Chapter 112

The Luna Ceremony.


My union ceremony with Riley as well as my Luna Ceremony just ended an hour ago. The ballroom was now buzzing with guests from almost all the packs that we had an alliance with. Some of the Lunas I had met, but there were new faces as well.

But most importantly, Katarina was here. With her very own Alpha. I watched with happiness overwhelming my heart as my best friend danced gracefully in the arms of the man she wanted and, eventually, the one she ended up with. She had a tough ride, but she made it through. If there was anyone who deserved happiness, it was the female who stood up for me all these years. The only female who made me feel important even when I had nothing to offer her back.

"They looked good together…" Riley’s warm and comforting breath fanned through over my neck as he brushed his lips against my skin, bringing tingles and sparks that only he could give me. His arm coiled around my body as I turned around and snuggled into him while my a
Cassandra M

For those who are interested, Alpha Aeon's story will be the next book, featuring Katarina, Alexa, and Alpha Lucas. And the conclusion to the war against Achilles.  Thank you for your overwhelming support for this book. I know Riley and you, my readers, didn't have a good start, and it warms my heart how well-loved he is right now. It made me feel that I'd done my part well. Thank you! ♡ Thank you for all the GEMS and comments! See you tomorrow as we conclude Riley and Nadia's love story.  ♡

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Hold up!! So they still didn’t kill the Rouge Alpha
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Jennifer Irwin Staggs Hammons
But was Sophia his fated mate?!
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When I was reading the Epilogue of “In the Arms of My Alpha”, I was wondering why Beta Dominic & Gamma Sebastian were not mentioned or around while Caspian & Jacob’s people were there building a track race for their pups. This explains why. I appreciate the consistency of the story.

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