Chapter 180

008's mood is a bit complicated. The heroes of their heavenly side are all the luck of the whole world, and they can be called the pride of heaven. But in fact, there is a poor causal relationship. It is not because they are male protagonists.

It is because their souls are strong and tough enough to become male protagonists. Even Lu Zheng, who tortured and killed zombies in the collapsed world, was essentially a very proud person.

   Therefore, no matter whether the male protagonist in the small world is elegant and humble, steady and domineering, or indifferent...Most of the time, the tasker needs to be proactively approached, or even seduced.

  This is the first time. I haven't had any emotional preparation yet. I encountered a male protagonist who actively forced people and did lewd things in public...

The target of is the well-known old-fashioned critic.

  This is simply forcing the "wolf in sheep's clothing" to eat meat, which is outrageous.

  However, its heartfelt voice i
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