Chapter 3

Traveling from the mansion to the deaf and mute school using the Second Metro Line required a little more than an hour since she had to commute from the first station to the last station.

Jessica was the daughter of the Scotts, another respectable family in Beijing. Her father, Donald, was over the moon when he got a daughter in his senior years. He had happily claimed that as long as the Scotts had a daughter, he would not ask for anything else, but unfortunately, sometime later, his happiness was replaced by sorrow when the family realized that their precious daughter was mute.

Donald was a proud man and his mute daughter was probably the biggest shock to his life.

He did not hold a grand baby shower for his daughter, and when she was of age, he also did not send her to a prestigious school, where the children of dignitaries and respectable families went to. Instead, he sent her to a deaf and mute school quietly.

He barely let his daughter step out of the house. Many teachers were hired to homeschool her. Therefore, with the exception of talking like a normal person, Jessica had mastered dancing, drawing, calligraphy, playing the piano, and even the art of making tea.

His daughter’s achievements put him in a dilemma. Although Donald loved his daughter, he was ashamed of her flaw and did not want the public to know about it. The public only knew that the Scotts had a daughter, and Donald kept her away from the public like she was his precious treasure.

The second incident that shook Donald’s life happened three years ago, whereby his investment failed. The serious loss brought disaster upon the Scotts, and Donald failed to overcome the pressure. As a tragic consequence, he jumped off a building and met his end.

As for Mrs. Scott, she had always been a loving and supporting wife. Therefore, when her husband jumped off the building, she followed suit. She landed beside her husband’s body and followed him to the netherworld.

Soon after their demise, Jessica appeared in the public eye as the Scotts’ youngest daughter who was mute.

It was then that she had appeared half-naked in Blake’s bed. Her appearance in his bed then led to prove that her only blood relation, her brother, was a b*stard.

As a mute whose family was on the brink of bankruptcy, on top of the fact that she appeared in someone else’s bed in such a degrading way, Jessica was destined to be looked down upon by the Fergusons.

Even though she had slept with Blake and even though the headlines screamed all about her, the Fergusons did not want to bear the blame.

John, Jessica’s brother, spent every dime in the family to fan the flames of this incident, but it was still not enough. The Fergusons were so powerful that they were untouchable and unreachable by commoners.

Blake refused to marry Jessica. Just when the Scotts ran out of options and Jessica was practically sentenced to go through an abortion, Master Ferguson, Blake’s grandfather, fell sick, thus changing her life forever.

Master Ferguson’s liver cancer had returned with a vengeance, and before he died, he had said that he wanted to see the fourth generation of the family, so the Fergusons compromised and accepted Jessica.

Regardless of how she did it, Jessica got married to Blake and moved in with the Fergusons. She became Mrs. Ferguson, Blake’s wife, a position that all the ladies in the city coveted for.

Just as the subway announcement came through the speakers, Jessica was jostled by one of the leaving passengers, bringing her back to her senses. She then quickly alighted the train.

The school was located beside the subway station. It was only a few minutes’ walk, so it was quite convenient.

The upper-class society belonged to another world. Here, no one knew her identity as the daughter of the Scotts or as Mrs. Ferguson. Besides, the upper-class society had already forgotten her, who had seized the position of Mrs. Ferguson in such a lowly manner.

Time flew by quickly.

Jessica had been helping out at the deaf and mute school a few years ago. After she gave birth to Winson, she rested for a year at home. When Winson could talk, she went back to work.

“Thank you, Ms. Scott,” Dean said beneath the stage as he clapped for Jessica.

The children had completed their performance on stage and they bowed politely at the audience. Then, everyone went off stage in an orderly fashion.
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Terry Gill
how come she was forced to marry this guy because she was pregnant but in the first chapter they were already married and she was trying to avoid getting pregnant
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I like it so far but I haven't finished reading

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