Chapter 742 The End

"Yeah," Yvonne replied.

At this moment, Shane came in to bring them news about Mandy.

Mandy was flogged by Yvonne so many times that she would definitely have scars on her body. Her face suffered the most serious injuries.

Mandy had been disfigured.

Mandy had no chance of recovery unless she spent a huge fortune on plastic surgery.

When Mandy woke up and found out about her terrible condition, she went crazy and screamed about killing Yvonne.

When Yvonne listened to Shane telling her about what happened, her expression was indifferent and she was not angry about it at all.

Because there was no use for her to be angry about someone she had defeated.

"Darling, since Miss Lovett has gone crazy, let’s send her to a psychiatric hospital," Yvonne said in a cold voice while drinking water.

Although she said it softly, Shane shuddered when he heard it.

A psychiatric hospital was not a good place.

Mental illness could not be treated at all at a psychiatric hospital—it woul
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Siri Mal
I finally finished it this story was really good!!
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i skipped to the last chapter, so many drama
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... this story,.. thanks author ...️