The Diamond of My Life

The Diamond of My Life

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Lola never expected that she would suddenly become a billionaire in the blink of an eye. From then on, no one in Novare would be able to pit themselves against her. But why didn’t her dearest husband believe it? Lola was truly rich now!

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Chapter 1 The Birthday Celebration
Tonight was the birthday of the matriarch of Novare’s most affluent family. Her children gathered around her, holding expensive gifts in their hands.“Grandmother, I heard you’re quite the oenophile, so I flew to Falancy to get you this wine from Romandy!“I heard that it’s hard to buy wine from Romandy. It looks like Cousin Wendell does care about Grandmother since a bottle of Romandy wine costs at least 400,000 dollars!”“Grandmother, I got this cross from the Pope himself. It took me more than a year of persuasion and 500,000 dollars. Take a look. Do you like it?”Old Madam Chelsea was all smiles. The entire family was gathered in the banquet hall in harmony. Suddenly, her daughter-in-law, Lola, spoke up contritely.“Grandmother, can you lend me a million dollars? Sister Lina of the orphanage has fallen sick and needs hospitalization…”Before she could finish, everyone around the old lady fell silent and stared at her in shock at Lola’s insolence. How dare she ask for money on such
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Chapter 2 Humiliation
Hearing this, old Madam Chelsea’s expression soured. “If you want me to help her, divorce her and marry the youngest daughter of the James family! I will give her a million dollars as soon as you do as I say!”The youngest daughter of the James family, Lauren, was Jerry’s childhood friend. They had grown up together and had a good relationship with each other. The James family was an old and illustrious family. Even though they had no title, they were still at the top of the social hierarchy. If Jerry married Lauren, the entire family’s status would also be elevated.At this time, the butler came in happily. “Madam, Miss Lauren is here.”He had barely finished speaking when Lauren walked up to them. Her assistant followed behind her, holding a gift.She walked up to old Madam Chelsea and handed her the gift. “Madam, I ordered this pink diamond straight from South Antica. It’s worth about 3 million dollars. I think you’ll like it.”Old Madam Chelsea immediately unwrapped the gift and o
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Chapter 3 Compensation
Linda shook her head. “This is for your own good, Miss Lola.”With no other choice left for her, Lola could only accept the card. “How much is in this?”“10 billion dollars, miss. It’s just some pocket money from the old madam,” Linda said with a smile.Lola was surprised. 10 billion dollars? She knew her family was wealthy, but she didn’t realize they were that rich. She had never had to worry about money when she was younger. All she knew was that her family had assets worldwide and were targets of assassinations due to the nature of their business.At first, she thought that it was just someone’s vendetta against her family. It turned out that they were just too rich. Looking at the card in her hand, she realized how wealthy her family was. It was hard to imagine how much her family was worth if 10 billion dollars was considered mere pocket money.“Madam said that if you go home, she’ll leave everything in the family to you. But if you don’t want to, this is your pocket money,” Lin
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Chapter 4 Conflict
“What kind of business are you guys into right now?” Lola asked.“Why are you asking? What can you do?” Jerry scoffed. “I must be really desperate to ask you for help. Even Daniel’s company could only have some low-level business with Camille Group. We would never manage to get that project,” he said, drifting off to sleep.Lola was still wide awake. It was no wonder that old Madam Chelsea wanted Jerry to marry Lauren. If she was on good terms with the James family, she could get the project with Camille Group. Little did they know that the company they were trying so hard to work with was now hers.At this thought, Lola decided to head over to Camille Group for the handover as soon as possible and help Jerry get the project. Even though the Chelseas mistreated her, her husband was an outlier. He had always been gentle toward her, and despite his scandals and merrymaking outside of the home, he always stood on her side when his family bullied her.As his wife, she was obligated to help
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Chapter 5 Stop All Collaborations
As soon as Lola arrived, Micheal respectfully invited her into the office. “Miss Lola, we’re still redecorating your office. If you don’t mind, could we do the handover downstairs?”Lola nodded. This was her first time meeting with Micheal. He was not at all what she expected. Even though he was already 32 years old, he still looked like a student. He stood straight and firm like a soldier and was an absolute stud.Lola followed Micheal to his office. She was surprised to see a lot of documents on his table. Since the Wilson family had just acquired Camille Group, it was pretty impressive that he could settle so many documents in just a day.“Have a seat, Miss Lola. These are the important documents detailing Camille Group’s business over the past ten years. Please have a look at them.” Micheal handed Lola a file.Lola took the file and read them. The numbers were detailed and accurate. Some of them even had notes on possible improvements. Closing the file, Lola looked at Micheal, impr
