The man behind the Artistic smile

The man behind the Artistic smile

Oleh:  Katherine Scarlett  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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As we all know that if you are a man you are burdened with lots of responsibilities as the bread earner of the family. This story centers around Robin Bradley who is a live in son-in-law. But then he learns that he's a billionaire. Will he use this newly gained identity to take revenge on the people who looked down at him or help his wife so he will be the inheritor of the family business? Let's go on this journey to see how a worthless and useless painter becomes a somebody that others will respect.

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The very Beginning
Illuminating lights and decorations along with the smell of the wine and alcohol was creating an ambiance in the grand mansion of Florence. Today is the 75th birthday of Lord Campbell. All of his grandchildren and relatives surround him with expensively wrapped gifts and presents.   He managed to survive a heart stroke just recently at this age so this birthday party is for the celebration of it. Lord Campbell was sitting in the wheelchair and all of his grandchildren surrounds him.    '' Grandpa, this is for you, I brought this Ginseng root a medicinal herb which is found in forests throughout much of the northern and easter united states. It will be good for your health ''.   '' Grandpa, I brought this Unkei this is a Japanese sculptor of the Kei school. I know that you are fond of sculptors so I brought this for you ''. Looking at the expensive-looking gifts Lord Campbell smiled happily than ever.  <
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I am a Billionaire now?
'' Get out of my face I am disgraced to have you as my granddaughter. Your dad and mom are not qualified enough to me my son and daughter-in-law nor you are. Your family should leave this place immediately '' barked Lord Campbell in a loud voice,  Lucy felt the intensity in his tone, her feets trembled. '' Grandpa , I ...''. But all of that shouting caused her grandpa's pressure to go up as he just recovered from a stroke. All of a sudden he felt some pain in his heart.  Lord Campbell's face went pale as he clutched onto his chest. '' Grandpa, what's wrong with you? '' shouting this Julia went to his side to support him. He was in the wheelchair but from the pain, he was about to fall from there.  '' Grandpa '' shouts Isabella the wife of Gray. Lucy looks up to see her grandpa in pain. '' What's wrong? are you having pain?'' asked Gray. Lord Campbell while clutching to his chest faints. Hughes who was standing there holds onto him. '' I
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Saving her from pinch
At the hospital, when Lord Campbell was taken the doctor said that he needs to have surgery right this instant or else he will die. He said that they were late to bring him to the hospital his life maybe in danger.  They took her to the operation theatre. And all the other grandchilderens were waiting outside the threate. Lucy was standing at a corner praying for her grandpa. At this time the other doctor got out of the theatre then asked '' Who is his relative ? ''.  They all gathered around him. '' We all are his relatives his grandchildern '' replied Olivia with worried eyes. '' Then please give the money on the counter. His operation fees are over five hundred billion. This an important surgery we need to replcace the parts in there. PLease get the money ready we will do the operation after it ''.  '' Please start the operation we will pay for it doctor '' Hughes answered. '' Alright then '' he went back. '' Hughes, you said we will pay for
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Hearts melting
When they heard that all the fees were paid they were shocked. The color of their eyes had gone pale. Olivia steps forward and snarled '' Who paid all the bill? what's happening here? '''. '' Who did this? '' asked Steven.  '' We can know who it is if we go over to the counter '' points out Gray eyeing at Lucy and Robin. '' Let's go see out grandpa Lucy '' Robin said to his wife. '' Can we see him now ?'''. '' Yes, we will just sneak peek over the cabin and come back. The doctor won't say anything don't worry '' Robin assured her.  When they were about to leave Hughes blocked the way by standing in front of them. He's not going to let them go. '' You aren't going past me. Because of you grandpa is like this. Get out of this hospital right now '' he shouts.  '' And who are you to tell us to go out huh? does this belong to your family or something ?'' retorts Robin with a plastered smile.  Hughes's lips tightened giving Robin and Lucy a sour
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I am not the same man you knew
Later that night,    They went back to the same rundown old house that the Main family had arranged for them. Lucy's Mom and Dad were displeased to see Robin coming back to the house. '' What's the condition of your grandpa now? Is he out of danger? how did the surgery went ? '' asked Lucy's mom holding onto her hand.    '' He's safe now the surgery went well. The doctor said him to take a rest that's all, He will be released from there in one week '' replied Lucy trying to ease her worry. Mrs.Campbell sighs in relief. '' Good to hear that ''.    '' Why did you have to bring him back here again? I thought that he had left us on his own accord '' snorted Lucy's Dad in response adverting his gaze. '' Dad, where would Robin even go? this is his home, isn't it? Grandma was the one who brought him here. Where would he even go now? '' LI don't know nor do I care, we are already on bad terms with Dad and because
