and that I could go down whenever. So I'm going down now before I have to go finish work for the night.  

I head downstairs and I notice a few of the maids scurry out of my way as I'm walking downstairs. The entire house has known how pissed off I've been the last few weeks and they've all done their best to appease me. Which gets annoying to a point because I don't need to be smothered by the men.  

"Here's his file," Alex says, handing me a folder for the pilot waiting in the room. I glance over, getting general information that can be used as a way to get him to talk. When I'm done looking at it I turn back to Al

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