3. Manhattan is Wild


Manhattan, New York.

I want everything to be perfect.

It’s the only thing that fulfills my being unless I will include my bitchiness to people and see the fear in their eyes.

Tomorrow is the day of the fashion show. I was a bit nervous. Pakiramdam ko dito lang ako nagiging tao. Somewhat, I still fear failure because it’s the only thing I can call my own, the thing that belongs to me --- my passion and I consider this my life. Kung ito pa ang kukuhanin sa’kin, I don’t know what I would become. Maybe the worst of the worst. I shook my head.

“You’ve come a long way. You’re here.” I reminded myself.

Technical problems lang ang pwede kong ma-encounter and even that, ayoko pa rin. Walang makakasira ng ilang buwan kong pinaghirapan. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Habang nasa New York ako, si Lolay ang namamahala ng Reign’s Realm. She’s efficient in her work. I just hate her guts. Sobrang loud n’ya at magkasundo sila ni Justise. She taught her a lot of things, pati ang pagkain ng balut. Nagdala pa sila sa office ko.

“My sources were right. Kita mo nga naman sa New York pa tayo magkikita?”

Hinarap ko ang pinanggalingan ng boses na iyon. Nag-init ang ulo ko nang makita iyong Analisa, the one with the fuckboy Centauri last time. I wonder if they are still together. I wasn’t sure of her name. My mind doesn’t remember a trash of a name.

Aliyah was wearing a ripped jeans and a neon sports bra, paired with pink coat and knee-high boots. She was looking a plain dumb bitch with no fashion sense at all. She brought it to New York, how pathetic. Nakangisi s’ya sa’kin na parang aso. I sensed something in that smirk.

Huminga ako nang malalim. “What do you want?” I asked her.

“I’m looking for Justise but I found you. Mainam na rin. Good luck on your fashion show Reign. Good luck! I think you need that.”

Tiningnan ko s’ya mula ulo hanggang paa. I wasn’t happy to see her here. S’ya iyong bad luck.

“I don’t need luck, Anastasia. I am naturally gifted.” I said smugly.

“It’s Ariska, not Anastasia. You dumb stupid bitch!” she hissed. “You need all of the luck in the world, hindi ka naman magaling taaga. Siguro dinadaan mo lang sa sex at katawan!”

Mukhang galit na galit s’yang malimutan ang pangalan n’ya. I sighed. She’s really that low, huh? What could she do, then? Sabotage me? Napailing ako. A bitch doesn’t bintang, she tells the the harsh truth. She does bintang but it is supported with evidences. Fuck, I hate Justise.

Tumaas ang kilay ko. “Sorry but you’re unforgettable, hon. I don’t pay much attention to names, especially when they don’t matter. You should be thankful, instead, I’d given you a classy name than what you have,” tinalikuran ko s’ya.

I heard her murmur curses. I stopped midway. Muli akong humarap at binalikan ko si Andrea. Huminto ako sa tapat n’ya.

Nakataas ang kilay n’ya sa’kin na para bang nagtatanong.

“What?” ngumisi s’ya nang nang-iinsulto.

I shook my head. “I forgot something,” I said and gave her a sweet smile.

“Does that concern me?” she asked. Her eyes were glaring.

“Of course.”

She looked at me with curiosity. She was urging me to say something. I made my move that shocked her to the core. I slapped her hard. Tumabingi ang kanang pisngi n’ya. It had an impact that shook her little world. Nanlalaki ang matang napatingin n’ya sa’kin. She looked lost. Hindi agad s’ya nakabawi sa pagkakabigla.

“Remember what I told you last time?” hindi pa rin nawawala ang ngiti ko sa labi. “I told you not to pray for a next time and you had guts showing your face again.”

She gave me a dagger look. Galit na galit ang mata n’ya. If looks could kill, I’ll definitely be dead on the spot. I slapped her again. “Another thing, I don’t like your empty threats.”

