I opened my eyes and stretched my arms above my head. I looked around and sat up on the bed abruptly. I sighed in relief when I remembered that I was in the room of a beautiful rented house. I was on my honeymoon. Finally, we were together. And I knew he would not let anyone do us apart. I was still waiting for him to make a move on me. He did not touch me. He said he wanted everything to be perfect. And he also told me that he wanted me to feel every moment of it. He wanted the memory of our first time patched forever in our chests. The idea was great. So I did not protest. I also wanted my time with him in bed to be memorable forever.

I looked at him with a warm feeling inside my chest. His lips were slightly apart from each other. I grinned as a mischievous plan made its way to my mind. I sat up on his stomach and leaned in. I captured his lower lip between my lips and sucked it hard. He growled

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