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Chapter 6 Miss Wilson
“You’re right. I should go home now!” After saying that, Daniel left dejectedly.Everyone in Novare now knew that Camille Group had canceled all their contracts with the Smith family. Even though they didn’t know the reason, one thing was clear: the Smith family was not good enough to work with Camille Group. Because of this, the Smith family lost a considerable portion of their business.They hadn’t been doing well recently either. They could still stay in the upper-class society of Novare because of their partnership with Camille Group. But right now, they had nothing.When old Madam Chelsea heard about this, she was furious. Not only did she forbid Flora from seeing Daniel, she even wanted to call off the engagement. However, the Smith family was still better off than her own business despite this setback, so she did not do so.….At that moment, Lola was sitting in Micheal's office, watching the security footage of Camille Group’s office building. She was in a splendid mood.After
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Chapter 7 Mission Accepted
“Oh? What does she look like?”The question sounded like a bombshell in the silent meeting room. Flora had a bad feeling that she was about to be called out on her lie. Smiling awkwardly, she turned toward the speaker.It was Lola who had asked the question. Flora breathed a sigh of relief, but her relief was immediately replaced with anger.“You’re just a janitor, why are you asking me this?” Flora rolled her eyes.“Huh? But I saw Miss Wilson yesterday. Didn’t you?” Lola asked innocently.“You’re just a janitor!” Flora repeated angrily. “How could you have met Miss Wilson?” Even though Flora’s tone was mocking, she was unsure. What if Lola had really met Miss Wilson? After all, she had been in the elevator with Flora.But that couldn’t be. The woman had probably gotten out of the elevator before she reached the top floor. She was asking this on purpose.Seeing that Lola was about to say something, old Madam Chelsea interrupted loudly, “I know you’re all worried about our chances, so y
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Chapter 8 A Bet
Flora’s voice attracted everyone’s attention.“Flora’s right. Even though the Chelsea family isn’t all that elite, we’re still considered upper class. It’s still an embarrassment to give you such an important job.”People began to voice their doubts about Lola’s involvement in the matter.Hearing this, Lola flushed. Jerry was also angry on her behalf. Since Lola married into the Chelsea family, she endured so much verbal abuse from them. None of them respected her as their sister-in-law.Jerry narrowed his eyes dangerously as he looked at his siblings. When he glanced at Lola, he decided to try his very best to get the project so that these people would apologize to Lola. If he succeeded, he would be as powerful as his grandmother. By that time, he would be able to return to the family villa.Most importantly, his parents would be able to come back too and enjoy a better life.Despite his siblings’ ridicule and his own doubts, he became more resolute when he saw Lola’s determined eyes.
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Chapter 9 Provocation
“Why are you still standing there?” Mrs. Chelsea yelled at Lola. “Go open the door!”Lola opened the door. Lauren was standing outside, holding a gift.“Who is it? Why aren’t you letting them in? Don’t you know how to open a door?” Mrs. Chelsea grumbled as she got up and went to the door.She saw someone standing outside the door with presents in both hands and a sweet smile. The presents looked expensive.“Oh, it’s Lauren! What brings you here?” Mrs. Chelsea immediately welcomed her in cheerfully. At the same time, she pushed Lola away and took the gifts from Lauren. “Make yourself comfy. Lola! Bring Lauren a glass of water!” she shouted. It was like she wanted everyone to know that they always treated Lola like a maid. In the kitchen, Lola sighed. She wondered if Mrs. Chelsea would regret what she always did when she found out Lola’s true identity. She brought a glass of water into the living room, where she overheard their conversation.“Lauren, what is the purpose of your visit to
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Chapter 10 Huge Partnership
Jerry didn’t know what Lola was thinking. He sighed and said to Mrs. Chelsea, “Mom, stop blaming Lola. If you have anything to say to me, wait until I come home. Let me go check out the situation at Camille Group tomorrow.”Mrs. Chelsea glared at the both of them, then seemed to lose all fight. She slumped down onto the sofa, defeated. “I thought it was bad enough that I married a useless husband. Who would have known that my son would marry an even bigger good-for-nothing as a wife? You know what, forget it. You’re old enough to make your own life decisions now.”With that, she got up and went back to her room. The next day, Jerry brought Lola and his proposal, which he had pulled an all-nighter to complete, to Camille Group. Looking at the tall skyscraper in front of him, Jerry was very nervous. He wasn’t even sure if they would let him see their boss.He glanced at the golden sign, then to Lola standing beside him. He felt a little wistful. Such a big company like this would never w
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