Akmang sasampalin n’ya ako pero nasalag ko iyon. Iyong kabilang pisngi naman ang sinampal ko. “I don’t like your presence here.” sabi ko pa. “And I’m not low like you. ‘wag mo sa’king ibintang ang mga gawain mo,”

Hindi na s’ya nakapagsalita nang maglakad ako papalayo roon. We were in the middle of the area. I heard her frustrations. Ramdam ko ang tingin ng mga taong napapadaan sa tayo namin. Nobody said a thing. I caught someone taking pictures. Alam kong paparazzi iyon. Doon ako dinala ng mga paa ko.

Nag-angat s’ya ng tingin sa’kin at itinago ang camera. “Make sure you’ll make a good story out of it,”

I went back to my hotel room feeling good to myself but it was cut short.

The thing I dreaded come to life. It was unexpected. Hindi ko iyon napaghandaan.

All my designs to be showcased in the fashion show were torn into pieces. The team called me to tell what happened. They were scared and I was furious. I want to skin the culprit alive.

I screamed. Ibinato ko ang glass sa television. Damn it!

Galit na galit ako.

I took a cold bath in the bath tub. I want to think of a plan, but before that, I have to clear my mind.

The show must go on. That’s the first thing in my head.

Ginawan ko nang paraan ang pwede pang magawan ng paraan. Minanduhan ko ang mga kasama ko para mas mapabilis ang trabaho. The team willingly helped me. We all had a sleepless night but we survived. Hindi ako tumigil hangga’t hindi tapos. Luckily, some weren’t that damaged.

Nagpupuyos ang kalooban ko sa nangyari. I was very mad. I will deal with my anger later. Right now, my main concern is the fashion show. Hindi dapat ako maapektuhan sa sabotage na nangyari dahil lalo akong babagsak kapag hinayaan kong sirain ako noon. I was never a quitter. I wasn’t raised to quit. I was born to reign. I am a queen. I won’t quit that easy because things aren’t favor on me.

I had face struggles for many years, but here I am. That bitch won’t be my downfall! Ang kapal n’ya para isipin na kaya n’ya akong pabagsakin ng ganoon na lang. She was wrong!

I wouldn’t waste my precious tears for her. She can’t break a wall strengthened by several nightmares in that instance. I’m that wall --- hindi nga lang Great Wall of China kasi hindi ako flat although, I’m part chinese.

“Are you ready, my dear?” Mr. Johnson, the gay coordinator asked me. Nakipagbeso ako sa kanya.

I looked around to see everything. The models are wearing their respective dresses and they all look amazing. I was fascinated by my own creations. I smiled and proudly nodded.

Am I ready? Hell fucking yeah!

“Yes, I am.” I answered.

My collection isn’t haute couture with Zwarovski crystals that I’m trained with. It was something different and out of my comfort zone. I let myself explore with gowns combined street style, tackling women empowerment. Different cuts, different symbolism. And I painted those gowns with my own hands depicting a woman’s struggles in the society today. May sira ang iba but I made it look like an art. I took a risk and it paid off.

I’m very much happy.

“That’s very optimistic, my dear. I’m really impressed. You exceeded my expectations,” he shook my hands. “We’re about to start five minutes from now.”

Tumango ako. Hindi pa rin nawawala ang ngisi ko. “Thank you, Mr. Johnson,” I said.

He readied the crew. Everyone fell in line. Kassandra Almeida is the finale --- the first Filipina Victoria Secret angel. She smirked when she saw me.

“You’re really talented, huh? Akala ko mapapahiya na ako ako sa tao habang suot ko ito. It looked like shit eralier.” she commented while eyeing the finale dress with delight.

Tumaas ang kilay ko pero hindi ko s’ya sinagot. Walang makakasira ng mood ko ngayon. Nilampasan ko s’ya at muling naglibot para i-check ang ibang bagay. I’m trying to make sure na walang ibang maging problema maliban doon sa sabotage na pag-cut ng ilang dresses.

The fashion show went well. The spectators were impressed with my creations. They loved the dresses so much and the advocacy impacted a lot. I was introduced later in the last part. It was my debut in the industry of New York Fashion Week and I was very ecstatic.

