Opposite Mates - Alpha And Omega

Opposite Mates - Alpha And Omega

Oleh:  Author Sherry Love  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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What do you do when life throws your worst nightmare at you? Shifting into an omega on your sixteenth birthday suddenly made Anastasia's life crumble right before her eyes. Her once loving parents and family all turned against her. She had to leave and stay with her aunt. Trying to help her aunt financially, she forced herself to look for a job in the lion's den. Alpha Kevin is the leader of the White Moon pack after his father and lover's murder. He met the naive Anastasia who wants a job at all cost. She's his mate but not from his league. He finally learns to accept her after a long time, not knowing this would lead to war. His enemies are near but he doesn't know who. His family is against him because he accepted a weak mate. His father's killers are around the corner. His ambitious brother won't make things easy for them? Will they survive this? Or would his enemies conquer him and separate them?.

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Chapter 1
SIA I woke up as early as I can today. I'm currently making myself a short breakfast so I won't get hungry. Getting a job in a reputable company like that is going to be hard and stressful. By the end of the day, I hope to get the job because I've been depending on it a lot. My parents see me as a burden, they are always ashamed of me. People hardly know that I'm from that family. My name is Anastasia Cobben. I'm the third child of my family. We come from the Blue Moon pack. My pack is the second biggest pack in the whole continent. Yeah, the biggest for now is the White Moon Pack. Just like you're guessing, this is a rivalry. We're kinda not in good terms with the White Moon Pack who happens to be the leading pack for now. Just like you're thinking, I'm a werewolf. I am not exactly what my parents would be proud of at anytime. I am eighteen now and unluckily for me, I am still in high school. This should be my final year though. I am subjected to a lot of bullying and emb
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Chapter 2
KEVIN   The White Moon pack has always been known to be one of the strongest and leading of all werewolves pack in the world. The leader of the pack Alpha Gideon was a great king who used all his power and time to protect and guide his people. That man is my father, who is now already dead due to murder.     We don't know who yet but were going to find that killer. We already put my father to rest a few months ago, now I'm going to take over from him. My name is Kevin, the new Alpha king of the White Moon Pack. As a king, I'm expected to have a queen right?.  Bad news is, she died along with my father. She was not really my mate but she's my first and only love. I've fallen for her since high school and we were dating. I didn't care about finding my mate because I love her. What really happened that night is still uncertain to me but one thing is sure, I'm going to apprehend the culprit sooner or later. For now
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Chapter 3
SIA  My wolf had been crying out since I set my eyes on him. After he tried to strangle me, I wanted to run away but now I don't want to. He is my mate. He is rightfully mine and he's supposed to be with me. He can't just toss me away like I'm completely useless. Okay you're getting too excited Sia. Can't you see you're way below his level? He's gonna treat you like everyone else does.  I wanted to go back home because his conditions would mean going to college and finishing high school in another three years time. My parents may finally look at me as a complete loser by then. On second thoughts, I have high tolerance to any kind of treatment. Working with him for three years is enough time to get him to marry me and make me his queen. Even though we're enemies, I would still gain much respect from everyone and probably bring peace to both packs.  I know this is too much of a drea
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Chapter 4
SIA    I followed him into his office which is huge. It's even bigger than my new bedroom. It's well furnished and it looks more like the president's office. Well he's a king right?. What was I expecting?.He sat down on his chair and fixed his gaze on me. That gaze is making me very uncomfortable because I can't look at him.  "You have a lot of work to do and you came late on your first day. You were not qualified at all yet I let it slide and employed you. You're going to make me regret my decision right?." He said harshly.  I shook in head, "No Sir, I am very sorry. We got stuck in traffic. It won't happen again."  Though I wasn't late, I have no choice than to apologize. It's not even my fault. I came at the time his driver brought me, and I was still early.  "You were supposed to start learning things from Amanda before work begins. I'm g
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Chapter 5
