In Just One Year-The Billionaire's Wife's Unconditional Love

In Just One Year-The Billionaire's Wife's Unconditional Love

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It was all about a year. Just one simple year. They got married because of his Grandmother's wish. He didn't fall for her in that one year but she did. She didn't expect he would still hold on that contract after being married for a whole year but he did. He terminated the contract after a year and told her that it was over without any regret. He had gifted her divorce papers on their first wedding anniversary. He had expected her to throw a tantrum but too bad cause she didn't. Instead she just packed her bags and left just like he had asked her to. Then all of sudden one year later they met again. But she didn't change like those cliche heroines after divorce. She was the same as she was a year ago. Stupid, clumsy and stubborn. He didn't realise what he lost like those cliche ex husbands when he saw her for the first time after a year. But why did it sting watching her talking to some other men so casually? Why did it sting when she didn't look at him with those puppy lovesick eyes anymore? Why did it sting so much when she treated him like other ordinary people? It shouldn't have right? SLOW UPDATE AND UPDATE 3 DAYS PER WEEK. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THIS AND DON'T COMPLAIN LATER:)

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Chapter 1
It was the middle of January and the whole Elora was covered in  thick white snow. Few middle-aged people with their children could be seen roaming on the streets while enjoying the soft white snowfall.    Celeste who was standing by the window sighed looking at the scene in front of her. She wanted to go out and enjoy the snowfall but her grandma didn't allow her since they were expecting so
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Chapter 2
"Are you feeling nervous dear?" Clarissa asked Celeste with a sympathetic smile. She could understand her uneasiness. She too had an arranged marriage with her husband but they fell in love after being engaged to each other for almost a year.  She knew Celeste wasn't habituated with that type of environment. Everything was new for her.   "A bit," Celeste replied with a soft smile on her face. She w
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Chapter 3
Celeste kept tossing and turning around to sleep but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't fall asleep.  Sighing, she kept looking at the white ceiling. She couldn't fathom this situation out no matter how hard she tried. Everything seemed like a blur for her. Just a few days ago she was in the gift shop with her grandma selling gifts and having fun with the tourists but then all of sudden she found herself lying on a bed in a house she never came before while waiting to be married she never knew before. How ironic!   Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 4
After debating with herself for a few moments she decided to ask him.    "Why did you agree to marry me? I mean you could have said no." Finally, Celeste asked the question which was bothering her since the beginning. She looked in Liam's direction for an answer but found him already looking at her. His face was void of any emotion. Not able to keep gazing at his eyes she averted her eyes and looked ahead of her at nothing particular.  

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Chapter 5
Saturday mornings were always best for Celeste. She could relax two days straight without doing anything else. But everything had changed. She started to get up early in the morning to cook breakfast with Tracy and then did other stuff to relieve her boredom. Though she's used to cooking, she wasn't used to this loneliness.   She missed her home and grandma. She missed her grandma's handmade waffles wh
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Chapter 6
Just one chaste kiss on her lips from Liam tied her fate with Liam Rodriguez for a year or the rest of her life she didn't know.   It was past 7 in the evening. Celeste cooked some food for herself as Tracy couldn't come to cook dinner. She had called in the evening saying her husband was sick so she might n
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Chapter 7
The moment his lips touched her she felt like her whole body exploded with fireworks. Sparks flew through her body like waves. For a moment she was dumbfounded. But it wasn't the same case for Liam. The moment she had turned around and her soft body touched his firm one he felt all his self-control flew away. Her lavender scent made him so crazy that he couldn't help lean forward and capture those soft plump lips in his.    Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 8
It was early in the morning, bright golden sunlight was peeking through the slightly ajar curtains.  In the huge room, two bodies were entangled with each other, sleeping peacefully in each other's embrace. It was such a captivating scene!   After a while, Celeste opened her eyes slowly while trying to adjust her eyes to face the bright morning light. She tried to stretch her body to get rid of the
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Chapter 9
It was past eleven when they finally reached Elora, in front of her grandma's house. It took them one and half an hour to reach there. Liam parked the car in front of Marielle's house and before he could say anything Celeste was already out of the car. He saw her running straight into the house. He shook his head and got out of the car. They took the gifts he brought for Celeste's grandma and moved towards the entrance.   Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 10
After eating lunch and chatting with her grandma for a while Celeste proposed to show Liam around before they leave for Toronto. Liam didn't object so they left immediately for sightseeing. They looked around Elora Gorge. It was beautiful. Unlike the summer which brings droves of tourists and sightseers, winter brings out another face of Elora Gorge. There weren't many people around so they had enjoyed the peace and tranquillity.  Though Celeste preferred Elora in summer the most, winter was also her favourite. Everything was covered in thick white snow.  
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