Chapter 9 Conceive A Baby Soon

By the time Yvonne woke up, the IV catheter had been removed from the back of her hand.

She rubbed her eyes and saw the doctor coming in. “Doctor, I think I’m feeling fine now. When can I be discharged?”

“I’m afraid not yet. Mr. Lancaster told me that he wants you to stay in the hospital a few more days for observation. You can only be discharged after we make sure that your gastric problem is really only a gastric problem.”

“Where is he now?”

Yvonne sat up in surprise. If she were to stay in the hospital for observation, then she needed to call in sick to work.

“Mr. Lancaster has left. He informed me that he’d be back tomorrow. Miss Frey, I think his concerns are necessary. Gastric problems can vary in severity. It’s best for you to get it checked properly.”

The doctor gave his advice, then went out because a nurse came looking for him.

Since Yvonne couldn’t go against Henry’s wishes, she could only lay on the hospital bed and fall asleep again.

As soon as she got up the next morning, she heard a commotion outside before she could even eat her breakfast. In her shock, she rushed back under her blanket and laid down on the bed.

When the door was pushed open, she cracked open her eyes and acted as though she just woke up. Yet, it wasn’t Henry who came in. It was her grandfather-in-law!

“Grandpa! Why are you here?”

Yvonne stopped putting on an act and got up from the bed as she watched Master Lancaster come in with a few people behind him. They even came bearing gifts for her.

“Sit here, Grandpa.”

Despite the kind smile on Master Lancaster’s face, Yvonne couldn’t help but feel nervous as she pulled out the chair beside her bed.

“Hoho, no worries. Have a seat too, Yvonne.”

Master Lancaster smiled as someone helped him to his seat. “I heard that you were hospitalized last night, so I especially instructed the kitchen to make something nutritious so I could bring it here and visit you. How are you feeling now?”

“I’m fine, Grandpa. You didn’t have to come and personally visit me, a call would do.”

“Oh, how could I do that?” Master Lancaster said as his gaze fell on her stomach. “How do you feel after resting in the hospital for a night? Do you feel nauseous or have any sudden cravings?” he asked in concern.

“W-What?” Yvonne was stunned by the questions. She was only in the hospital for her gastric problem. Why would the old man suddenly ask her these questions?

“How can you be this careless, my child? You need to pay more attention to your diet at this time!” the old man said with great concern. He must have assumed that she was pregnant after hearing that she was hospitalized last night.

Seeing that she was still confused, the old man gave her another reminder. “You have to tell the doctor if you feel any physical discomfort! Don’t make my little great-grandchild suffer!”


“Umm… Grandpa, I think you have made a mistake. I was admitted to the hospital for my gastric problem, not because I am pregnant.”

What an awkward misunderstanding!

She had only slept with Henry once, so how could she get pregnant so easily? Even if she did, she wouldn’t have any reaction this quickly!

“You’re not pregnant?” The smile on the old man’s face instantly faded a little. “You only got admitted into the hospital for gastric problems and not pregnancy?” he asked in dismay.


Henry happened to return from buying breakfast outside and was surprised to see his grandfather here. “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?!” The old man’s face instantly turned dark. “Look at yourselves! You two have been married for three years and you still don’t have a child! Are you planning to make me die from anger?!”

Henry’s parents had passed away when they were young, so Master Lancaster was left with only his grandson. If they wouldn’t produce an heir soon, who would carry on the Lancaster family?

“Grandpa, you can’t force something like this. We’ll plan it out in the future.” Henry placed the breakfast on the table and calmed the old man down.

“Right, Yvonne?” He looked in her direction and for once and addressed her affectionately.

“Huh? Y-Yes, Grandpa. We already have a plan in mind.” Yvonne forced herself to play along as her cheeks flushed red.

This was the first time he had called her name.

“Hmph!” Zachary Lancaster instantly saw through their tricks. “Fine, I’ll wait! Don’t even bother entering the Lancaster Estate anymore if you can’t give me good news by then!”

“Rest assured, Grandpa.” Henry went up and helped the old man up. “Why don’t you go back and have a rest first? The air in the hospital isn’t good for the elderly like you.”

“That’s right, master. Let us return now.” An old butler came forward and persuaded him. “Look, sir has bought breakfast and is waiting to eat with madam. Let’s not stay around and disturb them any longer.”

“Fine.” The old man’s expression relaxed significantly upon hearing that. “Keep in mind about what I said just now! Don’t try to brush me off!” He reminded them again before he left.

The door was quickly shut again. Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief but felt troubled very soon again.

If she couldn’t give birth to a child by then… Would Master Lancaster make her divorce Henry?
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