Chapter 185

Even people who are pure-hearted and low-spirited can be stimulated by the scenes described by Su Nian. What's more, the land area is normal, no, it should be said that the land area is extraordinary.

  Although both the master and the sub-personality have shown super endurance, it does not mean that tenfold lust does not exist. Especially the sub-personality, every time it appears, the data is burst, like a walking volcano.

  While worrying about how Su Nian should end up in 008, a deep voice sounded in her ears: "Then now, which one is it?"

   Of course, the little nanny publicly seduced the male host to force it~~

   But obviously, today's share of shame has far exceeded the tolerance of the little nanny.

  Su Nian's face was red, and she pressed against the man softly, tweaking her speechless, sore wrists, trying to let the people under her vent in this way.

But even if Lu Yu could bear it, the giant under him could no longer bear it. The cold fingers drew across Su Nian's bo
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