Will Always Be You

Will Always Be You

Oleh:  Pseudovee  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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He has never fallen in love. He is always cold and arrogant. She's never fallen in love. She just wants a job What happens when she comes to his office looking for a job, will he let her go?

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Chapter One: Job Interview
RingRingRingOn the seventh floor of the Eastside apartments, in a small apartment consisting of a living room, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, Cindy George was woken up by the ringing of her phone alarm at was 6.30 am. It was on a Monday and she had an interview at Black Enterprises at 8.30 and since she needed to doll herself up for the interview, she decided to wake up early. She was known to do her things slowly and perfectly.Dragging her sleepy self to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth, removed her clothes throwing them aside with other dirty clothes in the basket and jumped under the shower letting the warm water wash her body. Her shower gel was mainly strawberry scented and this made a lot of people call her strawberry. Having a quick shower, she walked out of the bathroom with a white towel covering her chest and another tied on her hair. After drying her hair using the towel, she dried her body, walked to the closet and chose herself
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Chapter Two: First Day At Work
Getting up at 6.30 am on Tuesday morning, she did her usual morning routine and decided on a black dress and blue blazer, with a pair of blue heel. Blue is Cindy's favorite colour if you haven't noticed. Today she decide to tie her hair in a ponytail.She walked to her kitchen, warmed up a glass of milk and drank it before grabbing her bag and car keys before walking out. Today was her first day at work and she didn't want to make a bad impression.On arriving at the company, she greeted Mrs Crawford who gave her directions to the HR department for formalities and her work barge before making way to her boss's office. She glanced at the secretary and said, "Good morning Miss Taylor." The secretary didn't reply and continued doing her make-up. Cindy wondered if she had nothing to do apart form doing her make-up.Knocking on her boss's door, she pushed the door after hearing a come in from inside and walked in. Today her boss was wearing a black suit with a black shi
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Chapter Three: Calm Before The Storm
Cindy woke up with a pounding head. She looked at the familiar surroundings and sighed in relief after realizing that she's in her bedroom. Her eyes moved to the bedside table and she saw a glass of water and Advil on it. She took the tablet before remembering what happened.She galnced at her phone and it was 7.15 am, 'how is it possible that my alarm didn't wake me up today, am so dead.' Her boss didn't like people being late.When she realized how much she had drunk the other day, she felt like an idiot. She had drunk wine before but her brother wod never allow her have that much. She remembered falling asleep in Jonathan's car, but how did she get in bed.She removed the quilt and realized she was in a buggy t-shirt. 'Does that mean Mr Black changed my dress?' she suddenly blushed at the thought of Jonathan changing her dress. She went to the bathroom to take a shower and when she never felt any kind of discomfort down there, she was relieved and disappointed.&
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Chapter Four: Ignoring Him
When Thursday came, Cindy got up as usual and after preparing herself, she had breakfast and headed out to work. She found that her boss was already waiting for her downstairs. She felt happy seeing him again but decided to ignore her happiness and put on a nonchalant attitude.She got inside the car and was greeted by him, "Good morning Cindy." "Good morning too Mr Black," she replied without any motions detected from her voice.Jonathan realized that Cindy was still holding on yesterday's matter but who was to blame? He really wanted to explain to her what happened. He said, "Cindy look, about yes..." Before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off by her. "Mr Black here's your schedule for today, you have a meeting at 9.00am with the directors, lunch with a client at 12 pm, at 2.30 pm you have a doctor's appointment at the City Hospital," Cindy interrupted him with his schedule.During the whole ride to the company, whenever he wanted
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Chapter Five: Taking her home with him
Jonathan's date was nothing but awful. The lady was a spoilt brat, Crystal James. Throughout the date, Jonathan couldn't help but compare her and Cindy. She was beautiful but not as beautiful as his princess. Cindy also had nice curves than her."Jonathan, this was amazing. I hope we can do this again," Crystal told him. She was clearly infatuated by him."That won't be necessary Miss James, I only came here because my mother wanted me to," he replied as a matter of fact."Come on Jonathan, I know this was fun for you too. Why are you denying it?" Crystal James asked while battling her fake eye lashes which Jonathan couldn't find more than disgusting. He liked Cindy's natural looks.Jonathan stood up and said to her, " I hope I won't see you again Miss James," and he walked out on her.Crystal James was surprised when Jonathan didn't even look back at her. 'What's wrong with man's eyes?' she couldn't help but ask herself. She was used to men wanting her
