Part 100

Grisella POV

As per my wish to trap Lilia, I gathered a few people in the standard room. Thanks to Noah's help, they all listened to my plans. There is some debate going on about my plans. At that time, attending the living room were Abigail, Albern, William, Jasmine, Dori, Eliz, me and Noah. I honestly hope Kayla and Nessa are also present at the meeting. But they don't exist. Nessa must still be mad at me.

"How can I be sure of the plan of Luna who even wants to break the neck of her own people", William said to me on the sidelines in our favor. I growled with the look on William's face. "William, can you not cause trouble?" Albert snapped irritably. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. "It's okay Albern. William, you look smart. You should be able to understand th

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