Chapter 4

The performance was great, but it was just a rehearsal. No one knew what would the children be like when they truly went on stage, performing for a real audience.

The local television station was hosting a Mid-Autumn Gala, and all the schools signed up for the competition segment. After several rounds of selection, Jessica and her play “Hear Your Voice” were fortunate enough to stay till the end.

Dean was a voluntary teacher at the deaf and mute school. He came to the school when Jessica had gone on her maternity break, and when she came back, he had already served at the school for a little over half a year. He usually dropped by on the weekends. Every time he came, the children welcomed him like he was king. They loved to gather around him.

Since the school had been having rehearsals for the play recently, he would drop by in the afternoon if he was free.

Jessica waved at him.

“The children worked harder than me. They are nervous,” she signed to him, looking worried. She furrowed her brows slightly but dared not make it too obvious as she was afraid the children would be even more apprehensive if they saw her.

It was her first time bringing the children to a stage play, so she was a bundle of nerves.

Dean looked at her and signed with a smile, “Don’t need to be nervous. This is the best performance that I have ever seen.”

A few years ago, the Thousand-Hands Bodhisattva performance during the New Year Gala had caused quite the commotion. While they might have been children, in Dean’s opinion, their performance was just as good as the well-acclaimed performance back then.

After the children got off-stage, using sign language, Jessica instructed them to get back on stage.

Getting off-stage was part of the performance.

“The performance is great. A teacher will come by later to apply makeup for everyone. You guys can go get dressed first. Don’t starve yourself, but don’t overeat. Otherwise, you might affect your bodies.

“Remember, be careful with what you eat. After you apply makeup, you aren’t allowed to eat anymore. I have my eyes on all of you.”

Dean stood beside her, but he was not looking at the cute children. Instead, he was watching Jessica communicating with them using sign language.

Her hands were beautiful while her fingers were long and her skin was fair. The tips of her fingers were quite sharp, and every movement of her fingers seemed like her hands were dancing. She looked extremely tender when she signed.

“Next, Mr. Roland has something to say.” Jessica then turned to Dean who smiled at the children. His long arms were strong but soft when he signed.

“It’s your first time on stage. Don’t be nervous. Ms. Scott is only joking with you guys. Tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll buy everyone a meal after the performance.”

Jessica watched them for a while before she started packing up. She also told another teacher what to take note of before and during the performance.

With two claps, the rehearsal was over.

Dean walked to Jessica and said, “Ms. Scott, are you sure you aren’t going?”

The children would go to the television station at night by bus based on Dean’s arrangement, but Jessica was not going. Another teacher was tasked to bring the children there instead.

Jessica shook her head in regret. “I can’t. I have to be at home.”

Winson was still young, and it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, so she had to bring her son back to the Fergusons’ old home for a reunion.

Dean also shook his head in regret. “Okay, it’s such a shame that you can’t be with the children tonight. It’s your first instructed play. If you aren’t going to be there with them, the children might be sad.”

Jessica found herself in a difficult spot. She furrowed her brows for a moment and shook her head with a bitter smile. She signed, “It’s going to be alright. I can watch them on TV. It’s a live telecast anyway.”

She then took the subway back to the mansion. Had it been another normal day, Jessica would have prepared dinner, but she had to bring Winson back to her husband’s home, so she got changed and waited for the driver to pick her up.

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