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Lenora starves on the streets, she dies angry and bitter at how her life unfolded... She lost everything... her reputation, her home, and her family Only to wake up in her old bed, fifteen again, five years before she died. Now she must struggle to change her. This time she won't trust in something as flimsy or changeable as love. She'll have the power and the money to protect herself. Lenora has already lost everything once. She's not going to lose again. No matter what the cost.

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Chapter 1
“Our engagement is cancelled, Lenora.”  Prince Ronan’s voice was flat and dispassionate as he faced me. I had to admit, he definitely had a flair for the dramatic. To meet me here, under this awning, surrounded by the downpour of rain, made this event seem all the more sad. His face was serious, his stance slightly defensive. From head to toe he was the perfect image of the tragic hero. I felt a strange desire to applaud. Unfortunately, the outfit he was wearing was much less impressive. Who had made his clothing? It was expensive-looking, but to the discerning eye, one could easily tell that the fabric was cheap, thinly woven, and that the stitching was uneven. Knowing how much the royal palace spent on clothing, I felt a headache coming on. What an inferior product. So insulting. The prince was still talking. Why? I felt his first sentence was more than enough. &
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Chapter 2
First things first. I needed to get the expenses of the house under control. I wanted to be thoughtful about how I dressed, trying to project an air of maturity and competence. It was important that I convince my father that I was capable of taking care of the duchy’s finances. Looking through my wardrobe, however, it was difficult to find anything worth wearing. I sighed loudly as I flipped through different gowns. Not only were many of them far too fancy for simple daily use, I knew the customization of the gowns must have been horrendously expensive. The construction of most of the them weren’t even very well done… _____________________________________ “Is that really your best?” the older seamstress who had taken me in shook her head disapprovingly.  I held up my work, examining it. “It looks fine!” My heart sank as she took it
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Chapter 3
As I walked towards my father’s study, I rehearsed what I needed to say in my head.  Everything had to be perfect. My father, the Duke of Armeny, was not a complicated man. He took what was given to him, and assumed if he did the same as his father and grandfather before him did, that the world would stay the same. Trusting, naive, he thought everyone had their place… and that mine was on the throne next to Prince Ronan. I often wondered if he had ever considered me anything more than a commodity to the family. We had not been very friendly in my first life. Given what I was about to do, I doubted we would be very friendly in this one either.  I arrived, standing outside the door to his study, taking a few deep breaths to steady myself.  “You can do this, you can do this.” I muttered under my breath, trying to bolter my confidence. Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 4
“Your Highness.” I plastered a polite smile on my face, performing a perfect curtsy, but all the while my mind was racing, desperately trying to figure out how long he had been there, how much he had heard. Even if I was planning to let the engagement be broken up like last time, I needed the three years to get my family back on track financially before that happened. If we broke up too soon… the debtors would come calling and my life would end very much like the first. Fortunately, Ronan didn’t seem upset or angry, he looked more bored than anything. I let out a silent sigh of relief. He must not have heard the “temperamental child” comment I had made to my father. I wasn’t too concerned If he had heard my blatant lies about the Queen managing accounts. He didn’t know enough about how things worked in the palace to know if that was true or false.
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Chapter 5
Despite my wishes, the morning of etiquette training with the Queen arrived all too quickly. I departed in a carriage just shortly after sunrise, arriving at the palace without too much delay. As I followed a footman deeper into the building I had once known so well, I felt a cold wave of a memory swell over me. _______________________________________“Just lift your feet, miss!” The dancing instructor clapped his hands, looking frustrated. “You act as if your shoes are weighted down!”I stumbled, tripping on my shoes, wincing as I felt the skin tear on my elbow as it hit the floor.The instructor chuckled, the Queen looked concerned, but my mother… she simply stared at me with a look of weary contempt.A look I knew all too well. _______________________________________I gripped my elbow, almost feeling the
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Chapter 6
The next week was brutal.  Each day I would get up before dawn, moving to my office to get started as soon as possible. Reading, studying, I was trying to learn a lifetime of knowledge at a breakneck pace. I still was piecing together bills and tax documents, working with Hallers to consolidate all the debt I could. Fortunately, as I was still in good standing with the Royal family, the interest and repayment plans were very generous. I stayed locked in that tiny room, only to pause whenever Hallers brought up a meal, an increasingly worried expression on his face with each passing day. “Miss, you must sleep!” He broke his professional silence on the fourth day, as he walked in late into the night, finding me reading a chapter on historical government forms while taking notes by candlelight. I glanced up, surprised to see him still dressed up in a proper butler uniform despite the late hour. 
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Chapter 7
The next day’s etiquette lessons were harsher, just as Mrs. Rendler promised. I was able to keep up, using my previous knowledge and skills, but this time I did my best to make it look difficult, hoping that she would relax the pace a little. Instead my efforts rewarded me with her satisfied expression, and a gleam in her eye that promised only more pain and suffering. “You will be the greatest young lady I have ever trained.” She pronounced, looking me over from head to toe critically. “But must you dress so… plainly? I will say it’s a great improvement over those frilly monstrosities you used to wear to lessons, but the last two outfits have been simply dull.” I smiled at her words, glancing down at my plain grey gown. Over the last week I had sold the majority of my more ridiculous gowns, leaving me with surprisingly few choices. Angela had pouted, saying that I was going to be out of style, but
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Chapter 8
The day of the meeting had arrived. I paced back and forth within my office, taking deep breaths, trying to force myself into the right mindset. This would be a delicate balance of a meeting. If it didn’t go the way I planned… it could be disastrous to everyone. It had to go according to plan.  “Hallers,” I called out, waiting for the butler to arrive before asking my nervous question. “Where is Jim? I thought he agreed to come?”  Hallers was frowning. “He did, Miss. He was never one to be tardy, despite his unprofessional attitude in many other areas. He should be here very shortly.” “I can’t be here alone. I need them to take me seriously, and for that I need scary looking support!” I resumed pacing. “The meeting is scheduled to start in a few minutes, we may have to delay it.”  He wat
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Chapter 9
When I arrived at the next lesson with Jim in the Royal Treasury, he held up his hands in apology. “I know, I know, I’m sorry! I really couldn’t get away!” I sat down in front of him, placing my finished books in front of him with unnecessary force and glaring silentl “I sent you Nate, didn’t I?” He clasped his hands in front of him, getting on his knees and pretending to beg “Oh great future queen spare me!” I couldn’t help it. I laughed at that. “Fine. You are forgiven. “Whew!” He mimed wiping a nervous sweat from his forehead and got back to his desk. “Did you really fire every single corrupt official in the duchy “First of all, I didn’t ‘fire’ anyone. They excepted an ‘early retirement’ as a reward for their hard work.” I shook my head as Jim rolled wi
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Chapter 10
Ten months passed, faster than I could have imagined. The store “Prosperity” took off. True to her word, Milane had improved upon my own designs, and after showcasing the dresses at a few parties, (I had reluctantly resumed my social responsibilities, reminding myself it was for the business), and the orders came in, faster than we could fill them. Expanding production, Milane hired a few more seamstresses, and even then we were stretched thin. We continued making and selling new designs, however, with plans to open up another store before the next season. The Duchy thrived alongside my business. The officials I “retired” left without further complaint, and their replacements worked hard to gain experience and independence. Until they were completely trained however, the bulk of the work was left to Nile, Terrence and Me. We met weekly, going over accounts and day to day issues in great detail. Fortunately we worked w
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