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Every where was dark, the bush surrounding her as she seems to be lost, she was frightened, they were frightened. Where was her brother and her friends, where was her pursuer. She gasps suddenly as she felt a hand touch her from behind. ________________ Five years ago, twenty five people got missing and every investigation leads to the infamous Bear Forest said to inhabit dark souls. State police can't find a trace of all twenty five tourists until five years later when nine students decided to investigate for themselves. They soon learnt why the forest was dreaded as they all were stranded in the same place twenty five people got missing, are they going to go missing as the twenty five. Or are they going to do whatever it takes to survive?

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Chapter One
"In the year 2005, a tourist bus carrying about 25 people including the driver assigned to drive the bus to a tourist attraction in the deepest part of Bear Forest. A place said to be haunted and cursed by death itself. A place no one in their right minds should venture into.The Bus never made it back and no one was seen again.Many wondered what had happened, many state securities investigated on the case for close to five years, not even the bus was seen. What had happened to them till date, no one knows." Mr. Jack Daniels told his students who were all interested in his story and when he was done, many hands went up all at ones."Joseph McAllister, you have a question for me?." He called acknowledging a nerdy boy who was gawking at him since he began telling the story."Yes Mr. Daniels, that had happened like 5 years back right?." He asked trying to get his facts straight."Yep Joseph, you are absolutely correct." Mr. Daniels affirms."I
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Chapter Two
"I guess those of us who had written down their names are not in their right minds eh." Dane playfully jokes as he took a spoonful of salad laughing. "Yea, since I heard that story, I really wanted to check it out ever since." Larry Pearson said sitting next to Helena who gawks at him like he was insane."What?."  "Nothing Larry." Helena said taking a bite out of her sandwich. "Look guys, the only reason am going to that stupid trip is that I get an A+ in history and math." Ezra said not surprising anyone in particular, they all knew if Ezra signed up for anything there must be something in return for him. "Yea but I didn't even thought you would write yours down." Hayley Hathaway, the best student in almost all courses in the school drops in on the quadrangular group chat, "Sorry for dropping in." She apologies holding a tray of food in her hand. "Seeing is better th
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Chapter Three
Monday Morning.   The Expenditure Teens has already gathered round the school bus and some parents are present to see their kids off.   Hayley and her friends are standing in a straight line as the bus driver calls their name.   Callum is present and he is going to travel with them on the bus. A lady dressed in black combat boots and a soldier's combat jacket is also at the school.   "Who's she?." Callum asked the principal as he met with him.   "That's Lesley Kendrick, ex delta force platoon soldier." Came Principal Badminton's reply.   "What's she here for?" Callum felt the need to ask.   "She'll be a guide to the forest, your job is to provide security." Principal Badminton said inwardly wishing he could cancel the trip but once again he had to remind himself that it was the kids idea and if their parents are okay then he shoul
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Chapter Four
"It's looks like we're gonna have to stop to get gas, gas tank's almost dried out. We passed a gas station two miles back. We should have stopped then." Peterson tells Daniels and he agreed, by now it's been three hours on the road and they still got another three hours before they enters Locke Road that leads to bear forest which will take an hour more. He looks at the students and all of them seems to be engaged with their friends, all except Joseph McAllister. Jack slowly walked to Joseph and sits beside him. "What's up Joe, it's a long ride. Don't ya have any friends to chat with?." He emphasizes with his hand looking back to Alec and the rest. "Mr. Daniels I'm not really in the mood to talk to anyone, I just want to be alone." Joseph said adjusting his glasses. "You sure about that?." Mr. Daniels said urging Joseph to take a quick glance at the back, he saw Claire, Hayley an
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Chapter Five
"It's some few minutes passed 3, Peterson. Aren't we there yet?" Mr. Daniels asked the driver who was obviously tired of the long driving. Only twice had he stopped for a break so him and anyone who was pressed could take a leak."Relax Jack, you're not the one driving and besides you haven't gone to the forest, have you?" Peterson said making Dane to chuckle."No but I've made my research that's why we need to get back before dark." He replied solemnly."Um! Mr. Daniels, something tells me we're not gonna make it back before nightfall. I think we're gonna sleep overnight." Dane said and Larry and Ezra laughed."Stop trying to be funny Dane, you're just spoilt." Lesley spoke out, she has really gotten tired of Dane's attitude."Oooh!" Ezra gasps, trying to subdue his laughs.Dane shot him a mean eye but Ezra felt unconcerned. "Didn't know the ironic forest guide could make
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Chapter Six
"In a single file everyone. I don't want anyone to go off the landmarks." Leslie announced leading group B as they take photos, constantly talking to Group A and C through the walkie talkies. "Lesley please can I take a leak?" Helena asked holding her legs. "Seriously, Helena, now?" Lesley didn't believe her but there's no choice. "Okay, let me go with you." Larry chipped. "Okay you guys should hurry back." Lesley gave them permission to go, the duo held hands and went into the bush._______Group A"Jack come in over." Callum press the push to talk button on the walkie talkie, calling out to Jack. "Go ahead." Jack voice is heard few seconds later. "Just checking, how long are we gonna be out here?" Callum pressed the push to talk button, taking a look at his group. "I've found something." Claire said out of the blue giving H
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven Hello!" Helena knocked on the door to the cabin, looking around, she found no sign of life. "C'mon, I think this is a bad idea babe, let's get back to the rest." Larry was freaking out but he had to keep his cool. He just had to if his girlfriend is all cool with it. "Larry stop being a chicken and shut up will ya. I don't think anyone's living in this dump. I mean who would be living in a forest, no electricity, obviously no internet connection." Helena knocked on the door once more, to be sure. "Even more reason we should leave. I seriously have a bad feeling about this, we should just get back. They might be looking for us now." Larry sounded somewhat perplexed about the whole thing and he hate to ignore his guts, but apparently he no choice so he agreed with her. "Okay, what should we do now? He questioned, looking back occasionally. "We go in." Helena replied hardly pushing the door, it gave way at once and Larry stepped in after her. "Are you with flashlight
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Chapter Eight
Chapter EightA loud sound scared the two of them as they evidently seemed to worry, the door to the cellar had been broken."We have to go." Larry told his girlfriend as he carried the butcher knife. "No, we have to hide Larry.""Look around you Helena, where are we gonna hide?""I don't know okay, but if we leave here and he sees us, we're dead.""If we stay here, we're gonna die babe.""Do what you have to do, but am not going out there.""Shh! I think I here something.""Shit! He's coming here.""In here. Behind the table, switch off the light" Larry commanded as he held on to the knife tightly in his palm. Helena quickly switches off the light and hid behind the table as instructed."What about you?" "Don't worry about me, am gonna distract him, our only chance is to go out the front door.""Be careful." She said, wishing she hadn't left her group in the first place.Victor heard slight voices coming through the first tunnel and he groaned harshly, moving at an incredible pace,
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