The Alpha & The Deity

The Alpha & The Deity

Oleh:  Jackie O'Quinn  On going
Bahasa: English
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Selene, the first daughter of the Moon Goddess is restless with her immortal existence. She is drawn to the Harvest, the annual meeting of the world's werewolf packs where circumstances bring her face to face with Aiden, the handsome future Alpha of the Druid Pack. What fate has in store for this pair will change the shape of both their worlds. Will their predestined love be worth the fight?

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Chapter 1
Selene POV “She will kill us if she finds out we were here.” “Then we best hope she doesn’t find out…” “She’s the Moon Goddess Selene, exactly how do you plan to keep this a secret?” “Hush, Liana, Goddess or not a daughter has her ways of evading her mother’s eye….” Liana, my wolf was cautious at the best of times. A nice balance to my impulsive nature. As the first daughter of the moon goddess, you could say I didn’t exactly get out much. But I had been working on this plan for some time. As I made my way through to the forest I made sure to take in every sight and sound. The smell of the water trickling through the stream, the crisp scent of the pines. The gentle crunch of debris as I made my way along the dirt path. The moon illuminated everything, almost like daylight. I
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Chapter 2
Selene POV As I made my way toward the festivities from the forest line, I realised that The Harvest was something else entirely when you saw it up close. The wolves sipped greedily on an amber liquid that held an extremely prominent odour. That… and something else was thick in the air. Of course, the unmated females were in heat. Sending out their scents in the hope of finding their fated mate. Given that many of the wolves seemed to be doing a lot more than dancing, I’d say it was working for a number of them. I was broken from my trance when someone grabbed my arm a little too firmly, and pulled me toward them, spinning me hard into their chest. I looked up into a set of very glassy eyes before I was assaulted by his breath, stale with the amber liquid. “Well…. What’s a nice harvest like you doing in a wolf like this?” He slurred while maintaining his
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Chapter 3
Selene POV “I’d like the answer to that question as much as the next wolf, but don’t you think it might be in our best interest to run now and play detective later?” Liana was right, we had to move or risk exposing ourselves to every werewolf from every pack in the world. That was most certainly not the plan. “Alright old friend, it turns out a warrior is exactly what I need tonight, you’re in charge” We took off toward the forest and shifted mid-run. Liana was a magnificent wolf. Her fur pure white, with an almost iridescent sheen. Our eyes matched in our usual form, a dazzling sapphire blue. I had dulled their appearance in my human glamour so as to not attract too much attention. A lot of good that did me. We lost the pack and made it to the portal with minimal effort. Even a pack of lust-driven, unmated wolves would be no match in speed with a deity. As we stepped through the portal I shed my glamour, taking on my usual form. My snow-white hair fell in thick braids down my bac
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Chapter 4
Aiden POV “So, you’re telling me you don’t remember anything?” “Nothing, no one does. The whole night is a God damn blur. Must have been some good whiskey” My Beta Blake was one of the unmated wolves affected last night. But as was the case with each of them, he had no memory of the beautiful she-wolf that seemed to cast some kind of spell over every unmated male in the vicinity. Every unmated male that is, except me. Don’t get me wrong. She was the most striking she-wolf I had ever seen, and when I saw that Neanderthal groping her body without her consent, I wanted to tear his throat out. I wanted her alright, but I didn’t turn into a rabid animal like the others. I was beginning to think I was going mad. But she was real. Of that much I was certain. And I couldn’t get her out of my head. Before I could continue questioning Blake, we wer
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Chapter 5
Aiden POV “This isn’t right. You know our fated mate should be our Luna. It will make us stronger.” I had been arguing with Ronan, my wolf for our entire walk through the forest. I decided to take the scenic route on my way to my… proposal. The truth of it was I wasn’t only trying to convince Ronan, I was trying to convince myself. I didn’t love Ciara, that much was certain, but I never necessarily thought love a vital component in a strong partnership. She was of a good bloodline and would produce strong pups. I knew her, we had shared each other’s bed many times. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was making this decision so difficult. “Maybe because you know our fated mate is out there. What will we do when she finds us, bound to another?” “Ronan, the Moon Goddess has had 10 years to bless me with my fated
