Special Chapter - Three


As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I kept my eyes opened, examining the unfamiliar room. It was all-white. Agad akong nagtaka. Shaking my head, it has been years since I found myself in an unknown vicinity. Traumatic pa ang pangyayaring iyon ng buhay ko, it was weird recalling it now.

“Sioux,” I called out my husband’s name. Where the fuck is he in the early morning? Realization hit me, my kids need to be taken care of. Classes are going to start and here I am lying in bed. Sometimes, I slept late and woke up late in the morning. Minsan hindi ko naaabutan ang mga bata sa pagpasok.

There were times I would think low of myself as a mother. Pakiramdam ko kulang ang efforts ko para matugunan ang pangangailangan nila, not on the materialistic side. Mostly, the things like preparing their breakfasts and lunch to take in school. Kahit ang simpleng paggising nang maaga, hindi ko maga

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