Chapter 5

"Oh my God, James! This is ridiculous!"

Abigail bursts into uncontrollable laughter after I tell her one of my embarrassing childhood memories. Something about eating chicken food to show one of the chickens how to eat. Yeah, that's me. In my full glory. I have a handful of embarrassing memories and if telling them means I'll see more of Abigail and less of Miss Kingsley, I will gladly tell them all. 

I'm just sitting here, having lunch with Abigail and watching her having, what I believe is, a good time with me.

It passes maybe a minute or two in which she's just laughing at my younger self stupidity before she can catch a breath and be able to talk again.

"God, James..." she continues laughing but oh damn... The way she says "God, James"... It makes my thoughts travel in a whole different direction. Add the images of her bouncing butt as she's walking and you get the receipt for an unc

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