I met different people in the field. I got a glimpse of international stars and even local names. Heart Evangelista was there, even the Miss Universe. She also congratulated me. We took a picture together.

“Pokpok, congrats!” Justise exclaimed. Tuwang-tuwa ang gaga. Agaw-eksena s’yang tumakbo papalapit sa’kin.

Inis akong tumingin sa kanya.“Will you tone down your voice? Ang sakit mo sa tainga.”

“Stop being maarte. Oh, fuck! You’re sikat na talaga! OMG! Na-see ko mga hollywood stars nag-watch ng show mo.”

I shook my head. I sipped my wine and it tasted heaven in my mouth. Cabernet Sauvignon --- a proper wine for a queen. “I saw them too, Justise. Mukha bang wala akong mata?” I rolled my eyes at her.

My brow automatically raised when I saw Kassandra Almeida walking towards me. Nakabihis na s’ya. She was wearing a glitter chain criss-cross mini dress and a black Louboutin stiletto.

“Congrats, Miss Sy! Sorry if I didn’t believe in your capability the first time,” she told me. Inilahad n’ya ang kanyang kamay. Hindi ko tinanggap iyon. Walang emosyon ko s’yang tiningnan.

“No harm done, not that your opinion matters anyway.”

Nilisan ko ang lugar with my Cabernet wine with me. Mukhang nagulat s’ya sa sinabi ko pero wala akong pakialam sa kanya, I don’t like her as much as everyone dislikes me. I went to the streets of Manhattan. I felt free seeing the tall buildings surrounding the city. It’s very aesthetic and calming. Alam kong nakasunod sa’kin si Justise. She was blabbering all at the same time.

“That Kassandra Almeida was linked to Trigger del Fuego --- the grouchy handsome papable na yummy, yummy, yummy. Know mo ba?”

“And that concerns me because?” walang gana kong tugon. I know the Trigger del Fuego she’s talking about. He owns chains of businesses, one of those is the famous Octagon.


Umiling ako.

Tiningnan n’ya akong parang isa akong alien. “You’re so not updated sa latest chika!” napapadyak s’ya.

“Eh, kung isaksak ko sa’yo itong stiletto ko?” it was Giuseppe Zanotti’s Harmony sandals in the color red.

“Whatever! Anyways, she’s a feeler, that babae is a feeler. I don’t think Trigger likes her. She’s so kawawa tapos nibi-bitch out n’ya ako earlier sa set. Duh, I’m so gorgeous than her. She looks like my paa,”

Damn, iritable na naman ako sa boses n’ya. I should be celebrating now but Justise is annoying me. Nayayamot ako sa kanya.

I remember one time, she told me everything about the lives of their kapitbahay. I still didn’t understand the relevance. Half ot it, I didn’t listen pero masyadong naagrabyado ang tainga ko. Itinuktok ko sa kanya ang suot kong Jimmy Choo heels noon. I thought, she wouldn’t speak nonsense after that. Uh, she’s hopeless.

“You know what ---”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” inis kong wika.

Binilisan ko ang lakad ko para iwanan si Justise sa gitna ng pedestrian crossing. Bobo iyon, hindi marunong tumawid.

“Hey, wait up!”

I didn’t look back. Dumiretso ako sa hotel. Of course, may branch sa Manhattan ang Inferium. They are worldwide. Sila ang pinagkakatiwalaan in terms of hotels. Their services are great, no doubt.

I went to my room. I was thinking of my next plan. The show was successful but it didn’t mean, I would let that bitch pass for what she had done to me as if nothing happened. I wasn’t kind. People fear me for what I can do and she should be.

I took a shower and wore a red lingerie, exposing my boob area and creamy legs. It was revealing, who cares? Tao lang naman sa Pilipinas ang may pakialam sa lahat ng bagay. If you have something to be proud of, there’s nothing wrong to flaunt it. It’s better to be called a slut than to think like a rapist. It’s not a girl’s fault no matter how she dresses if a guy can’t control his libido. They should be taught in the early age, not to instill it’s innate. Nakaramdam ako ng galit. Rape shouldn’t be normalized. Selling…

I shook my head, I won’t go there.

