The Dragons Fire Dancer

The Dragons Fire Dancer

Oleh:  DangerBeanz  On going
Bahasa: English
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Rori Lovell is a young woman accustomed to the sheltered life of privilege and private schools. On a night when Rori wants nothing more than to forget the world she lives in, her best friend Kristi accidentally introduces her to a whole new world filled with fantastic beings that should only live in story books. Even though the place Rori is thrust into is entirely new for her an old evil haunts her in these new surroundings, apparently Rori’s step father has been up to no good and it seems some very powerful people want to hold her responsible, Rori’s saving grace may just come in the form of a powerful shifter. What happens when a dragon takes the fragile gem that is Rori? Will he be able to treasurer her like the jewel she is,or will it all burn to ash?

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Chapter One
“Rori are you ready yet?” A woman’s soft voice floats through the door of an elegant but simple bedroom that more than obviously belonged to a young girl. Everything was a dust pink, from the small flowers on the wallpaper to the bed linens and curtains. A young woman stirred under the large pile of blankets covering the bed and soon a knocking echoed in the room followed by the click of a door knob, before the same woman’s voice spoke again only closer this time. “Oh Rori, sweetheart get up, the driver is already on his way and Henry wanted to see you at breakfast before you go,” a tall slender woman made her way over to the bed and sat down on the edge, her hair sleek and black, wound up tight on her head.A small groan could be heard from under the blankets and when they moved  back from the bed a wild head of dark chocolat
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Chapter Two
Soon there was school staff running everywhere busying themselves with sucking up to Rori and Kristi, it was the only perk to being Henrie’s step daughter, every school Rori had ever attended Henry made sure to make  a huge financial contribution, so it was safe to say that Rori went to all the best school’s for everything and was never waitlisted. Henry had been obsessed with keeping Rori away from her mother, so even when she wasn't attending private boarding school’s her free time was spent learning to play an absurd awry of instruments and silly sports. RorI took swimming lessons and learned horseback riding, she could also speak roughly eight languages, not including English. Rori even learned how to play chess from a retired world champion, to say she was a well rounded woman was an understatement.  Rori believed in her
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Chapter Three
Both Kristi and Mason shared a look of confusion as Rori led them toward the facility building insead of the student dorms, “umm Roro did you hit your head or something,” Mason inquired playfully and Rori spun on her heel before punching Mason in the stomach and she knew it was hard enough to shut him up from the hollow sound her fist made against his washboard torso. “No just shut up and come on,”she snapped and grabbed Mason by the wrist.  Rori was now pulling both Mason and Kristi by the arm toward a stand alone building with a private elevator and armed guard on each side. Mason gasped and Kristi started to speak but Rori elbowed her as they reached the elevator. Rori slid her card in the reader prompting the elevator to open and stepped inside, followed by Kristi and Mason who turned to look at the guards with a devious grin, “Man does anybody else smell wet dog...gross,” without another word Mason hit the
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Chapter Four
Mason deposited Rori on the floor in her bathroom and turned around in circles “Holy shit Ro, this bathroom is killer” She peeled off her dip covered shorts and tossed them into the sink “I know right? Headie hooked me up this year for sure.” Rori bit her tongue, she wasn't sure if Headie meant for her room and the residency offer to be a secret or not but she was pretty sure Mason wouldn't probe too much about it and Headie had intended to let her friends stay there so telling them a little bit should be ok, Rori turned on the sink and started to rinse her shorts and hand. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed she had hummus on her thigh. Rori grabbed a washcloth and popped her foot up on the corner of the vanity, tilting her hip upward so she could see the entire back of her thigh. After wiping off all the dip she could find Rori turned around only to crash right into Mason. H
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Chapter Five
Rori was glad she offered to drive because Kristi’s dress was skin tight and knee length, so she could walk but parting her knees to go from the gas to the brake was not going to happen gracefully unless she hiked her dress up around her hips. Rori climbed behind the wheel and waited for Kristi to say her goodbyes to Max before Mason and Kristi climbed into the waiting SUV. Rori jumped when Max knocked on her window.“Ms. Rori I don't feel great about-” Rori held her hand out to stop him, “Max, what did I say about my name.” Rori rolled down her window and Max nodded his head, “right, forgot my bad...Rori could I please drive, it's not a big deal, I have nothing better to do so I will gladly drop you off and pick you up.” Max had a sheepish grin on his face as if he were begging his mother for candy. Rori rolled her eyes again and jumped out of the driver's seat. Max opened the back door and Mason was slumped i