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Taking advantage of my new position
Robin walks past them inside the building. There were stairs and an elevator to go upstairs. He observed for a while. Then decided to take the stairs. Going up he went to the twentieth floor as mentioned By Chris where he will meet the owner of the Walter group.  While going straight through the hall he met up with a man. 'He seemed to be a staff here. ''  Excuse me can you help me ?'' Robin asked tapping on the man's shoulder. '' Ah yes, what help do you need? ''.  '' I am looking for the owner's office can you show me on which floor it is? ''. '' Owner? oh you mean the one in charge here? ''. '' Yes, do you know where he is? I am not that good with business terms so I don't know. Will you take me there ? '' pleads Robin.  '' Sure but before that, I need to call the person in charge you can't go in there without an appointment ''' asserts the man taking out the phone from his pocket. '' Ah yes, you can do that tell my name Robin '''. 
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Dear Brother's How are ya?
Meanwhile, Gray and Hughes both were waiting at the lobby to meet up with the head of the Walter group of industries. Gray was staring at his watch for a while ever since his secretary told them to wait for a while here. Hughes could not take the impatience any further so he decided to get up. '' How long will they make us wait like this? '' Hughes groaned. '' Calm down brother the boss is very much of a busy person. They said someone came to meet him so after that person goes away we can go inside '' Gray advised with a sigh. Hughes sits down again. Then they hear the footsteps coming closer to them. Gray's eyes wander at the sound and he looks up to see James Walter along with his dad's secretary is coming their way with a calm and composed face. Gray patted on Hughes' shoulder making him look up in surprise only to see James and the secretary coming their way. They get up in response seeing them. '' Welcome Mr.James we were waiting to meet your
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His homecoming
After a few days later, One week had passed. Today is the day that Lord Campbell comes back from the hospital with full recovery after the heart stroke. All of his grandchildren have gone to bring him from the hospital only except Lucy and her husband Robin. He had arrived by car with them. The whole mansion is celebrating his recovery so they are arranging the whole house with flowers and all to showcase their love for him. Gray's wife was ordering the servants to do their jobs properly. She was a woman in her late twenties with curly hair which was tied into a ponytail. With quite a presentable face and slanted eyes, she is a charming lady. She was in the living room. '' Hey do your work properly there the dust is not cleaned off yet '' she commands at the maid who was cleaning all the windows. '' Yes M'lady I am doing it '' replied the maid weakly. '' I want all the work to be completed by ten minutes Grandpa
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His announcement
'' It was nothing more than an incident it could have happened to anyone. Forget about it, I am not holding a grudge against you for that '' replied Lord Campbell sipping onto his tea. '' I am glad about it, I hope you are well '' saying this Robin stands beside Lucy. '' Grandpa tell us about the thing that you wanted to tell us about '' whined Julia licking her lips in anticipation. '' Have some patience, my dear ''. '' Now the reason why I called all of my grandsons and granddaughters is that, as you already know that I had heart stroke previously and this time too, my health is not doing well too now. I can die any moment if I receive one more stroke then I will die. If that happens then all the wealth and business of mine will waste away for nothing '' explained Lord Campbell with a sigh. '' I won't be able to take that '' he puts down the cup onto the plate handing it to Olivia. '' So, I have decided to choose an inher
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After Robin and Lucy walked out of the house, Julia snorted '' We need to teach that clown a lesson, he's becoming quite cocky these days ''. '' Yes, and the bill settlement affair is still not clear to us yet '' remarks Isabella. ''' From where did Lucy got so much money from? '' asked Olivia. '' We will know about it eventually, how's grandpa ?'' Hughes asked Isabella. ''He's sleeping, for now, I have given him the medicine '' replied Isabella. '' I have something to say before you all leave '' comments, Julia. '' What is it ?'' asked Gray. '' We all re-running for the succession but we can't forget that our sole enemy is Lucy only. We can't let or her family gets back here in this mansion at whatever cost it is ''.'' I am with you '' Hughes said patting her shoulder. '' We all are with you we all will cooperate to make an embarrassment out of her ''  said Gray. '' Lucy won't ever succeed in proving herself more useful than us, ever
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