Powerful Omega

Powerful Omega

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I grew up without parents and belongs to the line of omegas. I got used to serving my Alpha and bowing before him in homage. I also experienced being hurt by my aunt; slapping me in the face, pulling my hair while yelling the word worthless slut and being sold by her to the other pack where a cruel Alpha was in charge. That's why, I'm used to living in the lowest rank and enjoying the tragic life, but I didn't expect to be among the wolves working in Alpha's company. That's kinda odds for me but on the day of my 21st birthday, my tiring life suddenly changed, I was recieved a moonlight calls and became a powerful white wolf. According to the Alpha, I seem to come from an unscented bloodline and I am not the daughter of a rouge just like they used to know me. The power I possess is a mystery to the whole pack. Suddenly, I don't know who I really am, but apart from the questions in my mind, I discovered something which I never imagined; I am the Alpha's mate that he waited for a hundreds of years.

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Chapter 1: Omega Sophia
"Three bloods must be united in one person!" I retreated to the edge, almost wanting to push my body through the wall, shaking like a leaf, looking at the man with red eyes and sharp fangs who was currently approaching. I shook my head while crying, begging him not to hurt me. But I think prophecy is prophecy and this is my destiny. Being bitten by the most powerful vampire while I was carrying the child of an unscented wolf. ___ "Sophia!" My shoulder jerked upward as my eyes automatically opened. I blinked for a moment as my chest currently pounding as the presence of my dream seems still fresh but my brows knit together. Am I really that addicted to the book, that I am reading and even its content is visiting my deep sleep? "Why are you sleeping there? Sir Eros has been calling you for a while now, he's getting annoyed!" My eyes widened as I quickly raised my head. I was able to fix myself even though my sanity still processing. Where am I again? Why is Bella here? "What are
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Chapter 2: Alpha Eros
I don't know who my father is, I haven't been with my mother for a long time either. But I know in myself that I am an Omega. As he said, my heartbeat is the heartbeat of an omega but my strength he says... Honestly, my birthday is coming up and it's my 21st birthday but I haven't received my wolf yet. Normal wolves receive their wolf once they turn 18 but my age has reached 20 years, I still don't have a wolf. I shook my head. "I-I don't know what you're saying, Alpha." My grip tightened on the papers I was hugging. Sir Eros' eyes were hard to predict what was playing in his mind. I have no ability to read what others are thinking. Especially to him since he's an Alpha. But in our current situation it seems like he wants to tell me something that he notices. If it's about my strength that he says is strange, I find it hard to believe that. I stammered saying, "I-I've been waiting for years to shift form, b-but it still isn't happening to me..." Actually, I want to have my wolf s
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Chapter 3: Strange strength
"W-What's in my eyes, Bella?" I asked after rubbing my eyes and looked at her. The color around me returns to normal and I could clearly see Bella's pale face. I asks again, "W-What did you see, Bella?" Could it be that I'm starting to feel symptoms of the process of shifting? If that's the case, I should be worried because Bella was the first seeing it. She just shook her head and held her pouding chest as she gulped down. "N-Nothing..." She averted her gaze. "M-Maybe I just missed it." I breathe out. "Can you tell me what you saw?" I'm not used to her reaction right now. As I know her, she was my friend who made everything she noticed around her as a topic but she didn't seem to want to talk about what she saw from me. And if she won't tell me, she might tell it to others. I won't be safe if other people find out. "Bella..." I gently held her arm. I want to make her feel that even if she notices something strange in me now, I'm still her friend. "Please tell me...what did you
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Chapter 4: Lupusmons
The pain I feel disappears and later returns. Now I'm walking closer to the entrance of the building. Fortunately, I am not attacked by body pain. I just got out of there without any hindrance in my actions but I still can't get over what the Alpha said. Was my father really an exiled Alpha? That's impossible! He also said, he feels strange strength in me. Where can I get such strength? And how powerful is that? That's impossible for me to be as strong as him, I'm just an omega. I am currently standing at the passenger car terminal. There are no jeeps to ride to our place. My only hope is to take a taxi. But since it's night time, I'll have a hard time finding a ride. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice. I held my ears, I was almost deafened by the loud conversation of the people. Even from a distance I can hear what others are talking about. I just closed my eyes and concentrated to endure with the deafening voices around until I get used to it. I also can smell various scents around
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Chapter 5: Moonlight calls
We have been on the road for an hour and we are now traversing the dense forest. The mountain was too high but because humans influenced the werewolves there was a paved road in this very place. Only the car of Alpha served as a light in the whole area. I could see ahead the wide road reached by the light of the car. Silence prevailed all around and only the engine of the car could be heard. In a nth time I was again attacked by severe body pain. The tips of my fingers are getting hot. I can hear the sound of my bones. My face was numb and I couldn't do anything but to scream. "An ordinary werewolf isn't attacked by that kind of pain especially if you're an Omega." I was even more surprised by what the Alpha was saying who was just driving next to me. I still don't get what he's pertaining at, especially since this is my situation. "I've been through what you're feeling. If you're only an omega, you don't need the moonlight calls." But I only responded him with a loud cry when I
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Chapter 6: Why did he kissed me?
I have no choice but to retreat. I still didn't want to fight him even though he didn't hesitate to attack me. I dodged his first attack. I have almost nowhere to put the bundle of nerves in my system. My chest pounding, my heart almost miss a beat but the Alpha kept attacking me. He went straight when I dodged his attack but he turned and attacked me again. I roared as his claw dug into my back. He even gave me a bite on my front leg and threw me to somewhere. I fell down in the middle of the forest, three meters away from him. I felt pain from the wound he caused. I did nothing but growl and just endured the pain. 'You can't just let me to hurt you, Sophia. Fight me because that's what I want.' I didn't give him a response and just tried to rise my feet. I want to howl at the moon as if it's talking to me to release strength. 'If you want to know yourself. Begin testing your strength by fighting me.' I'm completely standing. I faced him and talked to him through the link of my
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Chapter 7: Cage
I ran away not because I was afraid but because I was ashamed of what happened. Why is that? Why did he kiss me? He's an Alpha, I'm just an Omega. Am I lucky because my first kiss was an Alpha? But what about my mate? I speed up my running but I can feel his energy, means his chasing me. I stopped for a moment and looked at him behind. And I'm not mistaken, I saw him running towards me and that's aggressively. I don't care if he'll hurt me but I have to stay away from him because what happened earlier might happen again. He doesn't have Luna yet and I respect that. I don't want him to make a mistake just because of me. That is also a sin for his mate. But why is he still not having Luna? He has been living for three hundred years and he has been the Alpha of the Dark moon for over two hundred years but he still hasn't introduced Luna to us. Has he still not met his mate? Could it be that his Luna hasn't been born yet or maybe she doesn't have a wolf yet? But why am I asking? W
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Chapter 8: Packhouse
"With so many werewolves in the Dark moon pack that shifted form last night, why did Alpha think that you were the one who received the moonlight calls?" Zeta Nicolas was scratching his head while asking me that matter. Maybe he saw the moon light last night. We're currently heading to the packhouse. I'm sure the redness of my cheeks is noticeable as well as the swelling of my eyes due to what Auntie Elvie did to me. My hair is messy and just combed it with my fingers—it was embarrassing to face the Alpha in my situation. "We'll find out later but aren't you 21?" Zeta Borlan—walking in front of me—asked. I just nodded and wasn't in the mood to talk. I'm still in the process of moving on from my aunt's abuse. "You skipped form shifting didn't you?" I nod my head again and Zeta Nicolas stopped to wait me and walked together. "If you have been able to shift form, your aunt should not be hurting you anymore because there is a possibility that you might fight her back." Zeta Borla
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Chapter 9: Defeat the Zetas
Today is my birthday. This is the 21st years of my life. But this age of mine is the beginning of my life with my wolf. If other werewolves become normal self-awareness after they shift form, I, on the other hand, the course of my life has changed. Having my wolf has almost become my main dream but I didn't expect the consequences. I just wanted to be a normal and that's all. I never dreamed that I would reach this point that I am like a rooster to be fought in a game and bet on. Yes, I agreed to the Alpha's wish for me to fight the Zetas. The card he used on me was too polished for blockmailing me. I don't want him to ruin me publicity and I have to win this fight because otherwise he might terminate Bella and Ethan from their job. Here I am in a vast field and surrounded by the pack members. One of them asks, "What's up? Who will fight the Zetas?" And the other answers, "I don't know either. Maybe the one who changed form last night who received the moonlight calls." So they s
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Chapter 10: The Lotas
I was hit in the belly by a Zeta's kick. I writhed in pain and took a step back. I closed my eyes for a moment as I endured the pain but I will not give up. I can't be defeated. I had to fight, even though I was having a hard time avoiding the attacks of the two Zetas—they moved too fast. I was at the point of relieving myself when suddenly one of the Zetas hit me in the face. My body spun in the air due to the force of the impact causing me to fell in the yard. I screamed in pain—more in my jaw. The whole area roared and some of them screamed in worry. They were cheering at me to get up and fight. I put my two hands on the ground to support myself to stand. I blinked for a moment to relieve the blurring of my eyes. When I felt that my vision is back to normal I fiercely looked at the Zetas. "You are strong, but you have no idea to fight yet, Omega!" one commented to me. I did not respond to him, I just forced myself to stand up. If I can't dodge their attack. Then I'll just catch
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