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Chapter Six
Rori followed Kristi and Mina into a small sitting area with large luscious arm chairs surrounding a small round simple wood table, the walls were lined with so many bookshelves it looked as if they were made of books themselves. The only false light in the room was a small desk lamp, on the far side of the room the entire wall was made of small windows with a door in the middle leading out onto a patio surrounded by thick blooming vines. Rori and Krist took their seats around the small table while Mina left to grab the tea. “Kristi, who is that guy,” Rori asked, leaning forward in her chair she looked at Kristi who was staring at her knees with her hands dug into the arms of her chair. “He umm he’s an old friend of my dad’s but Mace and I haven't seen him since we were little kids,” Kristi was almost whispering. “Kris?” Rori’s voice was almost nonexistent an
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Chapter Seven
Rori ran on autopilot and didn’t breathe until she reached the guest bathroom closest to the dinning hall. She slammed the door shut and leaned against it, breathing heavy. Rori brought her hand up to her chest, and it was then she noticed she was breathing hard. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to force her heart to calm down when a gentle knock came at the door. “RO, it’s Mason can I come in and talk to you, please” his tone sounded soft like a puppy whining after peeing on the floor, but Rori ran from the door and twisted on the water in the sink. “Please not now Mason,” she begged, but instead of leaving he opened the door. “Come on RoRo please, dad made me drink some coffee, and I'm better now, sober... I need to talk to you.” As he spoke Rori noticed his tone sounded closer than before, and she angled her head, splashing water on the front of herself as she felt something touch the back of her hand. Mason was standing behind
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Chapter Eight
Coyly Rori watched in the small side mirror as the Scopuli estate disappeared into the distance, then turned her face into Murdok’s back and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the sting from her hair lap at her face from the speed they were traveling. Rori wasn't sure how long they had been on the road, but soon she noticed the bike begin to slow and when she finally looked up her heart skipped a beat.  “They were not at the school,” Rori thought,  “in fact, they looked to be halfway between the middle of nowhere.  Rori sat back as Murdok half turned to her, “would you like to really fly?” he asked with a sly grin and although everything in Rori’s head was screaming no, she nodded anyway. “Ok, swing off,” he almost barked, Rori did as instructed, dismoun
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Chapter Nine
As the bike came to a stop Rori was brought out of her trance, she wasn't exactly sure how they got to the school she didn't remember giving him directions, “maybe the champagne at dinner had been stronger than she was used to,” she thought.  Murdok sat up straight and as Rori slid her arm around his collar he lifted her and stood up, swinging his leg and both bodies off the metal beast. Rori swung her other arm around his neck and squeezed his hips tight with her knees smashing her core into his cold belt buckle, the feel of the icy metal against her now overly sensitive flesh caused another shiver to run through her body and a deep blush to appear as they locked eyes.“I thought you were going to call me to pick you up?” The booming sound of Max’s voice startled Rori, and she jumped still wrapped around Murdok waist, he set her do
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Chapter Ten
**MATURE CONTENT WARNING** Just as she felt her body begin to relax there was a vicious knocking at the door and Rori launched herself from the tub grabbing her bathrobe on the way, “strange,” she thought, Rori couldn't remember unpacking it but put the thoughts aside as she flew to the door that was now vibrating with the banging. Rori closed the robe around her still dripping body, causing the material to stick to her every curve. She flung the door open and gasped because there stood Murdok, shirtless and breathing heavy. He looked like his soul was shaking and as she tiptoed back from the door and as he strode into the light, Rori noticed that his eyes were such a deep shade of red they were almost black, his skin looked different, it had a bloodless shade of gray to it. As Murdok stepped into her dorm completely, Rori noticed a set of huge bat-like wings, she gasped and brought her hand up to her th
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