Beginning of the plan

Ivan decided to go and take Luca's money, as soon as he can. As Luca said, it's better to make as many of his brother's men to turn against his brother and work for him as possible. His brother is losing his mind and it's high time Ivan takes the charge.

Alexi noticed Ivan going somewhere.

"Where are you going?" he asked, making Ivan stop dead in his tracks.

Ivan tensed.

"Just going down for some air. Will be back soon" Ivan replied vaguely and walked off the floor.

Alexi didn't think much about it, and he began to drink himself to oblivion.

Ivan drove off to Luca's pub and there he found Marco waiting for him with a briefcase.

"Thank you," Ivan said after taking the briefcase and checking the cash inside the box.

Unknown to him, everything was being recorded by one of their security cameras. Within five minutes after the exchange was finished, Marco received the video of Ivan taking money from him.

He then dialed Luca's

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Bella Jersey
Beautiful Ian you Luca’s not to be him
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Marleny Scarda
oh God this is going to be cruel. but Alexis is out of his mind and definitely he should not be the boss. Ivan is a better fit.

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