A Ruling Passion: Mr Tremont's Priceless Little Bride

A Ruling Passion: Mr Tremont's Priceless Little Bride

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A plane crash had orphaned her... he too, shared the exact same fate. However, his misfortune was all her father’s doing.She was at the young age of eight when he, who was ten years older, brought her to the Tremont Estate. She thought this kind gesture came from the good will of his heart. Little did she know, it was for retribution.For ten years, she had always thought that he hated her. He was gentle and benevolent to the world, but never towards her…He forbade her from calling him ‘brother’. She could only call him by his name - Mark Tremont, Mark Tremont, over and over again till it was ingrained deeply in her head...

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Chapter 1 Grown Up
“Wow, he’s back. He immediately made huge donations to the prominent art schools in the capital too. It’s great being rich, isn’t it!”“I’ve heard that he’s our alumni, having graduated from the Southline University. That explains his generous donations. Plus, he’s the richest man in the city after all. More importantly, he’s so charming… practically the whole nation’s ideal man - rich, handsome, and down to earth. There’s no one else like him in this world!”The entirety of Southline University Art Institute was engrossed with news regarding Mark Tremont’s return, except for Arianne Wynn who stood out like a sore thumb.Seated at the stairway, she was munching on a stale bun which had long lost its warmth. Downing the otherwise hard to swallow baked good with just plain water felt equally as cold as the winter season.Mark Tremont. He’s back again after three years…“Ari, why are you eating buns again? Come on, I’ll buy you a good meal!”Tiffany Lane plopped herself down carelessly be
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Chapter 2 Deeply Rooted
Arianne was too scared to resist. This had happened countless times in the past.“Sir, it’s meal time.”Butler Henry’s voice rang from outside the room, sounding like a savior that had just come from the heavens to rescue Arianne.Butler Henry had served the Tremonts for decades and had watched Mark Tremont grow up, thus Butler Henry carried some significance to the latter.“I see,” Mark Tremont replied casually.Arianne Wynn opened the door immediately, fleeing for her life. Mark’s words still echoing in her mind.“You’re turning eighteen in another half of a month?”His question shattered the peace within her. She was well aware of what turning eighteen meant.Mark Tremont left the house after the meal, giving Arianne a sense of relief as she drifted to sleep on the small bed in the storeroom. She had lived here in the storeroom for ten years. To a certain extent, the Tremont Estate was her second ‘home’.Her slumber tonight was not in repose. She asked her father repeatedly in her d
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Chapter 3 Who’s That?
Two minutes later, Mark Tremont’s car drove away. Arianne released a breath that she was unaware of holding, wondering what he was doing when the car was stationary.“Sir… It’s snowing. Are you really not letting miss in the car? Should we wait a bit more? Or shall I call her?” The driver, Brian Pearce, was rather worried.“Busybody...” Mark Tremont looked at the delicate silhouette from the rearview mirror, feeling inexplicably annoyed. He waited for two minutes and had given her the chance.When Arianne arrived at school, Tiffany Lane was baffled by her soaked state.“What do you think you’re doing? Did you cycle here in the snow? Are you crazy? Come on, breakfast is still warm. Eat up quickly!”Arianne accepted the milk and bun that Tiffany passed her with a smile, a dash of red appeared from her cracked lips.Tiffany sucked in a deep breath. “Do your parents not care about you? They don’t worry about your meals or clothes and aren’t concerned about you attending art school. Did the
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Chapter 4 Come To My Room Tonight
The dean beside him grinned. “Mr. Tremont, are you referring to… Will Sivan? You’ve probably heard of him, one of the three young masters of the Sivan family. He’s in his junior year now. The three of them are usually together.”“Next time, I don’t want to see him again at Southline University. No, in the whole capital,” Mark Tremont said emotionlessly as he turned to leave.A few steps later, he halted. “And I’ll fully sponsor Arianne Wynn, anonymously.”The dean bowed his head quickly.“Of course, of course. Have a good day.”…After classes, Arianne Wynn dragged her lethargic self as she pushed her bicycle to the campus gate, standing to wait for Will Sivan to return his scarf.“Ari, are you waiting for Will? He went home at noon, he said he has some family matters.”Tiffany Lane walked to her and took out a small bag from her purse.“Here you go, cold medicine, he asked me to give you this. Medication for fevers is also inside. Remember to take it.”Arianne looked at the bag of med
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Chapter 5 Wait For Me
A pair of arms surrounded her suddenly and pulled her back. Arianne could almost feel the dampness from his fresh shower and smelt the fragrance of body wash.Her hands supported herself on his chest, unknowingly they were shaking.The arms that were wrapped around her waist let go abruptly.“Get lost.”For some reason, his voice was a little raspy. Arianne had no idea how she had upset him again so she scurried off at once.It was when she returned to the storeroom that she had regrets. She had forgotten to ask him about Will Sivan. Recalling what happened just now, however, the courage to seek him again slipped away from her.When morning came the next day, Mary came into the storeroom with a glass of water.“C’mon, Ari. Here’s some cold medicine.”Arianne Wynn was puzzled. Mary did not know she caught a cold. Furthermore, how would Mary dare give her medication without Mark Tremont’s permission?As if dismissing Arianne’s doubt, Mary sat down on the edge of her bed with a smile.“Si