I put my hair in a bun. I didn’t put make up, ginamit ko lang iyong lipstick ni Justise with her new collection. The Sinners. I paired my outfit with another Giuseppe Zanotti’s red stiletto. I’m a fan of him.

I added the red faux fur coat. Abot ang haba niyon sa sahig. Pabuka ang dating sa forelimb, it was transparent red but on the opening of the wrist was the fur-like cloth. I was wearing it like a gown that fitted my upper waist up but still my body is exposed with the kind of clothing material it has. I looked at myself with satisfaction in the mirror.

I smirked.

Natagpuan ko ang sarili ko sa penthouse ng hotel. I brought a classic red wine to celebrate, also my phone and an envelope. Red wine for my bloody red outfit and lipstick. It’s perfect. I readied my smile before I rang the doorbell twice.

I know she was elsewhere. She was fucking that Centauri guy. What do I expect from a cheap woman?

Nobody answered. Nawala ang ngiti ko sa labi. Napalitan iyon ng annoyance. Itinulak ko ang pintuan sa inis ko. My eyes widened when it opened. Stupid people ecerywhere. Sabagay, they own the suite. Muling bumalik ang ngisi ko. My heart was racing with excitement.

I could hear moans coming from the room. I looked around the room. It was pretty enormous. Much bigger than the room where I stayed. It was supposed to be the one I’ll book pero naunahan na raw ako.

I readied the camera of my phone when I was near. Mabagal akong tumungo roon. It was carpeted, I’m sure they won’t hear me but just for caution, binagalan ko ang lakad.

Bukas rin ang pinto. Pakiramdam ko mabibingi ako sa halinghing nila. I slowly opened the door. Ang buungad sa’kin ay ang king-size bed doon. At ang dalawang babaeng magkapatong. They were eating each other’s private parts. And they are moaning so loud.

My eyes filled with shock and amazement nang mapagsino ko iyon. It was Ariska, I got her name right this time and Phoebe Imelda, iyong client ko na binuhusan ko ng tubig, the one that looked like Gluta.

“Stop it, girls. We have a visitor,” a husky voice boomed out of nowhere.

Tumigil sila sa kanilang ginagawa. Tumingin sila sa gawi ko. They looked shocked as I was. Mabilis pa sa alas-kwatrong naglayo sila sa isa’t isa at dumampot ng kumot para I-cover sa kani-kanilang katawan. It was late. I got it on a video. Wala na silang maitatag pa.

Lumabas si Centauri sa madilim na parte ng kwarto. He was wearing boxers and a white shirt. Malaki iyong bulge n’ya. He has a monster down there. I looked away and focused my eyes on the two girls.

My investigator found out they were the culprit. I was supposed to go here first to confront that Ariska bitch. Hindi ko inaasahan na madadatnan ko silang pareho rito. I was lucky, wasn’t I?

“What are you doing here?” his bedroom voice filled the room. It was husky and arrogant at the same time. Nakalapit na s’ya sa’kin.

Tinapunan ko s’ya ng tingin. “I’m not here for you. I’m here for these two bitches you’re fucking. Too bad, they are here with you.”

His eyes lit up. It was dangerous, naughty and lustful. “Really? I thought you’re up for foursome, but I would love to fuck you alone,” he stared at me as if he is undressing me. Napaka-libog n’ya.

“Dream on, Centauri,” I said coldly.

“I dream of fucking you here, right now in standing position with that red fucking dress still on.” he licked his lower lip.

Namula ang mukha ko. I wanted to look away, but I was hypnotized for a moment.

“Our scorpion,” Phoebe called. Nabaling ang atensyon ko sa kanila. “We are offering ourselves with you. You can fuck us both. You can watch us fuck ourselves, just fuck us and let us taste your mighty naked body,”

Nandiri ako sa sinabi n’ya. Scorpion? Well, fuck. What a fetish.

