Chapter 7 Immediate Marriage

Nell could not help but hiss in shock.

“Marriage? Us? T-That’s impossible! I was drunk last night. This document doesn’t count!”

Gideon looked at her with a cool gaze and smiled coldly.

“You said you’d sign when you wanted to sleep with me, but you don’t want to admit it now that you’re all dressed?”

Nell. “...”


He laughed again with a hint of mockery.

Nell was at a loss of words for a moment. She finally choked out a sentence after a long time, “That was something that requires mutual consent. How am I entirely to blame?”

She was a girl. If he refused, could she have forced herself on him?

However, the next second, a certain someone simply unbuttoned his shirt.

“I knew that you wouldn’t admit it. Fortunately, there was evidence left behind.”

Nell followed his movements and looked over. A delicate collar bone was revealed under the two loose buttons, the base was faintly covered with hickeys and scratch marks.

It could be seen just how intense last night was!

She had an urge to cover her face and run away!

She went through an hour of pleasure and woke up to her funeral!

At the man’s earnest reminder, Nell finally remembered how enthusiastic she had been last night. Her face instantly flushed like two ripe tomatoes.

“I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean it! How about this? I’ll agree to any amount of compensation you need, but this marriage… Can we not get married?”

Gideon’s cool eyes swept over her, hiding a faint coldness within.

“Compensation? Alright! Matthew.”

“Here, Sir.”

Matthew stepped forward with an iPad in his hands. He swiped at the screen a few times and placed the device in front of Nell.

“Ms. Jennings, this is the new Forbes Global Richest Singles ranking published last month. The latest news is that there are people willing to pay 30 billion yuan for a one-night stand with the president. You may refer to this.”

Nell’s mouth fell open in shock.

She glanced at the iPad. The man’s photo was noble and cold, but his sharp eyes seemed to pierce her from within the screen itself.

She could not help but gulp.

“You mean… If I want to compensate him, I have to offer 30 billion?”


Nell suddenly felt like she was being extorted.

She looked at the man suspiciously, but the more she looked, the more she felt that he was familiar. Her eyes suddenly widened.

Then, she looked down at the iPad and the name on the marriage certificate again.

Gideon… Leith...

Gideon Leith???!!!

Holy sh*t! Holy f*ck!

Nell felt an atomic bomb go off in her head. She almost jumped out of the chair.

She had just thought that the name sounded familiar, but it actually turned out to be him?

The heir to the Leith family magnate, the president of Leith Corporation, and a permanent guest on Forbes’ Richest list. It was said that his wealth was unparalleled, and his background was even more mysterious.

A few years ago, he established Anning International, which rose rapidly and occupied half of the domestic entertainment industry in just two years. It had been a miracle.

Nell fell silent for a moment.

Previously, she thought that 30 billion was too expensive, but now that she knew his identity, she had to admit that some people were worth it.

She spoke carefully. “Um… Could we discuss a different method of compensation?”

The man across her raised his brows. His eyes were slightly cold.


“30 billion… I really can’t afford it.”

“Then there’s nothing to discuss.”

He was clearly displeased. With a glance, Matthew immediately put away the documents on the table and respectfully withdrew.

Nell opened her mouth and was about to speak, but she immediately shut her mouth at Gideon’s sharp gaze.

He said coldly. “I’ll give you three days to cut off the past. Three days later, I’ll send someone to pick you up. This will be your home in the future.”

Nell wanted to cry.

Knowing that resistance was useless, she could only change her words. “Can I have a few more days?”

Gideon glanced at her and laughed mockingly.


Nell. “...”

When she left Leith Gardens, Matthew Starks was waiting for her at the door.

A silver-gray Maserati was parked in the yard. Matthew opened the door and said respectfully, “Ms. Jennings, I’ll take you home.”

Nell smiled at him dryly. “It’s fine. I’ll just take a taxi.”

“This is the president’s orders.”

The smile on her face stiffened and her beautiful eyes drooped. Finally, she got into the car.

Nell lived in a portable apartment in the city center. The house was small with only one bedroom and one living room. Although it was cramped, it was located at a strategic location where traffic was convenient. It was enough for someone living alone.

After returning to her abode, she plopped herself into the couch and emptied her head.

Exciting things happened one after another from last night to today. She had dealt with them instinctively and did not have time to think about them. Now that she was completely relaxed, she started to feel a few hints of fatigue.

She turned on the computer at the low table and entered the name ‘Gideon Leith’ in Baidu.

The pile of information that popped up made her heart grow colder and colder.

Although she knew that this man’s identity was extraordinary, the information she was seeing on the website gave her a headache again.

She confirmed with her own eyes that he was not someone who could be messed with!

Putting his distinguished status aside, just the power and wealth he represented was enough to be intimidating.

A man like that wanted to marry her?

It was absurd to even think that.

However, on second thought, she had nothing to fear. Currently, she had nothing to lose.

Furthermore, she still had three days.

It was possible that he would regret it in those three days!

In any case, there was a solution to every problem. She just had to take it one step at a time.

Having figured this out, Nell no longer dwelled on it any further.

Today was Saturday, so she did not have work. She changed her clothes and went out to the store.

The shop was right in the city center and just a five-minute walk away. She did not even need to drive.

It was a small storefront she rented two years ago and was filled with all sorts of adult merchandise.

Since she had to work, she did not have time to look after the shop, so she hired a shop assistant when the store opened. She would simply come over to visit when she had time.

However, the shop assistant had taken the past two days off, so she had to come over and take care of the shop herself.

Although Jason had always looked down on this industry, she believed that it was possible to distinguish herself in any trade or profession. She did not steal or rob, and she never broke the law. All her money was earned by her own ability, so why would it be inferior to others?

Besides, although this industry was slightly inconvenient at times, it was undoubtedly profitable.

In the past few years, she managed to buy her own apartment and accumulated quite a decent amount of savings from selling these products.

Now that she had nothing left, money naturally became the most important thing.

Since Jason and she had broken up, she might not be able to work under Morton Corporation any longer. She would have to think of another way out.

Thinking of this, Nell hesitated for a moment before taking out her cellphone to make a call.
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Only Nell Jennings would be desperate to get out of a marriage that every other woman in her city would kill to spend even a night of passion with..........
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haha nice one mr.Gideon, looks like you fall for hear.

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