Chapter 183

The same sentence, even the expressions are not bad, but in different situations and facing different people, the meaning can be very different.

  Liu Yu was surprised. This was the first time that Su Nian actually greeted him.

He has seen Zhou Ziming take good care of the man in front of him. To tell the truth, he doesn't quite understand it.

On appearance, not a peerless beauty, on personality, if you look at her more, you will receive trembling feedback. It is really good. No countertops.

At this time, watching from a close range, the girl's head hanging down slightly lifted up, and the corners of her crimson eyes still felt a bit of tenderness and charm.

While saying hello, she put the fruit plate in her hand properly in front of him. Kind of trembling to please others.

  The most interesting thing is that her empty hand clenched into a fist, seeming to be pumping up in secret.

Maybe this greeting is too rare, or maybe Su Nian's actions are funny and inspirational. Liu Yu ga
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