KEVIN   I knew she was going to come late considering the type of family that I have. But I didn't think it would be this long. I wonder what Robin is up to now. The only reason why she would be late can only be because of him. The door to my office suddenly opened, she's here. I know even though I'm backing her.  "Sir... I am back. Amanda told me you asked me to see you." She stuttered.  I turned around fixing my gaze on her. She looked anywhere but me. I smirked, she's confident I can accept her yet she can't stand my intimidating gaze. How ironic.  "You came late. Mind telling me what kept you so long?." I asked.  "I am so sorry sir. I didn't mean to make you angry. I actually gave the parcel to your mother but..."  I arched a brow. "You want me to get the truth out of you my own way?."  She shook her
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Chapter 6
SIA I couldn't sleep just yet. I can't believe he almost ripped my head out if I hadn't begged him. First, I had to put up with his troublesome brother. Then he tried to kill me. I would be dead if I hadn't gotten out to stop him. He's said I'm the only one who can tame him. What's that supposed to mean?. I wanted to leave immediately I saw that scary side of him but he won't let me.  Now I regret acting cowardly. I said I would face whatever comes my way and I almost ran off. No matter how he scares me, I won't ever leave unless he asks me to. I put a call across to my aunt. I've not been able to talk to her due to the work, fright and everything else.  "You finally called. How are you Sia?." Aunt asked after picking the call.  I smiled, I understand she's mad at me for not calling her all day. She must have been very worried about me.  "I'm so s
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Chapter 7
KEVIN My wolf always listens to her somehow. She's my true mate, though we're not of the same rank. I am way above her and she's not supposed to be around me. What can I do if fate has made me her slave instead of mine? She's the only one who can tame me.  She didn't want to tell me the truth but I found out. I followed her with another car after she left. I know Seth saw me but he wouldn't dare tell her anything. I went back into the mansion and dragged her out ignoring my family and everyone else.  "Sir, I'm sorry. I didn't..."  I stopped in front of the car I brought still fuming in anger. I am mad at my brother, I am mad at my mother, I am mad at myself and her. She was hiding my brother's abuses. Yet she wants to prove herself worthy to me?.  "Why did you lie to me?." I growled.  She moved back a little,
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Chapter 8
SIA   Everything today happened so fast. It still feels like I'm in a dream. I feel like the moon goddess is finally on my side. After I shifted to an omega, everyone deserted me. In some cases, the families of the unfortunate omegas would support them. But that's not my case. The whole pack hates me, even my parents.  Nothing could be more painful than to have your own parents blame you for something that's not your fault. I get bullied and harassed, they did nothing about it. Eventually they felt like I needed to leave because I was bringing them nothing but shame. My aunt took me in when I left. She's the only one who understood me right from start. My parents had to make her life miserable for accepting me. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person my father is.  His own sister and daughter, he's making her pay for my crimes. That's why I owe her a lot and I will do whatever I can to pay her
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Chapter 9
SIA This is going to go on for three days and I can't even stand the pain on the first day. How am I going to survive two more days to come?. "Anastasia, are you there?." Aunt asked jolting me from my thoughts.  "Don't worry about me aunt. My boss has gone to get me something to relieve my pain. I'll call you later." I hung up before she could say anything else.  She doesn't know I found my mate yet. The desire to be with him is now getting worse. I just found myself walking out of my room. I went to his room and stood at the door. I can feel his presence around, I knocked the door.   "Come in." His cold voice said.  I reluctantly walked into the room which is so much bigger than mine. I have not been in this room since I've come to this mansion. He was seated at a table working on his laptop and some files. I think he's actually doin
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Chapter 10
KEVIN I tricked her into another world so she wouldn't feel the pain too much. She still felt it. My d**k is huge. Her fingers dug into my skin, she shut her eyes again. I gently stroke in and out, she screamed each time but it began to subdue as I continued. I increased my pace, her scream turned into moans. I groaned, her tightness is giving me so much pleasure.  "Oh no!... Don't stop!." She moaned saying all sort of things.  I pushed deeper, thrusting hard. Her moans and mine filled the room. She held me for support, I couldn't stop. Yet I was able to restrain myself, it's her first time after all.  "Oh Kevin! Yes!..."  I smirked, she called me by my name without realizing it. Something no one dares to call me, except my family. I held her waist as I continued in deep, hard strokes till I reached my climax. I pulled out of her. I stood up breat
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