Chapter 3


Well, she was definitely beautiful, which would make matters easier, the marking of one’s mate was easy enough to complete with just about anyone, hell you don’t even need to look at them in order to sink your teeth into their necks. The strengthening of the bond however was an entirely physical thing, and I’m not entirely sure if I would have been able to get it up for someone that didn’t capture my interest.

‘No fear of that with this one.’ My thoughts were certainly clear on that, the problem however was that she was just about the opposite of what I had hoped for, she was easily a head shorter than me and tiny in comparison to my bulky frame, she had curves in all the right places, but I doubted there was enough of her to be able to handle me should the need arise, and I expected it would.

Aside from her physical limitations though, the girl looked absolutely terrified, I actually worried for a moment that she was going to pass out when I told her my name. And I couldn’t help but notice the quick side glances she kept giving me as I kept my gaze towards the line of women, feigning interest in the proceedings.

The whole time though I stood contemplating the enigma beside me. Most she-wolves would jump at the chance to mate with an Alpha, hell I had spent the last four years batting off advances of all kinds, some decent some decidedly not, so what made this one different. Not only was she not jumping for joy, but she was also scared.

There was of course a possibility that my reputation preceded me, a reputation that I had carefully cultivated over years of battles and leadership at Blackrock. I was fully aware that I was known as a brute, a hard but fair man who did not give second chances, one to be warry of and avoid battle with at all costs, my enemies did not walk away from our fights, I made sure of that, but my reputation was not better or worse than that of any other Alpha, although maybe that reputation had grown somewhat out of hand without me knowing it.  I frowned at that thought, maybe I would have Roman make a few enquiries.

Then of course there was the usual level of trepidation I would expect from someone who was expected to start a new job and move homes and get married all at the same time without knowing what their job would be, who they would be living with and who they would be marrying.

Okay when it was laid out like that it sounded worse than I had originally thought, maybe this was why she seemed so scared, oh who was I kidding, I had no idea what went through the mind of a teenage she-wolf.

“Yo Roman.” I called mind-linking with my Beta.

“I’m still awake, promise.” Came the sarcastic reply and I huffed a mental chuckle at him.

“I would hope so, but since you are so well versed in the female gender, I have a question.” I stated diplomatically. Truth be known Roman was a slut of the highest degree, I actually don’t think I have ever known him to say no, ever.

“Shoot.” He directed seriously and I tried to focus on the matter at hand rather than giving into my urge to berate the man.

“Any idea why my newfound mate looks terrified, likes she’s gonna bolt at any moment?” I asked deciding not to beat the bush.

“Huh, she kinda does. Pretty though, she looks like a Luna, elegant and all that.”

“Yes, but that’s not helpful.”

“She’s young, she’s just met a man twice her size for the very first time and found out she’s going to be leaving her parents and living with you for the rest of her life, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be terrified too. Give her some time, show her a bit of the Blackrock charm. She’ll settle in, I’m sure. Alternatively you could just ask her…” He closed off the mind link with that ridiculous suggestion and I forced myself to hold in my own sigh of resignation, I had after all made the decision to take a mate today. Now I needed to learn to live with it, no matter how difficult or time consuming, no matter the consequences.

I glanced at the timid girl beside me, her eyes glazed over and a funny look on her face, seemingly in a mind link of her own and I watched with determination. My pack needed a Luna as much as Nox did, I would do what I needed to, to make this work. Time to put on my thoughtful head.


I couldn’t stand still, nor could I wipe the look of horror off my face, no matter how much I tried, and I tried for the entire hour that it took for the procession of men to walk the line. The Alpha, Tristan, hadn’t said a word to me since our initial introduction, his eyes were firmly forward, focussed on the mating day that was going on around us, but then what else did I expect, he was the hosting Alpha, the most powerful leader from the alliance, not that the other Alpha’s would admit to that, I’m sure.

Oh no, the alliance. What would happen to the alliance if Tristan was shunned the same way I had been? Would his pack hate him, hate me? Would the other packs in the alliance listen to him, follow him, even if his own pack members wouldn’t?

I was physically shaking with fear over what could happen, but what could I do about it? Nobody refused to mate with their true match, like, it had only ever happened once in our entire history.

A she-wolf named Amari had refused her mate because he had killed her family in a blood feud of some sort about three hundred years ago. It was that rare that they still taught about it in school, and for once I wished I had paid more attention in history because I vaguely remembered reading that denying the bond had turned the she-wolf mad.

The tingle of a mind link formed in my mind, and I gladly focused on it, anything to stop the swirling thoughts. My Mothers signature was so obvious that I barely paused to recognise it.

“Cali sweetheart you need to relax, you look like you are going to pass out.”

