Chapter 111


"Where do you think you’re going?" Katarina’s voice reached my ears as I was about to step out of the packhouse. She must have descended the stairs and caught my scent.

I spun around, a wide grin on my face as I looked at my sister, who was approaching with her eyebrows hiked up as she looked at me from head to toe.

"Are you wearing a perfume?" She asked.

"Does it smell bad?" I answered almost immediately.

"No. It actually smells nice but… just wondering why?"

I couldn’t blame her for her curiosity. Werewolves emit scents that are simply attractive to other wolves, and a special scent just for their mate, so there was simply no need to shower in perfume. Unless, of course, your mate happens to be human and would not be able to scent your special scent.

"Oh Goddess, did you brush up your hair and clean your face too?" Katarina came forward and cupped my face. "Darvin, are you okay?"

I chuckled as I held her palms and withdrew them from my cheeks. "Do I look good?"
Cassandra M

Dear Lovelies, Darvin’s story will be paused at this point and will continue in Beta Dominic’s story. As much as I just wanted to put it all here, this book belongs to Riley and Nadia, and I didn’t want to take the limelight away from them. So I’m asking for your patience, lovelies. We might need to wait a while, but the Dominic-Sofia and Darvin-Celeste stories will be worth the wait. I promised that. ♡

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goodnovel comment avatar
eeeeek can't wait x
goodnovel comment avatar
Melody Cawthra
I’m loving the introduction of other stories, but I agree, this is Nadia & Riley’s story & I want to see their happy ending :)
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Nan kcl
I can't wait for Darvin's story and i hope Titan wouldn't have to die.

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