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Chapter 6
Selene POV As I slipped through the portal to the mortal realm, I was careful to ensure I wasn’t followed. It had been a few days since the events of the harvest and I had been able to think of little else. Despite my best efforts my mind kept drifting back to the green-eyed wolf. I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t affected in the same way as the other wolves. I knew I wasn’t going to get any answers in my realm, so I had to risk punishment and venture back to the mortal realm. It was easy to find the portals that lead to Ireland. The land was coated in magic and the fabric that separated the gods from men was flimsy at best. There was once a time when the two worlds weren’t separate at all. Gods and magical beings lived amongst the mortals freely. Now there are only traces of the ancient world left here, werewolves, vampires and the occasional demon, all the species closer to humans than the gods, elves or fae
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Chapter 7
Selene POV We apparated in what appeared to be the living room of a cabin. We stood in silence both staring at our connected hands. The sparks running through our bodies from our touch had confirmed what Liana had said. This wolf was my mate. “So… pants?” I said awkwardly as I broke contact and turned away from him. I pretended to look around the room while he headed upstairs. The truth is, I needed to not be looking at him in order to make any sense of my thoughts. My head was racing with questions, many of which I’m sure he shared and neither of us held answers to. The thing that made me the most nervous was how intense my need to be near him had become at the slightest touch. Our wolves and our bodies responded instantly to the mate bond. Thankfully, my willpower was still intact… so far. I heard the sound of his footsteps as he made his way back down the stairs, I turned to face him an
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Chapter 8
Aiden POV   “I can’t believe you just implied she is a witch, you know she is a wolf, we have seen her in wolf form”   Ronan was incredibly unimpressed with me, but what did he expect? She just filled the kettle with water and lit the fire with a flick of her wrist. Granted, I hadn’t responded well, but she had just used actual magic.   “Yes, like the magic she used to get us here. You are a damn fool at times Aiden.”   Ronan was right. I could be a real idiot at times. I had no idea the impact my idiotic ways were about to have though.   “Ok… I believe you’ve heard of the Moon Goddess?”   That question caught my attention. Of course, I had heard of the Mood Goddess. She was the mother of all wolves. The Goddess who we served and who blessed us with our wolf-forms and our mates. And she was asking if I’d heard of her?   “Oh, she’
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Chapter 9
Blake POV“What do you mean missing?!” Alpha Donal was a fearsome man at the best of times. I had been doing my best to keep the fact that no one had seen Aiden since he left to propose to Ciara under wraps. But it had been 3 days now with no sign of him. As Aiden’s future Beta, it was my duty to break the news to Alpha Donal. “I’m afraid that’s all the information we have Alpha. Aiden was last seen 3 days ago, by me, before departing to issue his proposal to Ciara as his chosen mate and future Luna. According to her, he never arrived and no one has seen or heard from him since.” I flinched but tried to remain calm as Alpha Donal’s fist collided with the wall dangerously close to my face. I was a competent warrior, but no match for an Alpha, even an aging one. He moved in close, his menacing expression fixed directly at me. “Find him pup. D
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Chapter 10
Selene POV “I think we should go back…” “And say what to him Liana? Sorry I freaked you out with my magic, and then disappeared into thin air like a crazy person?” “It’s a start… he’s our mate, he will forgive us.” “He shouldn’t have to… I handled that whole thing terribly.” I rubbed my temples and stared down into the pool. I’d apparated back to the portal entrance, but had been procrastinating about going back. The truth is, I didn’t think any of it was a mistake, and I didn’t want to leave Aiden. Liana was angry with me and I can’t blame her. I’d acted rashly and now I was alone, embarrassed and with no idea what my mate thought of me. “Selene…”I looked up to see a very naked Aiden, breathing heavily. He was starin
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