I rolled my eyes. Tumuwid ako nang tayo. “Right. Let’s get to business, bitches before you fuck some asshole over here.” I said.

They looked at me. Sabay silang natawa. “Ang lakas ng loob mong pumunta rito, Reign Sy! It’s a two versus one. You should’ve brought Justise with you, alalay mo naman ang isang iyon.”

I didn’t bother correcting her. I just smiled. “Sad that my assistant is more beautiful than you can ever be, you can’t even be compared to her foot.”

Naningkit ang mata n’ya. “Are you saying na panget ako?!” she yelled at me.

“It came from you, hon,”

Galit na gait s’yang tumingin sa’kin. Sinugod n’ya ako. She came running towards me. I was ready. Sinalubong ko s’ya ng sipa without moving on the spot. Iyong pinaka-matilos na stiletto ang suot ko. For sure, it fucking hurts like hell. Natumba s’ya sa sahig. Napadaing s’ya sa sakit. “That’s for sabotaging my creations.”

Then, I looked at Phoebe Imelda.

“I have a surprise for you both,” I eyed her. I opened the envelope. They were several pictures of them, naked with different guys. Ikinalat ko iyon sa sahig. Maraming kinakapitan si Ariska na mayayamang tao, kabit s’ya ng mga ito. That’s why no wonder, hindi s’ya nawawalan ng career kahit foul attitude s’ya and she has no real talent.

The other one, Phoebe Imelda, well, kabit din s’ya ng isa sa bosses ng network na may hawak sa kanya. And her wedding is a lie. It was just a show for her fans, para bumango ang pangalan n’ya. I had them investigated and that’s what I dig.

“For sure, pagpipiyestahan ito ng media. What do you think?”

Nanlalaki ang mata ni Phoebe. Nawalan s’ya ng kulay sa mukha. “Where did you get that?” she asked, wide-eyed. Ariska was getting all her pictures and scanning them thoroughly.

She looked at me. Humalakhak s’ya. “Do you think they will believe these shits? It could be edited! We’re in the modern world, madaling I-edit ang mga ito.” mariin n’yang wika.

“Why are you so threatened?” hindi ko maiwasang hindi mapangiti. I know I shook her little world once again. “I don’t care about the big audience, hon. I’ll just send that to your men. And I’m sure, your credibility as their mistress will fade. You’ll become powerless and without connection. And you hate that. That’s for messing with me,”

“You think they will believe you? They are just stupid old men!”

“Then, see for yourself. I told my assistant to send them, now.” I looked at Phoebe. “Maybe, the fans will be very much understanding,”

She looked horrified. I looked at them coldly. “I warned you not to mess with me. Now, deal with it,”

“Puta ka!”

“I know. I was called more degrading terms than that. Cheers!” itinaas ko ang bote ng red wine.

Mabilis s’yang lumapit sa’kin. She slapped me. I slapped her back. Nakatayo na si Ariska, muli s’yang sumugod sa’kin. I felt her hand on my hair. Hindi ako agad nakakibo. Pinagtulungan nila akong dalawa. I fought with one hand. Sinipa ko sila pareho.

“Edi ilabas mo lahat ng iyon! Akala mo ba makakalabas ka rito ng buhay?! Kakalbuhin kitang puta ka!”

Someone grabbed my lingerie, halos lumuwa ang dibdib ko. Hindi ko alam kung sino sa kanilang dalawa iyon. I gripped the wine tightly. Ipinukpok ko iyon sa unang nahawakan ko. I heard the broken glass fell, as well as the red colored wine. Binitiwan ako ni Ariska. I slapped Phoebe with a broken glass. It scarred her face. Natigilan silang dalawa.

Wala na sa ayos ang bun ko. My dress were ripped. I know, I have some bruises pero wala akong pakialam. I stared at them coldly.

“How dare you?!” Phoebe cried. Hawak n’ya ang mukha n’ya. Dumudugo iyon.

