Everlasting Fire

Everlasting Fire

Oleh:  Mrs.rie  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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This is the second book to the Bloodstone series. It can be a stand alone, but some characters and part are linked the first book, Alpha Erik. *** When you have been prepared your whole life for a future you don’t want. Do you fight it and avoid your destiny at all costs. Do you swallow your pride and follow through with the arrangements. Imelda is destined to marry the king of the underworld. A life she has been trained for since she could speak. Her parents may rule all the realms above ground, but when she is mated to the King of all evil, all bets are off. Will she love the man she is destined to marry or will she fight him until the very end, for her freedom and the dreams of exploring all the world has to offer. Mate or not, the crown is in her hands, more warrior than princess, what will she decide.

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Prologue Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Strike harder, faster, no hesitations. A simple slip-up is the only difference between life and death. I grunted as I stepped forward, thrusting all my weight into my next blow. The sound of metal on metal filled the air. Sweat dripped down my brow; I ground my teeth as I pushed forward. You have to be better than your opponent. Anticipate every movement, and keep your mind focused and clear. Even on the brim of exhaustion, you must give it your all, and never show your weakness. Never show your opponent what cards you hold in your hand. Fighting is both a game of strategy and preservation. You fight to protect your people, who count on you. Whoever comes out on top is stronger; they’re the ones to be feared. You hold that title until you fall. To be the best and remain at the top, you must always believe you can improve. You must believe that you don’t deserve the title constantly proving yourself to others daily, that yo
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Chapter 1 - Wishes   “Better luck next time.” I grin down at Cedric as I offer him my hand. He ignored my out-reached hand, getting up on his own, dusting himself off. Without another word or look in my direction, he joined the other trainees. My father, and grandfather, are the current leaders of the Royal Guards. The Royal Guards are a level of warriors tasked with protecting all entrances from each realm. They have a direct link to the moon goddess, Selene. From all the stories that are written in texts and told by my parents. My grandfather is one of the original Royal Guards. My father's pack only became a part of them, the guards twenty-three years ago, after defeating a great evil and claiming their rights to the throne.   My parents had been through hell and back, almost losing one another along the way. There are
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The Beast
Chapter 2 - The Beast     I walked out of my grandfather's house, deciding to head to the forest instead of the palace. I needed some time for myself; maybe I would even let my wolf run for a bit. Something about having the air blowing through our fur was so freeing. I had extra time with my wolf than most, but what I gained in perfecting my shifting, I lost in bonding emotionally. When most werewolves shifted at eighteen, I shifted at sixteen. Something not completely unheard of, it mostly happened in Alpha families. We figured that it was because of the Fae side of me. It had sped up the wolf bond and allowed us to shift early.   Damon got his wolf at eighteen, and so did Nesrin. Balor was early too, getting his wolf this year, on his seventeenth birthday. All of our wolves were unique in personal
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Summer Solstice
Chapter 3 - Summer Solstice   I rolled over in my bed. My body was feeling heavy and aching. The sun was just breaking the night sky, the soft glow of pinks and purples mixing with the orange hues from the sun. I slowly sat up and let out a heavy sigh, my stomach greeting me with a loud rumble.   “The longer you put it off, the worst she is going to react,” Oren said, her voice heavy with sleep. I rubbed my eyes and stretched out my aching muscles.   “Let’s face it, Oren. Even if I went to her last night, mother and  Phoenix would still scold us just the same. There is no reasoning with them when they’re angry.” I muttered. Oren let out a huff of annoyance, agreeing with me.  
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Night Festival
Chapter 4 - Night festival  “I can’t believe you actually did it.” I laughed, wiping the tears from my eyes. I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time.  “I wouldn’t be a true werewolf if I didn’t keep my end of a deal.” Audra laughed. As we entered the edge of the village. She took my challenge to heart. She walked back to the village stark naked. Not a single care in the world as she strutted through the forest. I was half tempted to join her. She put her clothes on before turning back to me.  “Now, we have a few hours before the night festival starts. I have a few more things planned, but I’m also still hungry so we need to fix that first.” She said, I shook my head at her.

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Chapter 5 -  Trouble   “Is that the best you got?” I panted as I charged toward Cedric. A loud clinking sounded as our blades hit one another. He let out a grunt as I pushed forward, forcing him to step back. I spun around, ducking and kicking my foot out to trip him. He anticipated my move, jumping back and hitting me with an orb of fire. I hissed as it hit my back. Letting out a curse, as I used water to put out the fire before it could cause any serious injury.   “Zip it, Mel, your mind games don’t work on me.” He spat as he swung the sword downwards. I rolled out of the way just in time. I shot vines from the ground, wrapping them around his ankles, tripping him. Cedric dropped to the ground, his arm twisting behind him. A snapping sound followed by Cedric yelling made ev
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Chapter 6 - Warning   We ran in silence for hours, only stopping to drink. The sun was long gone; the sound of the night creatures filled the forest. Oren was quiet, avoiding all paths and thinned-out areas. We blocked out our mind link so we could be completely alone. When I finally stepped forward, allowing Oren to rest, we were in a small clearing. The only sound was the crickets chirping and the leaves rustling in the wind. I looked up at the moons, letting the soft glow kiss my skin.     It was times like these I wish I had someone else to turn to. Someone who could help give me answers. Even though my grandfather was always there for me, he was still influenced by my parent's decisions. I always felt stupid for dreaming of having a simpler life—a life with no rules or expectations. I’m sure I
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Chapter 7 -  Fate My heart pounded in my chest, my breathing heavy as I dodged trees and roots.  Run, don’t stop running. He can’t catch you if you keep going. Don’t think about where you’re going. Just act on impulse. Last-minute decisions throw him off. That’s what they told me. A large shadow flew overhead. I ducked underneath the nearest bush. Large wings flapped as he circled the forest. Looking for me, for any sign of my location. How did I get myself in such a situation? Always acting before thinking it through. My smart ideas and incessant need to always prove myself. It always got me in trouble. But now I had really done it. “Why’d you have to go and piss off a dragon.” Oren snapped. I didn’t have
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Chapter 8 - Hope I looked at him, the man I was destined to marry. My future husband. My ticket to cruelty. My mate, Balthazar, the king of the underworld. “He is not capable of love.” Ryuu’s words circling my mind. What a cruel fate, a cruel pairing from the mothers.I thought of what Nesrin said. “Rules were meant to be broken.”Audra’s words mixing in. “Fate is a cruel bitch. Sometimes, she needs a little rebellion.” The world stood still, time nonexistent. At that very moment, my mind and heart were at opposite ends of a rope, tugging me until it snapped. Do I believe what Ryuu said. Trust what my parents trained me for. They trained me to be a warrior. A queen. Someone who thinks well under pressure and weighs all the options in front of her. But what were my options? I don’t know this man, and I don’t know what to believe. My mind w
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The Great Divide
Chapter 9 - The Great Divide Nesrin’s eyes were wide with panic as she took a moment to realize it was me behind her. The palace was the last place anyone would expect a royal to be attacked with a guard posted at every corner. The fact that I snuck past them all wasn’t much of a triumph considering my training and my status. Never the less it was still something I would mention to Damon before I left. My sister spun around, her hand over her heart as she tried to calm herself. I needed her help. She had connections with merchants and realm patrol. Not only was she able to travel, but she had also created hidden passages to get through on her nightly escapes from the palace. She had friends on the outside, friends I knew would come in handy in the future. Her eyes focused on me, a glint of excitement mixed in the pool of concern. “Goddess, Mel. You damn near gave me a heart attack. Why couldn’t you just pull me aside like a normal person.” She yelled at me in a hushed tone. “You’
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