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What happens when a mischievous god of temptation, who grants humans' earthly desires in exchange for their souls, finally have something that he also wants but cannot have? A race to conquer an ill-fated relationship between Lucas, the devil whose mission is to sort out good from evil and Selene, a sick and dying woman who will take him out of his dark quest.

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CHAPTER 1 The Devil
    “How many are still left?” he asked Zera, while massaging his temples as he sighs out of exhaustion.   Zera scanned her tablet for the remaining people scheduled for today. “There are still four more,” she answered while looking at her wristwatch that tells it’s already 3:00 in the afternoon.   “Do you want to cancel the rest?” she asked Lucas, who now seems like he will fall asleep anytime soon with his eyes closed.   After a few minutes and multiple exhausted sighs, he rose and stretched out his arms and neck, showing he is going to finish all the remaining people for today. Without a word, Zera went out to call the next client.   A knock on the door was heard and the door burst open. Lucas rose his head and there he saw a full-bearded man in his 30’s with a belly pooch sticking out of his red shirt, he has a full-sleeve tattoo of different kinds of snakes and flowers
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CHAPTER 2 A Walking Temptation
      His first stop is Cafe Ysabel. A famous coffee shop downtown where people crowd in like they can’t breathe without their coffee. It has a beautiful Romanesque interior design with a lot of different kinds of coffee and desserts offered. The owner of the cafe is a client of Lucas, who sold his life just so he could attain success in his business.   Lucas entered the cafe and the owner, Aeron, approached him immediately wearing a big grin.   “Well, well, well, to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence here? Name it and you’ll have it!” His smile annoys Lucas, he just can’t fathom humans’ level of stupidity when it comes to their desires.   “Just the blackest and most bitter coffee you have, like your soul.” He winked at him and proceeded to the table beside the window, just right in front of a lady who looks like in her 30’s wearing a nude spaghetti strap dress loo
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CHAPTER 3 The First Encounter
      Glioblastoma.   -a fast-growing and aggressive brain tumor. It invades the nearby brain tissue, but generally does not spread to distant organs.  Symptoms vary depending on the location of the brain tumor, but may include any of the following: persistent headaches, double or blurred vision, vomiting, loss of appetite, changes in mood and personali-   Selene closed her laptop aggressively. She put her both arms on the table with her palms placed on her face. She just came back from her doctor’s clinic awhile ago and heard about her condition. “Selene?? Dinner!!” a squeaky voice from downstairs was heard.   “Coming!” Selene answered back as she lets ou
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Chapter 4 The Aftermath
  Eenie, meenie, miney, mo Lucas taps his fingers on the table while humming, both of his eyes are busy with the book he’s been reading. It’s a sunny day at Hayes, his newly found spot to spend time doing his hobby. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, DON’T let him go.. He looked up and saw the person he’ll be playing with for today. A tall lean man wearing a cap and a set of clothes that seemed like they have never been washed for a couple of days already, his eyes are shaking with fear as he gets out a small packet of drugs from his pocket and stick it under the table, the other guy in front of him immediately picked it from under, stood up, and left. Lucas watches them from across the room when a staff blocked his view. Luc
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Chapter 5 His Interesting Prey
    Have you ever felt like the clock ticking in every second feels like it is counting down on your last moments in life? The irritating sound coming from it feels like a drum roll on your way to death, mimicking your steps towards to an unknown end.   Selene sipped her hot chocolate milk, the rain is pouring hard outside. The roads have been blocked by humongous trees that fell down due to the storm. Hayes decided to suspend work as most office works were canceled as well so there’s not much customers that would go out with this kind of weather.   Selene hates the rain. Aside from being stuck in home doing nothing, Faye has been a little freaky about her condition. She wants her to just stay indoors, but when she told her she would not live long, she started to plan trips and set dates for vacations abroad. Faye wants Selene to achieve her dreams of traveling the world, but she also does not want her to get t
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Chapter 6 The Contract
  “Well? Care to explain what am I missing here or am I just going to take this as my signal to fly away?” Faye said, looking at Lucas and Selene, still staring at each other. “You actually found my place, why are you already leaving without meeting me?” Lucas can’t hide his smile. He thinks that his charms already worked on Selene. “Because I did not go here in my own will,” Selene looked at Faye, glaring. Faye just shrugged at her. “I did not think that your infamous business needs an appointment to get your service, it’s actually a shame because my friend over here needs to wish something big,” Faye put her arms around Selene, “and as soon as possible.” “I can arrange that for you, I just need something in exchange,” Lucas’s smile grew bigger making Selene uneasy. Selene took Faye&rs
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Chapter 7 A Leprechaun
CHAPTER 6  “You’re kidding.” “I actually get that a lot,” Lucas stood up from his seat and walked towards Selene. The contract says that the wish she made is indeed in exchange for her soul, it shall be irrevocable and must take into effect after the wish has been granted. “What are you?? Are you really a genie? But don’t genies want nothing in return?!” Lucas stopped walking, he is now standing behind her. “Well that’s new, I often get ‘freak’, ‘psycho’, ‘conman’ but don’t worry they are not even close, even with yours, actually.” Lucas was enjoying Selene being confused. He was very thrilled because she is the first human to wish upon him that is not for her own gain, but nevertheless, the same rules shall apply to he
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Chapter 8 Death of a Wife
  Selene stared at him for a good long minute. Trying to process what he just said. “Look, I am in a situation, and you should actually be glad I did not asked for your soul,” Lucas said, annoyed at her stare. “Are you..offering me a job?” “Yes?” “While I already have a job?” Lucas frowned at her. “Yes? Is there a problem with that? You earn money on one side and earn your forgiveness on the other,” Lucas said, as a matter of fact. Selene scoffed, “You’re unbelievable.” “I don’t know what context of ‘unbelievable’ you are imploring, but thank you.” Lucas turned his gaze to the construction site. This man he was talking about sent an application to them. After browsi
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Chapter 9 A Lily Between Two Towers
  Selene sat on the vacant table at Hayes. The scorching heat made her sweat so much making her feel easily tired. There are not much customers that were dining in despite the clock nearing to tick on 12:00 lunchtime, the sun outside feels like it is just 10 feet away from the land, keeping the people from going out. It has been a week. She woke up at her own bedroom, with Faye frantically rushed on lecturing her about sleeping at their doorstep. She knew she was not sleeping at their doorstep, she came from somewhere else. But that somewhere else was currently out of reach. She did not see Lucas for a week now, when she went to Domus Malum, no one was answering her knocks, she knows he’s just there because his car was parked outside the parish. “Hey, paycheck’s in.” Lora sat in front of her. She handed her an ice-cold juice. Selene mouthed ‘thank you’
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Chapter 10 Into the Abyss
   “Selene,” Calix called Selene to get her attention. Selene quickly snapped back from zoning out. She mindlessly grabbed her spoon and fork, her eyes dropped on the empty table. Calix stared at her, waiting for her to realize that the food has not arrived yet. “Oh,” Selene dropped the utensils and gave an awkward smile. “I’m sorry,” she muttered. “It’s fine. But are you alright? Do you want to go home?” Calix was sincerely worried of her. Ever since they left the house, she was quiet in the whole ride. She did not even noticed that they went to a floating restaurant with romantic candles leading the way to their table. Calix even arrange a whole bunch of musicians that are now playing their second song. But Selene could not hear anything, nor see anything. Her mind was out of
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