Dream Husband

Dream Husband

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"Fine. I'd leave. "I reply, and Christiana's jaw hits the ground. "Raymond? "Mr. William calls in awe. "You had no choice. Greenwood, get upstairs and pack all Raymond's things. "Grandma says to me. The last part, she says with her back turned to me, calling out to the head of male helpers in the house. "But I'd be leaving with my wife. "I drop the bomb and grandma freezes. She turns around slowly to look at me. The look of confusion on her face. " Excuse you? "She questions and I smile. "If I'm leaving, I'm taking my wife along. As far as I know, Christiana and I are a married couple and I refuse to go anywhere without my wife. "I reply, and grandma scoffs as she covers the gap between us. "You scheming, little devil. You think you're so smart, don't you? "She says in my face and I look into her eyes. Silently challenging her to do whatever she can to stop me. "Well, my granddaughter will go nowhere with you if she doesn't want to... "Grandma begins. " Actually Grandma, I'm sticking by my husband. "Christiana's voice cuts grandma, and I stare up at her in shock. I thought I'd have to do this with force, and then try my best to make up for it later. But Christiana just shocked the brows off everybody's face. Including mine! *********** A wise man once said, you never really know someone till you give them power. How about family? Is family the same when there's a fight for might and glory?

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"Grandma, please. I can do this. Just give me a chance to prove myself." "Those were the same words your father used all those years back. Where is he today? "She replies coldly with her back turned to me. "He was after a right course ma," I reply and she spins to look at me. "See! This is why I can't let you do anything. You think just like your father and I think one bad egg is just as enough for the family as it is for the business! "She scolds and I swallow. "Grany, you can't do this to me," I beg. "Oh yes, I can and will. Till you prove to be different from your father. "She replies and I stare at her. "But I am. I am different from my father and I will do much better than he did. "I reply and she smiles. " Well, you better start acting like it, Christiana." She replies before patting my face and walking past me. "I really don't want you to end up where your father did." She says to me from the door and I shut my e
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Christianas POV;I walk into my fathers' petting zoo and once I'm in, Fuzzball, a cute, snow-white chi Wawa comes running to me.Fuzzball came in last year and since then has been my fathers' bag. The little puppy is the cutest bundle of joy ever."Hey sweetie pie," I greet the puppy as I squat down to give her a tummy rub and she barks. I giggle and give her a treat before walking further into the building in search of my father.As my footsteps echo through the building, the animals around begin to bark, meow, and give happy sounds as we're familiar with each other.I love this place, and so does my dad. This is the very reason grandma is so mad at him and we are partial castaways back home.My family, the Duran family, deals in accessories like gold, diamond, and the likes. We also deal in fashion and run the 'Durans' hotels and restaurants worldwide.However, my father wasn't interested in the family business nor wealth. His love
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Narrators Narrative;Raymond walks into his matrimonial bedroom and finds Christiana fast asleep on the bed. He stares at her for a few seconds before walking in and shutting the door. He has only ever had one full and meaningful conversation with her. Asides from that, are just common pleasantries, requests, and other few words. On the dressing table lays an old music box which is playing. It belongs to her and he always tries his best to avoid trouble with her, by keeping away from her things.  He makes for the bed when the music box begins to glitch. The song it's playing begins to rise to annoyingly high pitches and fall disgustingly low tones. He turns to look at his wife as he worries that the disturbing sounds will disturb her sleep. He makes for the table and stares at the old box. Silently praying for the horrid sounds to stop on their own, as he doesn't want to have to touch it. The box suddenly releases a h
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Christianas' POV;I walk out of my bedroom adjusting my hair. Tucking some of the stray strands behind my ear before walking briskly down the stairs and towards the meeting room.In a mansion as big as this, there are many rooms, halls, passageways, and the likes. So much so, if care is not taken, one can get lost.The house isn't just grand because we have the money to flaunt about, but because we are a huge family. We are 17 in my family, but if we're counting cousins wives, and kids,  we are a total of 25. I know right! huge number!We aren't always together at home though, Uncle Willow, Grandma's eldest child, and my eldest paternal uncle, doesn't live with us, he and his family live in a different state.He has three sons and is a grandfather of four. Two girls from James and a girl and boy each, from Oscar. His last son Frank is still unmarried and isn't a father yet.

