An Untold Fairytale

An Untold Fairytale

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Fairytales are all about fantasy and happy endings but this one doesn't have magic, fairy godmothers, evil stepmothers and stepsisters, evil queens, and poisoned apples. This is an untold fairytale about a sophisticated lady who cares so deeply about reputation and a shameless man who doesn't give a care. Will they be able to have their happy ending like most fairytales?

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 The hallways were eerily quiet as a slim, tall woman walked through and made every student turn their heads just to see her eyes colored like ashes and her natural auburn hair. Miranda was the epitome of beauty itself. Miranda entered a room full of noisy students. They didn't acknowledge her presence until someone made a paper plane and flew it around the room, landing at her forehead. She took the fallen paper plane from the table and all the students were staring at her, anticipating how she'll react. "Good morning class, I am Mrs McElwain's substitute until she comes back from her maternal leave," She calmly said. The students quietly came back to their seats and stared at the auburn-haired woman in front. "I am Miranda Thorne. You may call me Ms Thorne. Now, can someone tell me what your last lesson wa
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Chapter 1
Winter was finally over and the flowers started to bloom again as a sign that spring was coming. Leath Mayfair didn't like spring as everybody does, she preferred the cold breeze of winter touching her pale skin. Spring was definitely not her season, as it is the start of a new school year, new classmates, and new schoolmates that came from Elite families. But looking at the bright side, she's already nineteen years old, the age when an Elite like her graduates from Alexandrite Academy.   "Cheer up, Leath! We're bunkmates this year! This is going to be fun!" Leatrice, her younger sister, said in a loud voice. Leatrice is six years younger than her, both have ebony hair but hers was straight while Leatrice's was curly and bouncy. She sometimes thinks that their hair matches their personality. Leatrice is lively and loud, unlike her who's boring and quiet. Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 2
"Hello, baby,"The whole class was restraining their giggles as they turned their heads from their blue-eyed professor to Leath, but the twins did not. They were the only ones laughing as Leath tried to stop herself from attacking her History Professor. She gave their professor a cold glare before sitting down and stared beyond the window. She has to compose herself before she does something irrational."That's enough entertainment for you, young men and young ladies. I am Hayden Moreau, your History Professor until Summer break," The girls groaned."Why only until Summer break, Sir Moreau? We want you here permanently!" The girl beside Leath said. She wanted to tear her ears off when she heard the sexiest chuckle she ever heard."Even if I'm here permanently, you guys w
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Chapter 3
The spacious cafeteria of Alexandrite Academy was one of the places where the Elites flaunt their influence and achievements. Rather than students normally eating their meals, they were talking about business as if they were at a party, widening their connections and searching for future partners. Leath was no different from those students. Piper was walking by her side, reading to her what were her appointments after class while they were walking through the cafeteria, finding the best seat to eat their lunch. Every student was looking at their phones and at Leath as she ignored Leatrice who was constantly calling her and tried to focus on what Pipe was talking about. Aric was greeting every man they passed by and so did Avery with everyone she knows. The twins have a lot in common, unlike her and her sister who was following them—her. Leatrice was a big bal
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Chapter 4.1
Hayden felt chills down his spine as he looked at Avery Price’s cold eyes while still trying to smile. He hid his phone and tried to smile at her but the famous lady-in-waiting of a well-known noble did not budge.  “You looked very busy on your phone, Sir Moreau. Don’t mind me,” she told him. Hayden smirked and tried to stand up but Avery blocked his way. He was starting to get annoyed but still smiled. Avery greeted the professors with a sweet smile and they greeted her back. "What are you doing here, Miss Price? What about Lady Leath?" One of the sober professors asked. "Lady Leath has an appointment. I was heading home but the headmaster asked me a favour to pick up Sir Moreau," Avery pointed to Hayden. "That's w
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Chapter 4.2
“The mighty Leath Mayfair? Exiled from her own country? I thought she was some bigshot royal? That’s a bigger scoop than anything I’ve found,” Hayden tried to hide his smile and itched to reach for his phone in his pocket, only to remember that it was smashed on the ground. He would’ve texted Lady Nixie and asked if it was true.“She’s not exiled, she had an agreement with the King. And just what kind of method is this? Spreading rumours, making fun of her in class, can you convince her to come home with that kind of approach?” Admittedly, Hayden knew that it was low of him to blackmail a noble, it was childish and risky. But what can he do? It’s how he survived the cruel world that he lives in that’s ruled by
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Chapter 5
Avery thought being a graduating senior is the most relaxing year, but she thought wrong. They have five subjects this spring and they are required to go to four different countries just for their History subject. Their trip to Meridianam, the first country they’re going to visit, is only a few days away, and only a few months away until their trip to Silvenia. She was a sociable person, so was her twin Aric. The trips would be fun, she knew that. Only if they hadn’t had to make a paper for each country. As for Leath, she’ll miss all of it. Nobles and some Elites are already arranging a meeting with her. Avery knew how hard it was for Leath to entertain such people for the sake of her reputation.Just with a couple of squeals and giggles coming from girls, everyone knew that their history professor just entered the room. Leath and Avery
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Chapter 6
Before King Primo made Leath leave Silvenia, he taught her one thing that will make her survive the world outside their country. Controlling her emotions was one thing, but the emotion that he wanted her the most to control was her anger. She was fully aware why controlling her anger was so important, even more so now while Hayden Moreau was in front of her after finding out that he was the one spreading rumours about her.The rage, the desire to tear him apart, she couldn’t see anything but Hayden trying to get away from her. Suddenly, Leath could feel Aric holding her hands at her back and Avery was standing in between her and Hayden, her hearing was sharp yet she couldn’t hear anything besides her ragged breathing.“Lady Leath!”Piper came too and she was showing her a phone, her
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Chapter 7
Bribery, blackmailing, bluffs, all those dirty methods were the closest thing Hayden has to actually rule over someone. Everyone he knew had a certain domain that they ruled, his father ruled Alexandrite Academy, his half-brother was a corporal, most of his friends inherited their business from their family and they ruled over that. And Hayden? He had nothing.He was an illegitimate child. In the society he lives in now, being an illegitimate child means that you’re born a failure and nothing will save you from being one. He tried so hard to rise up to the society despite being one, he wanted to prove himself to those nobles that made his life so hard. Hayden Moreau never knew how to give up.Until now.His message to Lady N
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Chapter 8
Aric Price first met Hayden Moreau when he was eight years old, a little bit later after Leath enrolled at Alexandrite Academy. Hayden was six years older than him so he didn’t think that they’d be friends, even more so when Aric saw how much of a troublemaker he was.  But it changed when Hayden was punished by the headmaster and was forced to teach Aric’s class a few subjects. Aric was struggling with some of his subjects and Hayden was assigned to teach him, it was at that moment when Aric saw a different side of the notorious troublemaker. He was surprisingly good at teaching and even asked Aric if he had taught him well like a real teacher would do.  They became friends after Aric got a good score because of Hayden’s teachings. Even though he was way younger than Hayden, Aric still wanted to be friends with him. But their friendship already ende
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