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Chapter 6 Hand In Hand, With You I Shall Grow Old
There was a fleeting moment when Arianne saw Will’s shadow behind Tiffany. The three of them knew each other so well that Tiffany Lane had his tone and expression down impeccably.Arianne’s heart skipped a beat. Her lips parted open, not sure of how to reply.Tiffany waved at her with a grin.“Alright, my mission is done. Whatever you have to say, tell Will yourself! Take care on your way home, see you tomorrow!”She got into her car and left afterward, leaving Arianne stunned on the spot for a long time, what Tiffany had said just now kept replaying in her mind…When Arianne arrived at the Tremont Estate, it had already past eight o’clock at night. She carefully opened the gift box to see that Tiffany had bought her a necklace, while Will had given her a bracelet. In Will’s gift box there was a note which wrote ‘Hand in hand, with you I shall grow old’.Blushing, Arianne hid the gifts in a cardboard box under her bed. Mark Tremont would never agree to the presence of such things, so s
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Chapter 7 Give Me A Hand
Arianne Wynn’s eyes widened in trepidation. It was only then that she realized that before she came, he had consumed a fair amount of liquor. The small sip just now could not sum up to the scent of alcohol wading from him right now.Mark Tremont’s kiss was commanding and predatory, swallowing Arianne’s breath bit by bit. When she was about to struggle for air, he finally pulled away.“The dinner is getting cold!” Arianne cried out in panic.Mark Tremont was a different person when he was drunk, compared to when he was sober. When he drank, he gradually let his true self out, but while sober he was everyone’s gentleman.Arianne was well aware of this. She was terrified and trembling, while the message Will Sivan entrusted to Tiffany Lane kept looping in her mind – ‘I like you. Wait for my return. You’ve got to wait for me.’Mark Tremont pushed her down onto the large bed behind her.“Two more hours. What a waste to spend it on dinner.”He was facing away from the light. Arianne was unab
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Chapter 8 Someone Who Left You With The Strongest Impression
Arianne’s hand flew up to her neck, wearing a frown. She vaguely remembered that Mark Tremont had kissed her there, he must have left a mark.Unlike Arianne’s flustered state, Mary was delighted.“Ari, just be with sir if he really likes you. You’ll have your favorite buttered bread for life and he’s good looking too. I don’t think there’s anything you’d disapprove of, seeming you’ve spent ten years with him after all.”Arianne shied away from discussing the topic as she cut Mary off. “Mama Mary, I’m gonna be late for class. Bye!”She fled out of the door as if she was running for her life.Become Mark Tremont’s other half? If she was bored to death, sure.When Arianne got to school, Tiffany Lane scooted to her and toyed with her scarf.“Babe, what unique taste you’ve got there. Why does it feel so 70’s? But Ari always looks the best anyway. You look good, maybe even better if you wore a janitor’s uniform. Especially with your eyes, take a look at them… ah! You’re so captivating…”Her
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Chapter 9 Mark Tremont Is Back
When they submitted the assignment, the tutor wore a deriding smirk looking at her drawing.“You drew Mark Tremont huh? You usually act reserved, but now it seems that you’re just like most girls. A few of them drew him as well but yours is the best. You have a photo? Share it.”The tutor was a woman nearing her thirties. Unmarried, ill-tempered, and infatuated with Mark Tremont, she babbled about him with the other students every day.Arianne Wynn shook her head. “I don’t have a photo…”The tutor’s face fell.“But you drew him so well? All based on imagination? Have you met him in person? Be a good sport, show me the photo. Your drawing… it looks like he’s just sitting around at home? The internet doesn’t have photos like this. Where did you get it from?”Tiffany Lane could no longer hold herself back.“What’s the fuss now? She’s said that she’s got no photo, that’s it. Her drawing skills have always been great, don’t you know your own students?”Faced against students of significant
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Chapter 10 Sleep Upstairs
Arianne Wynn had pins and needles at once. Was he no longer on a business trip? Why was he suddenly back? Fear emerged from within. In hindsight, luckily she did not go ice-skating with Tiffany. She was only unfortunate that her bicycle chain popped off…Heading to the bathroom, Arianne felt uneasy when she showered, knowing that he would surely look for her.She caught a lean shadow on the couch from the corner of her eyes when she came out of the bathroom and passed by the living room.He was wearing light grey loungewear, looking more casual than in his usual full suit attire, as it made him look less icy. – Except his eyes were still distant when he looked up at Arianne.“Come over here.”Letting her head hang down, Arianne moved to stand straight beside him.“You’re back.”“…Cold?” He had wanted to question why she was home late, but his query became one singular word when he saw the cracked wound on her hand.Slightly dumbfounded, Arianne dared not look at him. “Um… It’s fine…”M
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