Chapter 3

While Gabriel is busy cleaning the inside of his apartment for the hundredth time since he returned and the 'Eye' that were once again doubting his decision on life,

The Headquarters of Blessed Organization is holding a meeting with all of the ranked Sotiras and high ranking heroes which was the top 10 HS-class.

While the Heroes who came back, instead of being reduced in lower ranking got promoted instead unexpectedly.

The leader of the Headquarters, the president and one of the members of the Sotiras said they had made a great contribution to the country that’s why they got promoted.

They still did not recover when they had gone home finally after a long day doing an easy mission where they did not move a single finger of theirs except for the feet that suffered a little for a trip supporting their heavy and small body.

"Nothing is to be expected to a mere bystander! What are you wasting time looking for him? And also, why did you promote those weaklings? They hid such a ‘secret’ that certainly is not for my opinion or for most of us, not a major event. They should be punished! Why are you making things big and made such a dramatic scene such as promoting them!" Ada, the 9 ranked Sotiras annoyingly asked his same kind who stood in front of them with a cold and serious look but still excluded the arrogance a person who hold a high status in his entire life.

Bold characters appeared at the corner of the person who shouted so righteously earlier as his way of opposing wasting time for participating in looking for that guy for the heroes who got promoted even if they did not did anything that worth mentioning.

Well, we just hope that in the future if that ‘person’ ever appeared in front of him, dressed plainly but still excluded the superiority an elder should have and be respected because of the big gap of differences in aura, Ada will not feel his face like being slap a thousand times.

Name: Ada Flame

Age: 30 years old

Identity: Sotiras HS9

Special Sotiras Ability: Foxy Blue Red Fire

Original World: Earth

Not a Transmigrator. Shifter Sotiras’

[Anyone is his enemy, not even his same kind was spared. He will blow Heroes out with his Foxy Blue Red fire to vent if upset and even will confront Sotiras head-on if the other party make him dislike it a bit]

Judging from the bio of this 'Sotiras' alone, it is an extremely stubborn person who abuses power and a stinky guy who didnt want someone in his way.

Ada gritted his teeth as he look at the guy in a black tuxedo suit which was ranked in much more highest position that him.

This is the current President whom had again was electing himself as a President for this years as 5 years already passed.

'Old Cow' Ada quietly thought inside his head as he visibly sneered at the corner of his lips when this humane President continued on to say,

"As you can see, the trace left by this 'bystander' you say is not something an ordinary Heroes or even like you can make, maybe it is another Sotiras whom the institute had FAILED to find in the recent years" as the one being confronted, President Knox stood his ground as he contemptuously attack the Sotiras who openly confronted him and the Sotiras who silently agreed to what this fool said while emphasizing the 'failed' words to the member of the institute present in the conference meeting.

Name: Knox Jiando

Age: 35 years old

Identity: Sotiras HS5

Additional Identity: President of Hailou States

Special Sotiras Ability: Upgrade Lv5 Metal

Original World: Earth

Not a Transmigrator. Shifter Sotiras’

[It doesn’t matter if he is not the first in rank, at least he is a Sotiras recognized by all humans as their leader that he filtered it out, recognizing him as their King. Can make metal upgrade more and become more powerful until he surpassed the sandy and windy storm whom was only 1 shorter on top of its rank]

The humans who recognize President Knox as their leader to rule over their country would not even imagine that he is already treating himself a King.

An arrogant person but with an illusionary mind, another person that is a pain in the ass in the future if this old man decided on rebelling Hailou States.


Ada palm slapped the transparent but firm glass table as he stood up, fire burning behind him as he threateningly glance over at President Knox whom had also operated the metal behind him and was ready on attacking any time soon this foxy guy took the initiative to attack when a cold voice but filled with majestic rights belonging to a woman pass through their ears making them feel their ears had turn numb.

"Bunch of idiots" darkness covered half of the woman face as the only light glow coming from the small window above only casted her voluptuous lips which was very enticing for some men present but dared not to think twice to covet.

Of course, the poisonous words further make them dare not think of evil thoughts.

The cold brown phoenix eyes stared at the two who was about to fight as she opened her lips once again to say, "Aren’t we in a meeting? What are you doing wasting our time?"

Name: Kate Charl

Age: 16 years old

Identity: Sotiras HS2

Additional Identity: Professor at Blessed Academy

Special Sotiras Abilty: Time and Space

Original World: Earth

Not a Transmigrator. Shifter Sotiras’

The bio is empty… There was nothing to be seen.

As Kate words fell, the originally chaotic room quietened down.

What can they do?

This is the second ranked Sotiras whose Abilty can control Time and Space and can throw them into a space where no humans lived or ever dare not dare to dream for them to live.

