The Huring Yakap

The Huring Yakap

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Bahasa: Bahasa_indonesia
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Huang Lalin had to get into trouble again when she just set foot on campus. she and his third eye were a big problem, she couldn't control them alone. Many spirits began to approach her for help because they died in an unusual way. However, can Lalin and her two friends investigate this case by case. Would there be a bigger problem than spirits asking them for help?

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 I had just entered the campus environment when all prospective new students entered a long and vast field. I felt torn between sadness and pity whenever I saw some prospective students running fast as if I would not be alive after being punished by the head chancellor or by a new student advisor like me  I was a prospective in an old university in the Gwanak-gu area. A university that is the target of all students because the university I chose is the best and has the best ranking in Korea. Even from the sixty thousand prospective students and students who apply, there is only a one per cent chance of being accepted by Seoul National University.  It was a fortune for transfer students like me and Han Guangjun to be accepted there thanks to a Taekwondo martial arts champion’s charter last year in Busan.        “Hey, you! Are you a new college student?”      I turned around when I heard
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1. Terror
CRANGG!    Our hearts literally almost shot out when suddenly the painting that was displayed in front of us fell over, causing the expensive frame to shatter into pieces and scatter on the floor. Hyunseon began to grip my hand tightly in fear, while Guangjun was still trying to appear manly despite the cold sweat running down his face.   In the midst of his fear, Han Guangjun was still trying to look like an authoritative man who wanted to protect both of us. I didn't know what was stalking us all in the room, I was just a little worried that this would endanger the lives of both Guangjun and Hyunseon.   "What ghost are we really dealing with, Lalin?" whispered Guangjun later.    "I don't know," I replied.    "Are you kidding me? You can see it, come on ... just tell me what you saw," Hyunseon grumbled.    "I'm not kidding one bit, I don't see that
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2. She's Approaching Me
“You’re from outside Korea, right?” asked the senior. Who only stared at him like a strange, reclusive immigrant.   Guangjun smiled. “We’re from Tiongkok, but our language is no less good than yours.”    “Right. You don’t look like an immigrant ... um ... but, why did you break the frame of the painting?” The senior asked again.   “Don’t you know that the immoral things you do in class will be seen by surveillance cameras?” said a senior named Ten.   Guangjun swallowed his saliva, as did Hyunseon, who was standing behind me, who looked indifferent to the two unskilled seniors.   “We didn’t break the painting, we were just trapped there,” I replied.   “How did you get trapped there? You locked the door from the inside,” Senior Ten snorted.   “We’re not kidding,” I replied again.     “UmBaca selengkapnya
3. The Female Ghost Is Chasing Me
Approaching eight o'clock in the evening Hyunseon just put a few bowls of ramyeon on the table, Guangjun and Me only nodded slowly when they saw it while preparing their plates.   “I just put the teoppoki, want to wait or eat ramyeon right now?” asked Hyunseon then.   “I'll just eat ramyeon first, wait a long time,” said Guangjun immediately took his chopsticks to eat the ramyeon which was still steaming hot smoke.   Then i took the chopsticks. “Eat your dinner first ... turn off the stove, we study all day and only eat bread for breakfast. Tomorrow I will work even harder and we will be able to stock more decent food than this.”   “We can work part time together, after all we are both overseas kid who are far from their parents.” Guangjun replied.   "Eum ... but, if we work here the pay will be lower,” I replied. &nbs
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4. The Strange Man
I got up and got into the brown bus, I reached into some bills and put them into the payment machine. I wanted to go to the Han River and throw myself into the river, not wanting to see a world that was getting more and more chaotic.  I woke up when I felt I fell out of my bed, I realized I was still in my room. Trembling I tried to get up and look around but, I found no meaning I was pensive. Imagining what would happen to Kim Sae Hee after none of the male rapists wanted to take responsibility for the baby in Kim Sae Hee's womb. Feeling nervous, I returned to meet Guangjun and Hyunseon who were still excited about playing the playstation. “What happened? Why are you looking so rushed and a little pale?” Hyunseon glanced at me quickly.  “I know a little about the ghost that disturbed us this morning,” replied me immediately sitting between Guangjun and Hyunseon. “Did you see it?” Guangjun asked curiously. “I met hers
