Chapter 8

After that, Zack Cassidy brought the two bodyguards with him and approached Xyla Quest and Mary Sullivan.

After Zack nodded at Xyla slightly, he pushed the golden-frame of his glasses slightly upward before looking at Mary Sullivan. “Miss, what is your name?”

Mary frowned a little. “Mary Sullivan. What is it? If you want to flirt with me, please find a better time. I’m kind of occupied at the moment.”

Zack frowned slightly in response. Upon a closer look, this woman appeared like a ghost just as his Fifth Master had said. Even though her facial features were not great, she still had a lot of make-up on. It was a horrifying sight.

How could a person like her be self-obsessed enough to think that Zack was flirting with her?

“Miss Mary Sullivan, I’m sorry to inform you that you have been included in our shopping mall’s blacklist. From today on, all shopping malls in the globe that belong to our Fifth Master will no longer provide you with any further service…” Zack Cassidy said coldly.

Hearing this, Mary’s facial expression immediately turned gloomy. “Who is your Fifth Master? How dare he do this to me? Do you know that I am a VVIP of this shopping mall? Is this how you treat your respected VVIP?”

“Our Fifth Master does not need any permission to do that,” Zack responded.

After that, Zack decisively waved his hand at the two bodyguards next to him as his face turned cold. “Remove this person from the premises now!”

Immediately, the two bodyguards carried Mary by her limbs and walked away in haste.

Mary struggled frantically. “Do you know who I am? What’s wrong with you? Let go of me! Don’t you know that nobody has ever treated me like this?”

Since the people around found the scene hilarious, they began recording with their phones and laughing at Mary.

Xyla looked at Zack confusedly. “What’s going on?”

Zack nodded at her politely without answering her before he turned around and walked away.

Right then, the shopping assistant had returned with Xyla’s clothes. He handed it over to her in a wrapped bag. “Miss, here are your clothes.”

“Thank you,” Xyla Quest said after accepting the bag.


In the parking lot of Goldfield Plaza, a black Ferrari Sbarro-Tornado-SB1 shone brightly under the sun.

It was a supercar. There were only ten limited edition units in the world. Therefore, it attracted a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, a man sat in the car with his eyes closed while he rested. With the window rolled halfway down, the part of his face visible to outsiders was enough to make them blush.

Very quickly, Zack Cassidy got into the car. He then pushed his golden-framed glasses and looked at the man respectfully. “Fifth Master, we have already thrown that woman out. Also… I have included her in the blacklist of all shopping malls you own.”

“Alright,” the man answered briefly.

“Have you investigated what I asked you to?” The man asked.

Zack nodded respectfully yet again. “Yes. That lady’s name is Xyla Quest…”

Xyla Quest…

Why did that name sound so familiar?

“Go on…”

“She is your wife,” Zack added.

Hearing this, the man frowned slightly before he opened his eyes. “What?” His cold gaze was on Zack’s face.

Stanley Batton had never expected this outcome. Sometimes, life worked in strange ways such that you would not even believe some coincidences were possible.

“That’s right. She is the wife you have never met despite being married. I received that piece of information during your meeting earlier. I was going to tell you when you came out,” Zack added.

“Hmm…” The man smirked while his eyes narrowed slightly.

“So, is there anything I can do for you now?” Zack asked.

“Not for the time being.” Stanley lowered his head and played with the silver ring on his right index finger.

“Well then… Fifth Master, your tasks in the morning are all done. What about I send you back home to rest? Your injuries have not recovered yet.”

Stanley was someone Zack respected the most as his boss.

Despite being severely injured, Stanley still refused to rest.

After injecting himself with painkillers, Stanley showed up to work and even seemed like a normal person on the outside.


“Oh, yeah, Fifth Master. This is what I found out about your wife’s past. She had a really tough life back then.” Zack proceeded to open Weibo and show Stanley the story about Tom Sullivan, Emily Quest, and Xyla Quest’s past.

After attentively going through the story, Stanley’s cold gaze landed upon Tom’s picture. In the picture, Tom was playing golf.

“Is this the guy?” Stanley asked.

“Yes, that’s him.”

“Why is he so ugly?” Stanley appeared disgusted.

“He isn’t that ugly. Tom Sullivan is considered a famous and handsome man in Atlantis. He looks rather dashing, much like a gentleman.”

“Your eyesight is getting poor. I suggest you donate your eyes.”


Zack was upset, but he did not dare to speak.


After Xyla Quest was done shopping, she returned home with several bags of clothes and accessories.

Still feeling the joy of shopping, Xyla soon forgot about the unhappy incident back in the shopping mall.

As soon as she walked through the door, Emily Quest stood in her way and reached out with her arm.

“Xyla Quest, are you very happy that Brother Sullivan proposed to you today?

“Were you happy to see Dad hit me last night?”

“Wouldn’t you be happy if you saw a villain being punished?” Xyla Quest asked calmly.

Emily never expected Xyla to be this straightforward. At that moment, Emily was so angry that she was shivering. “You… Do you want to be hit?”

“Do you need me to get Dad?” Xyla asked emotionlessly.


Tired from shopping, Xyla Quest was too lazy to continue arguing with Emily. Therefore, she proceeded to walk upstairs.

After taking a few steps up the stairs, her feet knocked against something on the floor.

When Xyla looked down, a keychain with Josh Batton’s picture on it came into sight.

Xyla immediately bent over and picked it up.

Seeing this, Emily Quest hurriedly ran up to Xyla and snatched the keychain away from Xyla. “Give it back to me,” Emily said coldly.

“Ouch…” Emily felt a sharp pain in her back due to her wound which had not recovered.

The pain made her feel extremely annoyed.

Since Xyla could not be bothered to check on Emily, she continued to walk upstairs. Xyla had not expected Emily Quest to be a fan of Josh Batton as well.

In the past, Emily would only ever like the foreign hunks and never set her eyes upon local men.

After returning to her room, Xyla Quest cheerfully checked her own reflection in the mirror with the new clothes she had bought. Thereafter, she sat in front of her notebook and logged in to League of Legends.

She had always been fond of games like this because they accompanied her through the gloomy days when she used to be a fat woman.

Her nickname in the game was ‘Seven’ because seven was her lucky number.

This was a name which had been on the number one spot in the country’s server. Everyone in the country knew about this player’s undefeatable skills in using ADC attackers in the game.

Even when playing against professional players in a solo match, she could easily defeat them. In the past, many professional teams had approached her to join their teams. However, she refused all of them because gaming was only a side interest to her.

Xyla never had the intention of making it her career.


She was about to start the match when someone knocked on her door.

Xyla Quest immediately shifted her gaze to the door. “Come in…”

When the door was opened, Xyla Quest was stunned momentarily.
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