Akmang lalapit s’ya pero pero I showed her the broken glass of wine. “Go ahead, we’ll get bloody,”

“You’re going to pay for this!”

I looked at her with so much annoyance. “You can’t threaten me,” mariin kong sabi.

May tumikhim sa likod ko. Medyo natigilan ako. I forgot that he’s here. I forgot that I was in his unit. So, he just fucking watched us? Hindi n’ya ako inawat na saktan ang mga kabit n’ya. That’s touching.

“Both of you, get the fuck out!” he hissed. Binitiwan ko ang hawak kong basag na bote. Hinarap ko s’ya at akmang lalampasan pero hinapit n’ya ang baywang ko. “Not you, babe.” bulong n’ya sa tainga ko. Nagtaasan ang balahibo ko.

Tinanggal ko ang kamay n’yang nakahawak sa baywang ko. Nagtakip ng kumot ang dalawa, but he stopped them.

“Leave the blankets. They aren’t yours,” he told them with his voice cold as ice. He transformed differently.


“I won’t go down and walk in the streets naked, Sioux!”

I looked at them. Humarap ang lalaki sa kanila. Humalukipkip s’ya. I couldn’t see his expression. Pero unti-unting nagbago ang ekspresyon ng mukha ng dalawang babae.

Inalis nila ang kumot na nakabalot sa katawan. They were naked again. Ariska glared at me before she went out of the suite. Umiiyak na lumabas si Phoebe Imelda.

Nakatingin ako sa pinto hanggang sa tuluyang mawala ang anino nilang dalawa. I don’t feel any remorse doing what I did. Ayokong naaapi. Making them walk naked is a bit too much, who cares? Hindi ako ang gumawa noon. I shrugged.

Naamoy ko na naman ang pabango n’ya. Hindi talaga iyon masakit sa ilong. I met his eyes. Malapit na malapit na naman s’ya sa’kin. Matangkad ako pero mas mataas s’ya sa’kin.

“I’ll send a cleaning lady to clean your suite.” I told him.

Hindi s’ya umiiwas nang tingin sa’kin. I felt a bit conscious pero itinago ko ang parteng iyon.

“You turned me on so much, babe,”

Inirapan ko s’ya. “Fuck off,” I gritted my teeth.

Nilampasan ko s’ya pero mabilis n’yang nahablot ang baywang ko. Titig na titig s’ya sa’kin. His lustful and dangerous hazel eyes are back. I pushed him away but he was strionger than me.

“You know what I lost tonight?” muli n’yang dinampian ng dila ang lower lip s’ya. His lips looks ddelish. Strawberry red ang kulay noon.

“I don’t care what you lost.”

He grinned, pinasadahan n’ya ng tingin ang kabuuan ko. Mukhang gustong-gusto n’ya ang naikita n’ya. Ngayon ko lang napagtantong halos lumuwa ang boobs ko. “You lost me my bedmates,” walang habas n’yang sabi.

Tumaas lang ang kilay ko.

“So? Let me go.”

“This is my territory, everything that come here, can’t go out unless I say so. That means to say, you’re fucking mine.”

“I’m not a thing, Mr. Centauri. I’m a human being.” inalis ko ang may n’yang gumagapang sa katawan ko. I felt uneasy.

“You are. And you’re a fucking turn on,” bumaba ang tingin n’ya sa labi ko. “There’s blood,”

Kinapa ko ang labi ko para tingnan if there is really blood. Pero tinabig n’ya ang kamay ko at sinako ang labi ko. My mind went blank. I could taste rust and his minty saliva. Masyado n’yang sinisipsip ang parteng iyon ng labi ko.

I felt his hand on my private area. His finger is doing something on the fabric. It was teasing my clitoris. Para akong binuhusan nang malamig na tubig. Itinulak ko s’ya at sinampal.

Ang kapal ng mukha n’yang gawin sa’kin iyon!

I walked out of that room.

“You’ll be in my bed soon,”

I heard him said before I was totally out of sight.

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