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"Five years and that's all you have to say to me?" he asked. Standing so close she could taste his breath. She wanted to move away from him. But she didn't want him to know just how much he affected her. So she stood right there. She wasn't going to let him intimidate her. "Well... Is there anything else you want me to say?" she asked The side of his mouth moved upwards. He was smiling? Why the hell was he smiling like that? She thought. She didn't remember saying anything funny. "You left... Kitty" he said. "I asked you to stay... Begged you to stay... And you left anyways.. With him. And now you come back... Acting like everything is okay between us...?" There was something about him... She thought. Something about the way he called her 'Kitty' that made her heart flip. "You shouldn't have gone with him". He said. "Oh really? Why not? Because you didn't want me to?" she asked. She was starting to get angry. "Yeah that's right" he replied. "And because of what you felt for me -what we felt for each other. When I came near you, you felt an excitement so intense that you ceased to breathe --like you are feeling right now. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you. And that should have been enough to make you stay" -------------------- Katherine Kavell has been in love with Jensen Packard ever since she was a teenager... And all she had ever wanted was for him to see her as more than his best friend's sister.Only he never did. So she decided to leave. But when she returns five years later with her son, Jensen Packard knows that he can't let her go for the second time.

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Chapter One
Jensen Packard opened the door to his house and stepped in.He dumped his phone and keys to the table. He removed his suit and dumped that on the nearest chair. Then he walked to the bar... Taking a bottle of red wine and a glass. Then he went back to the sitting room and dumped those on the table as well.He walked to the kitchen. He headed straight for the refrigerator, took out a carton of juice and lifted it to his lips. He drank half of it, then stuck it back inside.He went to the back door. Through the windowpane, he looked out into the dark night and after a moment heard a flurry of movement outside, followed by a frantic scratching at the woodwork."Rufus" He pulled the door open, and a large gray dog burst into the kitchen on a blast of cold air."Hey buddy" he said. "I missed you too"Jensen reached down to pat him the dog on it's head. "You have awful breath, do you know
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Chapter Two
She walked towards him. Taking him by the hand and they both walked back to his bedroom. She would have preferred to carry him. But lately he had been letting her know he wasn't a little boy anymore. He wanted to be treated like a big boy that he was. Katherine smiled as she thought of it. He was one of the reasons she was moving. He loved Jonathan and he was always sad everytime Jon visited them and had to go back. His excitement when she told him they were moving was so great. She couldn't bear to disappoint him now. So they were moving. Five years later. Back to her hometown. Back to Jensen Packard. She wasn't going to like this. Of course she wanted to get closer to her brother too. He was the closest thing Tim had to a father right now. And she knew Tim needed one. She wanted Tim to have one. The problem was Jensen Packard. She wasn't sure about seeing him again. And judging from the way he igno
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Chapter Three
The message read:Hi Jensen,I know this is out of the blue so…surprise! It's been a while, huh? I know... Guess we have both been really busy. Anyway, Jon told me you are opening a brand new building back at home. Congrats on all your awesome accomplishments, by the way.It is actually the reason why I am texting you right now, but I don't think we should discuss this in a text or on the phone for that matter. That is why I would love for us to meet next week and discuss this in person.You pick any day you will be free and I will be there. I do hope I hear from you soon.Best, Katherine Kavell.Jensen frowned. Memories he had fought so hard to surpres rushing back at him. Anger blazed in his chest. Singeing. Devastating. He had to hand it to her. He thought. The woman had a lot of fucking nerve.So this was how she was going to play it? No '
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Chapter Four
She was such a pain in the ass. He was Seventeen... And she was Thirteen. Jensen discovered that she had an annoying habit of popping up at the worst possible moment. Really embarrassing moments. Like when he was at the back of his house drinking one of his dad's beer. Or when he was making out with some girl behind the old well. One time he chased her, all the way to her house. He was determined to teach a lesson... Teach her not to mess with him. But when he caught her, he just couldn't. He let her go. Then watched as she tried to dust the sand off her clothes. Her face red. He smiled. "Kitty Kat" he said. She answered by calling him a dork. One time she stole a pack of cigarettes from him and broke them all in two. He wasn't even smoking them, he just carried them around to look cool. He didn't know what to do with her. Baca selengkapnya
Chapter Five