Even the usually stubborn Ada sat down back to his seat and the arrogant President Knox who treated himself as a King returned to the original topic with calm and steady tone like there was no trouble that just happened a while ago.

The ability that Sotiras to quickly change their faces made the very ordinary members of the institute lit up their iris in awe.

While the highest ranking Heroes sneered and thought at the same time inside their heads 'Hyprotical two-faced Idiots'

The meeting continued on peacefully but at the end of the meeting, the members of the institute close the heavy metal door with a switch.

No one knows what is happening inside.

Except for the 10 Sotiras and 10 S-class level Heroes that were unexpectedly locked up.

Gabriel sneezed with a start but then move his nose with his fingers expressionlessly, relieving the itch that his nose was feeling a while ago when he sneezes.

He after that, gone to the stink to vigorously wash the fingers that moves his nose.

In his mind, even though he cleaned and washes up his body every day or every time he felt a sticky sensation in his body, the nose which is visible to the public is still the most third dirty part of the body.

'Really a clean freak' the system who floated high above the air and were watching its Host every move because of boredness of course sees this action and commented casually revealing its small mouth hidden inside the black mist and the galaxy-like eyes twinkling when it came into contact to the only triple bulb in its Host apartment which he currently was resting.

The smiley mask was still on his face as he forgot on removing it after arriving in his apartment but then again, when he reach out for the strings that allowed the mask to stay on his face upright retracted a little bit as the ground shakes.

Gabriel thick eyebrows frowned inside, he tap his feet on the ground and attempted to know its temperature.

His furrowed brows frowned even more.

Dizzy for a little while, the system hurriedly gone inside Gabriel palm and obediently stayed there without making a fuss.

The big one eye closes and the big toothy mouth also close.

If no one was paying attention, they won’t see that the delicate but muscularly toned palm is lightly distorted because of the system who gone inside without any precautions so Gabriel ice cold eyes condensed and about to scold this cheap system when the ground under his feet continued to shake more aggressively.

Wanting to go out, Gabriel planned on jumping at the window close to him as the apartment he work hard to clean up is starting to fall.

But just when he gonna jump, he disappeared out of thin air where he just stood a while ago.

"Argh" Gabriel groaned slightly uncomfortable.

When Gabriel opened his eyes, the familiar surrounding turned into unfamiliar surroundings.

But despite of that, Gabriel was not at all tense especially even though he sees he was locked in a cage that looked like it belonged to a big bird much bigger than him as when he look at himself in this cage, he look too petite.

Instead, the one who is hysterical is the system who came out of his palm.

"Who dared to kidnap you?! Who dared to kidnap my omnipotent Host! Who made my Host so weak in my eyes! Who? Who? WHO IS IT?!" Gabriel system hysterical shouts seemed  to echo in this quiet space that make the system stopped and disappeared into nothingness again when they heard a noise coming from the back door, he guess.

Gabriel expressionlessly lifted up his ice cold dark eyes and stared at the back door creating the noise with a purse lips.




The big golden door which was more like a gate finally opened after several recognitions and a tall handsome man with a bulky and slightly tanned figure appeared.

The stranger who entered the spacious room smiled when he came into contact at Gabriel dark iris but this smile was more like a cocky grin in Gabriel vision, but, this is also the start when Gabriel disappeared inside the cage and got out appearing behind the stranger with his bare hands close at hand at the stranger back, the wind that happened to pass by outside wherever this place is were condense at Gabriel palm attacking without restraints causing for the handsome man to be caught off guard.

The once opened gate was closed with a bang by Gabriel single glance at it.

It was done with one ago that the stranger who feel himself flying in the air backwards widened his eyes at the unexpected turn of events.

The stranger flew hard towards the hard metal wall as he stared at Gabriel unscathed behaviour when he got out of that customized cage.

That is the Legendary Electric Shock Slave Cage he bought at the auction with 1,000,000 crystals stones!

How could the boy leave it unscathed? And what’s more, how did this guy unlocked the lock its Young Master made by himself?

The icy cold eyes visible outside flash with a ruthless glint once again when he heard the hysterical thoughts this stranger owned.

"Legendary Electric Shock Slave Cage, huh?" Gabriel sneered still with that cold voice but the temperature inside the spacious room dropped visible to the naked eye as the things inside melted down one after another except for the cage who stood intact but still hot to touch.

The once warm temperature of the spacious room turned into lava inexplicably as Gabriel purse lips curled upwards with evil thoughts for the first time.

The system hiding in Gabriel pal shivered and thought, 'For the first time in my life, I saw my own Host displaying his omnipotent status. It’s not bad but it is scary at the same time'

The handsome guy knew he was caught in trouble after the guy whom his Young Master had entrusted to him started acting like this so he...

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