Omega to Luna

Formally known as EmoWereWolf101 Im here to share!

Nicole was just your average girl. Other than the fact that she's the Omega and the Alpha just happens to be a tad bit obsessed with her. No one liked her, not even her wolf would look at her twice. When life was going nowhere but down, someone showed the light on her. And man was he handsome. Unable to believe it at first, Nicole was dumbfounded in the face of her "mate." But he stole her without a second glance. The Alpha didn't like that very much. He didn't stop fighting for her back till his last breath, and even after that, the Luna wouldn't stop until she had her vengeance. But along the way she made friend after friend. To a mermaid to a pair of redheads, Nicole shared her love with everyone. Then when they thought they made friends with everyone, they adopted a new one.



" Look miss. Don't get me wrong, okay? I am just making sure if it's really mine. I am a very busy and famous businessman. Now, if you are not so sure that that baby inside you is not mine then it will bring chaos and a big problem to my image and to my family. Get it?" D-do you really think I-I am that kind of a woman? Do y-you think that I w-would let you take my v-virginity when I h-have a boyfriend? She said in a painful tone. But he was just staring at her with his emotionless eyes. " Okay. But I want some test miss. I want to make sure that it's really mine. I want a paternity test" B-but I don't have m-money for paternity test.. "She mumbled and he heard it. He laugh sarcastically. He knew it! He then look at her with his fierce and sarcastic eyes. Yup. She is definitely like them. " You don't have money? You want me to give you some? "" I knew why you're here. And I was right. If I give you money, will you leave me alone now? Because I know that's what you need and why you're here. So tell me, how much do you need? "She looked at him in disbelief. " D-do you think I'm here for y-your money? Do think I'm a gold-digger? ""I don't know... Maybe. "she Shook her head in disbelief. " I can't believe you. "She mumbled with her teary eyes as she look at him, he just stare at her with emotionless look.She came all the way here just to hear his judgement , insulting words? Her tears fall down and she quickly wipe it. She looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes.