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Emma,a 17 years old gutsy teenager was shipped off to Southern England by her dad to complete her college studies; a strategic punishment to tame her wild behavior. On reaching there, she discovers that half of the campus population were paranormal creatures she thought only existed in comic books and novellas. She also found out that she wasn't really her father's daughter, but was kept by him because of an oath he made to a hidden lover. What happens when she uncovers the fact that she wasn't the average human girl, rather a fufilled prophecy; a reincarnated queen mated to an Alpha wolf.

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 "Bloodugering Hell!" Emma screamed, moving back ten steps away from the dusty cupboard she had tried to clean, while staring apprehensively at the lone cockroach that had made its way out of the cupboard in response to her simulative clean up process. The cockroach negligent of her scaredy face, scurried back into the dusty cupboard, leaving no trace behind.   Skimming her slender fingers through her deep red hair, while staring at the little opening where the cockroach had passed through, Emma heaved a sign of relief. She tossed the now dusty brown rag on the floor which she had used earlier to clean out the kitchen table that stood near the morphy sink, and trudged tiredly to the window which stood at the far end of the kitchen, overlooking the thick dark forest.   Emma watched keenly from the slightly broken window, at a rab
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Sharp knocks, in quick succession, bustling against the wooden front door woke Emma up. And for a tiny second, she thought she was still in Florida getting cozy on her queen size bed, until her eyes caught two cockroaches playing around on the floor and her back protested in pain at her for lying it against the kitchen table.     She winced, and rubbed her head dejectedly, noting that  she had fallen asleep,while thinking about her life, and how she would go about the arrangements that would make sure she gets to the county's university next week. The thoughts now rushing back  like a river overflowing its bank still assailed her.   Now thinking on it again, Emma knew that she had to get a work or something that she could do to support herself financially. But for the life of her, She couldn't think of any work sh
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Emma was appalled, and for a minute she couldn't move or say anything. The words which Derek had spoken hung heavily on her, it numbed her actually for a minute.   Of all the things the stupid jerk could attribute to her; a mistress? And the way he looked at her, like she was some piece of trash.      "Hey, are you dumb too??" He asked with a gibe, unfolding his hands from each other.   Then removing an imaginary tint from his hair, he looked at her in disgust, from her hair which she knew was cripsy with dust, to her feet which were not faring better either in those tight white tennis shoe.   He hissed after the eye travel, and put his hands into the front pockets of his denim jeans, still staring d
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     "Where's Derek?"  Emma asked Clem. She had turned back to see Clem and the other two guys walk into the house after her, but not Derek. She refused to think on why she was searching him out. 'What's there, if not to trouble him the more'She thought, smiling to herself as she remembered the look on his face when she double tripped him.        "He might be outside" Clem replied, staring at the ceilings of the living room.      'Outside?'Emma thought. She could feel herself boiling up again. She concluded that Derek was a real piece of work.    "What's he doing outside?, can't you see we need more hands her
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Shane watched the duo in front of him spring apart at his voice, and smiled. He remembered they were holding hands when he walked into the kitchen and concluded that this would be the beginning of an interesting affair, which he would be delighted to watch. He couldn't wait to see his soon to be alpha smitten over a human girl, although he couldn't help but wonder whether she was his mate or he  was just attracted to her. Whichever one, he hasn't ever looked at a girl twice, so this drama would be too sweet to miss, Shane concluded.    He had watched her trip Derek, and the look on Derek's face when Clem touched her. And one thing he was so sure about was that, the girl intrigued Derek. Damn! She intrigued him too. She had looked so hot when she performed that acrobatics on Derek. So hot. Looking at them now, both scratching their necks
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      Emma met Clem surveying the master bedroom, with his two hands in the back pockets of his denim jeans, as she walked in. His back was towards her, and she had to admit; he was really a fine specimen, with a nice ass.    She knew that Clem liked her already. His eyes had looked dreamy when he had brushed the dirt off her face.    Emma thought she liked him too, she felt comfortable around him; unlike someone with the deepest blue eyes she had  ever seen. Derek made her insides tingle. She feels so nervous whenever she's around him, her body temperature running up each time.    Time had stopped for her,  when she had jumped on him while running away from those damn cockroaches. Baca selengkapnya
  The Moon Park street smelled of whistling pine and natural vegetative flavors. Emma loved it.   She has been strolling for almost an hour, walking from one block to another, appraising the beautiful bungalowish houses she has been seeing; and completely liked the fact that she could breathe freely without inhaling a scent of coffee, or perfume, or a mixture of junk and fried foods. The air was very free.     As she strolled down the fifth block, she saw a row chair in front of a pale yellow house, which had the same design as her now house few blocks away; though this one was the neat version of hers.   Emma stopped walking, then mused at the thought. She has her own house, at 17.  'What a fast-trek', she thought.  &n
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  Emma could see that gaze again. It was the same gaze she had seen in the eyes of the boys earlier when they had seen her at first; and she got really curious.   " Can't you talk or what.." The woman queried, seemingly getting tired of repeating her questions. " I'm Emma, and I live down the street" Emma replied looking at the woman. But she couldn't keep the eye contact for long.  Rubbing her hands together, she looked elsewhere, at the gmelina trees; because for some reasons, unknown to her,  she felt cold under the woman's gaze. "You live here??"  The woman asked, her voice tinted with a note of confusion and suprise.   Emma grasping that, looked up at the stranger. She could see the widening of the woman's  e
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The warmth of the sun rays on this mountainous scape, made Emma wish fervently that she had dropped off her brown coat in the house; as she felt the pool of sweat that had formed between the layers of her breasts. Her thin white polo was also slightly soaked, and they haven't gotten to the restaurant yet.   She mused tiredly at the thought, and prayed silently, earnestly in her heart that they should get to the restaurant quickly. Her stomach was already making grumpling sounds.    Trudging down the grassy path with Melvina, Emma wondered at her agility, while neglecting the stares she was getting from the people that stood at the West end of the road, purchasing clothes.   "I didn’t know that the restaurant is this far.." She said rubbing her hands together, stopping f
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  The cloying smell of freshly baked cookies, hamburger and fries engulfed Emma as a hug, assailing her nostrils in a pleasant way as Melvina and she, stepped into the eatery. Her stomach grumbled in approval, as she breathed in the wholesome smell in relish. She couldn't wait to eat.    "Let's go."  Melvina said, holding her hand, and whisking her to the one of the tables.    "Here, sit" She said, as they got to the first table closer to the window.   Emma sat down excitedly, while rubbing her hands together. The cafeteria seemed to be  cold, an odd opposition of the weather outside.    " What will you have?." Melvina asked her, smiling.  Baca selengkapnya Protection Status