Chapter Seven

For the last couple of weeks Kane had been plagued by thoughts of the  young woman that he now knew as Bridgette Thomas. He found it annoying. He didn’t want to think about her small curvy body and how good it would feel to have her underneath him. Nor did he want to think about her crystal blue eyes that seemed both guarded and fragile. He found himself considering her every feature, such as how her nose had a smattering of freckles across the bridge. The way her lips pouted and how plump and kissable they looked. 

Kane frowned into his beer, lost in his frustrating thoughts of the petite woman. Occasionally his image of Bridgette would meld with the scared young woman from three years ago. He wondered why the two seemed synonymous to him.

 He had been staring at his beer for a while now when a loud noise alerted him to a commotion at the fron

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