He was Twenty five and she was twenty one. He was going on some errand for his grandfather or something —he couldn't remember what it was. Because the moment he saw her walk down the beach toward the dock he had forgotten what he was supposed to be doing. He was hidden in a group of trees. Oh yes —he remembered now —he was cutting wood from a tree that had fallen when he heard the hinges squeak and a screen door slam. He cast a quick glance toward the house where a girl in bright blue bikini came down the front porch steps and crossed the lawn. He leaned a shoulder against a tree and just watched her. She had a great body. He had thought. Then he recognized her face. He couldn't believe it. It was Katherine Kavell—kitty Kat. He stared at her, his mouth open. Gone was the awkward teen who wore too much make up and followed him everywher
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Chapter Six
He hadn't moved, only watched her. He said nothing until she finally glanced up at him. He gave her a long look she would have to be blind not to understand.And she got it. Her face flushed and she looked down quickly, rubbing the hell out of her her legs so she missed the grin he had to bite to hide. She straightened then, still holding the towel. She raised her chin a little, defiant and challenging, the Kitty Kat he remembered. He smiled.A moment passed. A minute or two. Neither said anything. They just stood on the dock and looked at each other under the warm and unpredictable sunshine. He felt like a thirsty man staring at an icy cold beer.She returned his look, then whispered his name in that raspy grown up voice he felt go all the way through him."Jensen" she said softly.Just Jensen — his name was all she said.And he was lost."Hey Kitty —" he said.
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Chapter Seven
They swam on the cove where the water was shallow and warm enough to enjoy. One time they hung out in a sailboat's small cabin, laughing at the weather and eating a Lunch of egg salad sandwiches and barbecued potato chips she had brought along. Years later, he couldn't eat barbecued potatoe chips without thinking of that day —without thinking about her. They spent so much time together. They talked about everything. About school. About poetry. About music and movies they loved. They talked about life and death and dreams. One day they went to their childhood favorite place. The place where she had seen him cry. The place that had become their favorite spot. They stayed out there till late in the evening, and when they decided to go back, on their way he pinned her against a tree and did the one thing he had wanted to do since he saw her again on that beach. He pinned get against a tree and kissed the hell out of he
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Chapter Eight
He tried not to let out bother him much. Till Jonathan had told him she planned to move away for good — with Mitch. What the hell? He couldn't let her do that. Even if she was doing a damn good job of hiding it he knew she still had a thing for him. He saw it in her eyes whenever he saw her, the sharp intake of her breath whenever he was close to her, with the way she did everything possible to avoid him. He couldn't let her go. He forgot about his decision to respect her wish and he went after her. And so he told her. The night before she left. Told her he wanted her to stay....Begged her to stay. She didn't want to listen. She said Mitch cared about her and she was going to try to make it work between them. In his opinion Mitch didn't care about her like he did. Mitch didn't deserve her. And he told her that. Telling her that hadn't helped matters. Be
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Chapter Nine
One day, Eight hours and…six minutes. That was how long the text had been sitting in Jensen's inbox. He detested that he was reduced to even knowing how long it had parked itself in his consciousness, taunting him with it's presence. Taunting him with that gut twisting mix of hope and bitterness he thought he was finally rid of. He detested the fact that it had taken just one text from her to reduce him to this. He hated that she still had that effect on him. After five damn years. How he wished it were one of those mundane work texts or emails he had become so adept at passing to his assistant to deal with. Then, from a safe distance, it would have been so easy to tell her to handle it. Or, better yet, delete it. But here it was. Not handled. Not deleted. And about as far from mundane as it could get. Not when he had already read
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Chapter Ten
Jensen was torn between grinning at her sheer nerve and cussing at her unsubtle hints that his response was in any way defective.Okay. So maybe he was a little rude. He could admit that, but It wasn't like she didn't deserve it. He thought.But even at that, his gaze remained riveted on a particular line: I'm moving back into town in a few days.…She was coming back. So even if he didn't meet with her. He was definetly going to see her again. And that was something he wasn't sure he wanted to do.He sighed."Damn you, Kat" he muttered. "Damn you".----------------------------------Katherine realized that she was boxing up the kitchen stuff with a little more force than required.She stopped, and took a deep breath. It wasn't her fault. No one could blame her. Jensen and his stupid attitude was capable of making anyone lose it.The
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