Chapter 96


To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Pack responsibility was something that came at a high cost. I sipped the fresh lemonade before placing the glass on the table beside the lounger that had practically been my home for the last couple of days.

The sun was shining high in the sky, it was barely noon here, although I knew it was much later in the day back home, and from the sounds of it all hell was breaking loose.

I watched Tristan pace along the poolside, phone glued to his hand as he called round airlines trying to book us an earlier flight back home.

Guess I couldn’t complaint too much, the trip had been a last-minute surprise, not something I had been planning for ages so the fact that it was being cut short shouldn’t be too much of a disappointment, I just didn’t want to face reality.

For days all we had needed to worry about was which of the seven resort restaurants we wanted to eat at that night, and if we wanted to partake in the poolside activities or ventur
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Thank you so much for the update I love this story ...️...️...️

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