4. Hints of the Past


I thought I would enjoy my stay in Manhattan but I didn’t, even the New York Fashion Week. I flew to the Philippines as soon as my work was done. Hindi ko na tinapos ang NYFW. There are more designers that will showcase their creations pero hindi ko na nagawang pumunta sa shows nila.

Ariska and Phoebe Imelda were nowhere to be found after our last confrontation but their walk of shame was all over the news and cheap tabloids. They were facing several issues all at once. Hindi magkamayaw ang mga tao kung anong tsismis ang uunahin. Pathetic. On the other hand, I still see Centauri, he’s almost everywhere I go, flirting and kissing different lips. Like yuck? I wonder if he already got HIV or sexual diseases. I hope he has. Kung sinu-sinong dinadali n’ya. And I remember how of a manwhore he was, he almost fucked two girls. He enjoyed watching them.

I hate him more. He has the g

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Teresa Michaella Aguila Joaquin
hmmm parang si Lolay si Badiday hahaha

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