“How am I supposed to relax Mom? He’s an Alpha. No he’s not just an Alpha, he is Alpha Leroux of Blackrock, the man that created the alliance, that changed our lives for the better, all of our lives. What am I supposed to do?”

“I… I don’t know.” My mother’s timid voice sounded across the link, and I turned my head to see her looking worried across the courtyard.

“What do you mean, you don’t know? Mum you were the one that has pushed me to mate for the last three years, telling me how wonderful it would be, that my mate wouldn’t care that I am different.”

“Yes, but… well I never expected that your mate would be Alpha Leroux”.

“Very helpful Mom.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I am truly sorry. I should have listened to you and requested a stay from the mating day for you.”

“Well, it’s too late for that now. So, what do I do?”

“Try to hide it?” She asked more than answered, as though she wasn’t sure that was an option and honestly, neither was I.

“I don’t think that will be possible forever Mom. Should I refuse the mating?”

“No! Absolutely not.” The link fell silent for a moment before I heard her mental sigh. “Just get to know him, you are a Luna now Cali, you will have responsibilities and duties beyond anything I can help with, focus on that, focus on being a good Luna for Blackrock, and maybe the Alpha will come to love you in his own right and see how good you are for the pack. Maybe, maybe he will overlook this, maybe he will help you to hide it.”

Her words sounded less than confident, but it was better than any idea I had managed to come up with on my own.

I sighed aloud and nodded my head before disconnecting from the mind link, back in the present my cheeks instantly flamed as I noticed Tristan’s gaze on me.

“Everything okay?” He asked with a raised brow, obviously having noticed the glaze in my eye that was a tell-tale sign of the mind link and who knows what faces I was pulling, I had never quite managed the art of masking my expressions while mind-linking.

“Of course, sorry. My Mum.” I answered with a slight shrug of my shoulders, hoping that he wouldn’t enquire further.

“Are your parents here?”

“Yes, over by Alpha De’Maine.” I indicated with a nod in the direction of the two middle aged wolves stood staring at us.

“You’re from Oak Creek?” He asked and I nodded “I forget how difficult it must be for you. To move away from not only your pack, but your family. Although I guess they are one in the same.” He stated with a slightly faraway look on his face. And I held back the mocking smile that threatened to take over my expression.

Moving away from my pack wouldn’t be an issue at all, they had done nothing but make me feel like an outsider my entire life. No, I wouldn’t miss them. But the sentiment was nice.

I had been under the impression that this man was a brute, as were most Alphas, maybe he was just playing nice since it was the first time, we were meeting, but somehow, I didn’t think so. I had a feeling that he was genuinely a good guy. Which just made this whole situation a lot worse. Not only would I be starting out my relationship on a lie, but I would be ruining the life and reputation of a nice man, and a great Alpha.

I gritted my teeth as anger flowed through me, anger and injustice for the man before me. No, I would not let this life be his fate. I would do whatever I could to distance myself from him, to protect him from myself, to keep him safe. After all, he’s my Alpha now, surely that was my job.

“Look, I have to attend the choosing ceremony. Why don’t you spend some time with your family, there is no point in us both being bored out of our minds.” He stated, mock whispering the last to me with a smile, and I forced a smile in return. Some time away from him would at least help me to fortify a plan of action.

“As the new Luna of Blackrock, you of course have full access to the pack house, however I would ask that you do not take any visiting guests, even your parents, beyond the ground floor. If you would like to explore the grounds or the house, you are welcome to, or of course you can join in the festivities. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, make yourself at home. Mating day is typically quite a long day, I will arrange a full tour of the pack house and grounds for you tomorrow.” He smiled and I watched as his eyes brightened, shining in the afternoon sunlight, the man was ridiculously handsome, like panty melting handsome, it was just a shame that it would never work out.

“And my duties?” I questioned, keeping my mothers advice in mind just in case.

“We will work that out together, but I don’t want you to be overwhelmed.” He stated seeming surprised. “I should head inside.” He indicated the movement of the other three Alphas, and I nodded, not wanting to cause a scene or distraction, I was trying not to draw attention to myself after all.

“Of course. Will I see you later?” I asked with no idea why, and waited with baited breath for his answer not sure what I was hoping for.

The shock of seeing his head move towards mine, of feeling his soft lips touching my own however took my breath away and I promptly forgot what I asked him.

All I could focus on was the warm breath on my mouth and the smell of skin so close, tingles radiated through my body and a shiver raced down my spine as he pulled away from what was essentially a peck on the lips. The kiss had lasted a second and had been nothing special and yet my entire world had shifted with that one movement. Despite my earlier thoughts I was ready to beg him for more.

I tried to shake off the feeling, but it was hard when he stood staring at me, bewildered, and I had the feeling he was experiencing the same as me.

This was going to be harder than I thought.

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