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Raymonds POV;"So, what's the situation with Miss. Cutie? "Rayon questions. Sinking his teeth into the croissant in his hands.This French nerd is my best friend and has been so for as long as I can remember. We met at the orphanage home and have kept a tight bond ever since. 'Miss cutie ' is the nickname he gave my wife, cause, according to him,  'That lady is out of this world cute. '."Still the same. It's just... There. To be honest, I think it's getting worse. "I reply taking a sip of the coffee in my hand."Worse? "He questions and I nod as I swallow."Yeah. You won't believe the stunt she pulled last night. "I inform once I'm done swallowing and he stares at me with furrowed brows."What did she do?  "He questions and I show him a bland smile."She pretended to be asleep just to avoid talking to me, and only ended her act when I made to touch her
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Christiana's POV; "Dad! I need help. I can't continue like this. She always ridicules me. Why can't she see we are after a right course? " I scream in frustration and my dad smiles.  "You know your grandmother. As long as we are not making money, or as long as we aren't also running a branch that brings in millions of dollars, we are unfulfilled. "He replies and I grunt in frustration. " But that's not fair! "I wail stomping my feet. "Careful, you'd scare the fishes away. "He notes and I recall I'm in a canoe. "Oh, sorry. " I apologize "No problem. Look, honey, follow your passion. I know you love animals, but you also desire to be in an office behind some big desk. Christiana, it's okay. I support your dreams. I know my daughter is nothing less than a victor. So get up, and show them what you've got. "He says and I blush.  Something pulls at the string of his fishing line and excitement clouds his face,
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Christiana's POV; We are all at the newest Duran branch and all the family members are present. All except Uncle Willow. He had to travel out of the state to sort some business issues out but he ought to be back by this weekend.  We all are here to celebrate and so is the media. My father refused to come. He said to me that he'd rather let the world know he's discomforted than fake joy and pleasure. He says no matter how hard he tries, he can't be fully happy at any Duran meeting so he opted out of this one as usual.  All we Durans line up before the crowd and grandma stands before us all addressing us. She finally calls all our family members to stand by her and once we all assume the position, the media takes photos and videos of us.  The crowd cheers and grandma cuts the ribbons. Officially opening another massive Duran boutique in New Jersey.  As we all are about to step back down to give way for people to come in and t
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Mr. William Durans POV( Christiana's father) ;"So, how is she? "I question. Cautiously stiring the piping hot tea in my cup with a teaspoon. "Who? "The young man questions as I threw the question at him out of the blue. "My daughter. It's been a while since we spoke on personal issues. "I reply and the butterfly drawing on the table suddenly becomes very interesting to him. "Ah... Uhm, she's... She's... She's fine. "He replies and a smile that almost turns to laughter splits my face. "Fine? Really? "I question and he steals a glance of me. "Sir, she. She's... We don't really talk much so I... I don't quite know what exactly to say. "He replies and I smile. "Then say what you know. What you see and the sides of her she shows you. "I reply relaxing in the chair and he looks up at me. He clearly is uncomfortable discussing my daughter with me. Raymond and I have grown to be very close over the ye
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Narrators POV;"I will not do that!" Mr. Willam. Christiana's father,  screams at his mother in anger. They are alone in her bedroom and the tension in this room is enough to cause the temperature to shoot up."Yes, you will Willam! Do you forget that I am your mother? "She screams back at him and he rolls his eyes. "I never forget that. I never forget that cause you keep reminding me. What is so hard to understand? I don't want to be a part of the family business. All four of my elder siblings are already part. Isn't that enough? My daughter is showing interest yet you don't want to give her a chance, and you keep chasing me. Where is the sense in that? "He yells back and his mother glares at him."Is this rebellion because of that petting zoo? "She questions coldly and Mr. William remains silent. "All those years ago, when you asked for a chance to prove yourself, I never let you because what sort of idea is 'T
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Raymonds POV;I grunt lightly as I open my eyes. I'm feeling a bit tipsy and my vision is a blur. I shut my eyes back in a bid to comport my system and get better control. This feeling is slightly worst than a hangover. I feel exhausted, fatigued, and sleepy. I inhale deeply before opening my eyes again. This time, my eyes are welcomed by a somewhat dark and misty appearance of a room and it only takes me a few seconds to realize I'm in the middle of this room. The chair I'm seated in is situated in the center of this room and there's a huge center rung beneath me. I am not bound to this chair by any physical ropes but fear has an upper hand hence keeping me put. There is a desk a considerable number of feet away from me and a large leather chair behind it. There's nothing on this table a d no one in the sit and asides from the couch at the side of the room and paintings I'm the room, there's nothing else. Baca selengkapnya
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