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5. Fighting With Jiyoon
“Have you got the evidence?” asked Hyunseon as she handed a few slices of pizza to the table.   “No, I don't know who we should look for now,” Lalin replied later.   “But, are you absolutely sure that Kim Sae Hee died because of those three savage women?” asked Guangjun again.   “Yes, I am very sure. Because the clue is only that,” I replied, “Anyway, we've to help her solve this case again.”   “That's right. Even if in this world we are like trash, there must be a little good we do," Guangjun replied.   “Then, what are we going to do after this? We don't know who Kim Jiyoon and Ko Baekyun are.” Hyunseon spoke up later.   While we were still enjoying our pizza, there was a commotion from the far end of the cafeteria. Guangjun immediately stood up, seeing what was really going on there. They saw some people fighting on the other end of the cafetaria. &
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6. Being Scolded By a Strange Man
“This is a campus, not a battle arena. If you all want to fight, just fight outside the campus area! Especially for you, Ko Baekyun.” Taeyong said with a disapproving face.   Ko Baekyun took a deep breath. “You don't blame me! It's these three snots that you should blame!”   “Ko Baekyun, I should be the one saying that you are wrong! You’re a rapist as well as a murderer,” I said.   “Damn girl, who do you think you are, huh? How dare you call me a rapist!” Ko Baekyun objected.   “That's true, right? I know that but, most of the residents of this famous campus don't know the real cause of Kim Sae Hee's death,” I concluded in a high pitched voice.   Ko Baekyun was about to stand up to me but Guangjun was also more agile in pushing Ko Baekyun’s body back. There would have been another fight in the counseling room if some seniors didn’t stop it.   “I invite you t
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7. Investigation of The Case
“What the hell? It’s not our fault!” Said Guangjun.       “It’s obvious the mop’s water was spilled because of you,” said Jiyoon.       “Hell! You better go out, come just make a mess!” Shout Guangjun.       Jiyoon wants to reply to Guangjun’s words, but it’s too late because a strange man with red hair came into the toilet to check. The man frowned in surprise, glanced at Jiyoon and her friends.       “Didn’t I ask you guys to clean the toilet in 3rd floor? Why did you guys come here too?” Asked Taeyong.       “They want to beat us. Of course, because we complained to you,” Guangjun answered quickly.       Jiyoon gritted her teeth in annoyance however, she didn’t dare to answer Guangjun’s statement. Taeyo
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8. Kim Sae Hee's Diary And Some Unspoken Lies
"Where do you want to go?"         We were shocked and almost ran to immediately open the door when we heard someone's voice asking from behind. However, after the three of us turned around and saw a security guard in guard clothes shining a flashlight at us, we could breathe a sigh of relief.          "Where do you want to go?" Asked the security guard for the second time.         Guangjun cleared his throat. "We want to go to class, sir."         "Where is your class?" Asked the security guard suspiciously.          "Our class is on the second floor. We are art faculty," Hyunseon answered again.        &nb
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9. The Truth Untold
The yellowish-colored books were laid out in front of the three of us, the rows of handwriting with the sides leaning more to the right were quite beautiful. The handwriting with Korean characters already looks biased because it has been buried in a humid room for too long. With spelling I read the prefix of the first sentence on the first page of the book, and instantly realized that it was a diary.   “Does this belong to the ghost, if it really is the diary of the ghost why is this book behind the tiles and in a room like this?” Asked Hyunseon.   “Of course… that this diary was hidden by Jiyoon and Baekyun” I answered quickly.   “That makes sense,” Guangjun said then immediately folded the diary then took the polaroid camera that Hyunseon brought to take pictures.   “What would you do?” asked Hyunseon.   “I'd like to photograph this tile for evidence, ‘cause we got no other evi
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