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Chapter Six: Breakfast with Him
Early morning the following day, Cindy was the first person to wake up. She opened her eyes and adjusted to the morning light before her eyes met the unfamiliar room. She almost jumped of the bed due to shock but realized something heavy on her waist.She looked down and found a hand holding her down. She looked to her side and was met with the handsome face of the man who's been haunting her mind. 'What a beautiful sight early in the morning,' she thought as she looked at his face.'F**k! Why am I appreciating his face yet I don't know how I reached here?'Come on Cindy, we both know you like his handsome face.'That is not the case right now, okay?' she snapped back at her subconsciousWhateverAfter shutting her subconscious, she lifted off the covers and realized she was in a man's t-shirt which meant Jonathan had changed her clothes, again.She tried remembering what happened last night and that's when a train of memories of
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Smells delicious
Cindy woke up at noon and found herself sleeping in Jonathan's room. She figured he might have carried her to the room since she could remember falling asleep while watching TV in the living room. She got off the bed and decided to look for something to eat since she was hungry.When she went downstairs and didn't see Jonathan, she looked in the kitchen and only found some snacks which weren't enough to fill her hunger. Deciding to make lunch, she prepared the ingredients and got busy cooking. Her cooking skills weren't bad since she had been used to living alone and making her own food. Whenever she didn't feel like cooking, she would order take out or eat out. She believed her cooking skills were rather impressive.She had woken up in the morning and found breakfast ready so she wanted to make lunch for her and her boss whom she had guessed might be in the study working.She was thinking of calling him to eat after she had finished cooking.Jona
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Chapter Eight; Come on, Spill it
On Sunday as usual, Cindy woke up early in the morning to do laundry and thorough house cleaning. She was planning to go buy groceries for the next week since she didn't like shopping whenever she had work.When she came back from the grocery store, she found Violet waiting for her at her doorstep."Hey Cin, hope you're doing okay?" Violet spoke up immediately she saw Cindy walk from the elevator. The last she saw her friend was at the club after being dragged out of the club by their boss."Hey V, I'm doing okay. What are you doing here?" Cindy greeted her friend back as she opened the door as she ushered her in."Well, I'm bored. I wanted us to go shopping. You're not busy are you? Violet didn't seem like asking for her opinion, she seemed to have rather decided everything.Cindy chuckled at her friend as she walked towards the kitchen to keep her groceries with Violet following behind her."Since I'm your good friend, I'll not disappoint you,'
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Chapter Nine: Please don't reject my son
On Monday started as usual. Cindy had on a pink fitting skirt, a white blouse and a pair of black heels on her feet and matched it with a pink sling bag. She decided to let her long black hair loose. She looked stunning in the morning.When she reached downstairs, she found her boss already waiting for her in his car. She got inside the car and greeted him with a smile, "Good morning, boos."Jonathan was mesmerized by her looks. She always looked beautiful on every occasion, be it office wear or casual wear. He was wondering how ravishing she would look when they go out for dates or in her wedding dress. He was sure she would be the most beautiful bride he had ever seen. He was surprised at his thoughts, she was not his girlfriend yet or have they shared a mutual kiss yet here he was thinking about her in a wedding dress. He was lost in his thoughts as he looked at her which made Cindy feel self conscious and called out his name.That was when Jonathan
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Chapter Ten: Are you okay?
Jonathan had decided to talk later to Cindy about her talk with his mom.It's not like Jonathan didn't know that his mom didn't love him. He was very much aware of the sacrifices his mom had made to be where he was today. He knew very well that whatever his mom was doing was only for his own good. Over the years when he was growing, he had seen his uncles and aunts make things hard for his mom during family gatherings. Just because his dad was already dead, those people believed that a woman couldn't run the company. He was one time thinking that his mom might just step down from the company but man he was so wrong, his mom had always stood her stand and never let anyone affect her.He knew that his mom loved him only that her way of showing him that was through the strict upbringing that he got. He loved his mom too but couldn't find the confidence to let her mom know about it. It was amusing how he was always confident when facing his business partners or a
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