91. Spilt Coffee


I returned home, hearing Winona and Corrado in the lounge and although I was tempted to go greet him, I knew she wasn’t comfortable around me alone. I had messed that up and I really have no idea why I did what I did.

Fuck, I screwed up big time and why did I even think she’d be interested? I was sixty; she was twenty-six, that’s a big gap. Sighing heavily, I headed to the kitchen to make myself a mug of coffee.

The trial from earlier was still fresh in my mind. Eric’s reaction was extremely worrying… Of course, I understand the compassion killing, rather than having someone who hates him pull the bullet. Eric himself did it to make it easier for his brother. For Emmet to know that those he hates weren’t the ones who killed him, would make it easier for him to go… but I didn’t think Eric was the type to ever be able to kill anyone, let alone his brother.

There was no hesitation in him, not even a tremor to his wrist… His heartbeat was fast, but that was it. I ran my fingers thr
Moonlight Muse

Thank you for reading! Hehe what is Sky....

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Therese Paulsson
I love sky please write a story about sky eventually when you got time. im afraid eric is the one working with emmet but I hope not.
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Francis M Torres
Yessss.... the girls are back. I can’t wait to hear about them now that they are older. Hope all is well Muse, as usual you are the BEST at this shit *wink*
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Megan Smith
omg is she the next Lycan?! hehe so exciting!!!

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